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The 18650 Up Close And Personal

Now let’s have a chat about the 18650 battery. If you’re wondering what that number 18650 refers to, it’s the size. In this particular case, the chassis measures 18 mm by 65.0 mm. Therefore, when it comes to visual appeal, the 18650 battery stands out immediately from the 18350. This is due to it being taller and possessing a thinner frame. The 18650 battery compares very closely in size to the AA battery. In fact, it isn’t uncommon for most people to mistake the two. The only real difference is that the 18650 is a bit taller than the double-A.

The big thing to remember though is that the 18650 is a revolutionary invention. This is mostly due to both the versatility and capacity of lithium-ion. Of all the chemicals which are available used in batteries, such as alkaline or nickel-cadmium, the experts generally agree that lithium-ion has the most potential. Such innovators like Elon Musk and Tesla have invested a great deal of resources and funds into further developing lithium. I should have stock in lithium!

In our world wide climate, lithium has tremendous implications. Due to most of the world’s lithium being mined in remote areas of countries whose interests are not always aligned with United States. and United Kingdom foreign policy. Therefore, there is a substantial incentive for domestic mining and perhaps, synthetic development of lithium. We must realize and take advantage of the fact that lithium is an avenue which will attract countless hours of research and development. Which is a win-win for us all. And you can always count on Medusa Juice to keep you abreast of news regarding all things vape.

At this time, the 18650 battery is considered to be the standard bearer for a number of electronic devices. And this not just limited to consumer devices like smartphones or tablets. You might be surprised to hear that the 18650 platform was used by the Mars Rover Design Team. Isn’t that mind blowing? My thoughts are that if the space program considers the 18650 powerful enough for space travel, then it surely will handle your portable vaporizer just fine.
All battery manufacturers specializing in the 18650 format are quick to advertise their usage for vaporizers and mods.

Making The Grade

A number of vaporizer producers use the 18650 as original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts because of the format’s reliable power and safe delivery. One thing as a vaper that you learn early on is that you hold a considerable amount of energy in your hands. Therefore, the rating isn’t just about total battery power, but also safe operation. No one wants to burn down everything while vaping. Or at least, I assume they don’t. Who knows these days!

Keep in mind that when you’re looking to buy replacement 18650s for your vape, it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. If for some reason this option is not available, or you wish to switch to a different configuration, then there are a couple of options within the 18650 that you’ll want to consider.

First off, battery cells of the 18650 type are measured according to two different specifications, capacity measured in mAh (milliamp hours) and maximum continuous discharge measured in A (amperes).

Second, a vaper should consult the voltage rating of their specific 18650 battery. Because most 18650 cells are rated between 3.6 volts and 3.7 volts. This is the average voltage during a complete discharge. In terms of the complete spectrum of the 18650 battery, it ranges from 2.5 V at the low end to 4.2 V at the high end. For most consumer electronic purposes, you will want to stay above the 3 volt range. Whichever you choose, it is absolutely critical that you do not exceed either end of the 18650 spectrum. Going above or below the spectrum’s thresholds can be quite dangerous.

Last, but not least, it’s important that you only use the best grade of 18650 battery available. While looking at various retailers and online websites, you will quickly become mired in the huge range of choices. While having options is one of life’s great joys, we don’t want things too crazy! In all honesty, I will tell you that there is only one grade that you should consider and that is Grade A. It’s just that simple.

Play It Safe

Yes, there are cheaper grades available, and they could save you a lot of money over the long run. You may come across for the Grade B and Grade C 18650 battery. Grade B are batteries that meet a basic set of standards, but are not completely up to snuff.

Finally, we have Grade C. These are battery cells that were once used and have been replenished and repackaged for sale in the secondary market. Or, Grade C batteries have been damaged during production, or have been deemed as salvage. This is obviously the cheapest option available for vapers, and you can find multiple packs of Grade C 18650s being sold for pennies on the dollar. But remember that there are some things in life you never want to skimp on and trust me, this is one of them.

The thing you’ll hear from most vapers when it comes to these lower grade batteries that they’re not as safe and that is a big deal. Generally speaking, the lower graded batteries have been structurally compromised in some fashion. It doesn’t matter what happened to compromise them, they’re just not as safe.

Undoubtedly, you have seen the problems regarding Samsung Note batteries in the news. We have seen that ombusting smart devices have caused physical harm as well as substantial damage to property in the past. More than likely the problem stems from an engineering or manufacturing defect. Lithium-ion, no matter how great and powerful of an innovation that it is, is prone to volatility when in less than favorable conditions.

I assume that most of us aren’t sucking on our smartphones or tablets, but then as I said before, this is a crazy world! However, because the vaporizer is so close to our vital sensory organs, it’s not a risk that most people should take. So don’t suck them! Unlike other electronic devices, vape pens are personal to us. We inhale the essence of their processes. So, we need to be sure that these processes are totally perfect. If they’re not, then there is a potential for major problems that no one needs.

No Faking!

Lastly, we need to speak a bit about counterfeiting. Due to the enormous and still rising popularity of the 18650 battery, counterfeiters have latched onto the chance of cashing in on these batteries. Counterfeit battery cells are a major problem in mainland China and Malaysia.

As the vaping industry grows in popularity, the trend is most likely going to get worse. The demand for the 18650 battery is so great that it has proved too tempting for these counterfeiting rings to resist. Therefore, it is imperative that vapers avoid these counterfeit batteries by only buying from reputable manufacturers and retailers such as Medusa Juice. When you buy from us, you can be sure it’s authentic and safe.

To be on the safe side, always use professional vape shops such as Medusa Juice. They have a strict quality control mechanism whereby only safe and structurally sound vaporizers and vaping accessories are sold. In addition, the founders of Medusa Juice are enthusiasts themselves, and will never steer the vaping community the wrong way. Call, message or stop in today.

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