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Consider This

In life, there are always pros and cons to things and vaping is no exception there. Regardless of the route you choose, an internal or external battery system, keep in mind that you are dealing with an incredible power source. I’ve discussed this in other articles and will go over it again here. The lithium which is the standard bearer for nearly all modern portable electronic devices has a tremendous potential. But with power comes responsibility and so this potential must be harnessed properly. Mishandling it or the careless treatment of it could result in dangerous circumstances arising that go far beyond a damaged vaporizer.

Another way to think about it is this: most lithium-ion batteries aren’t often tasked with much effort-driven procedures. Such as, now days, your typical smartphone is very efficient with its energy usage. One study conducted by “Life Hacker” showed that if a utility company were to bill your iPhone, the annual cost will be around forty-one cents. Hell, you can’t even buy a drink from a vending machine for that!

Take a look at the vaporizer. Most newer vape pens operate at a temperature between 335 to 385 degrees Fahrenheit. This is more than 100 degrees higher than the boiling point of water at sea level. What this means is that you have a kitchen stove in your hands but in an extremely condensed form. As with anything vape related, you can call or come in and ask for assistance from Medusa Juice. Our vape shops are staffed with friendly and knowledgeable people who are happy to help in whatever way they can.

The Vape Culture

Before we go any further, please make sure that you are prepared to do the work needed. Because, regardless of any personal preference regarding the system format, you absolutely have to take care of your equipment. Several incidents involving vaporizers in the media could have been prevented quite easily, if only people had been responsible with their equipment. Instead, there are some folks who needlessly and recklessly push things to the limit. This is not only unsafe, it’s downright stupid.

As Vapers, we belong to a cooperative community and as such, we’re like ambassadors to general public. You won’t find such a community among cigarette smoking groups. Because, they just don’t exist. With this cooperation comes accountability. Which is fine, as most vapers are incredibly helpful to their fellow enthusiasts. In return, enthusiasts tend to abide by an unspoken code. Part of this ethos of this code is to not cause vaping to be shown in a bad light.

The entire vape industry benefits when users use and care their equipment properly. Things go awry, however, when rogue elements decide to make a name for themselves at the expense of the industry’s hard-earned reputation.

Therefore, I would suggest that before anyone tries anything dangerous, that you consider the broader repercussion that it could have. Politically, vapers operate under a delicate balance, stuck between Big Tobacco’s legislative attacks and government watchdogs. Which means that the vaping community needs all the good press it can get. So behave yourselves!


With so many advancements in technology directly impacting multiple sectors and areas of our lives, it was inevitable that a new wave of innovation would radically change avenues of personal liberties. One of the most common avenues is the cigarette.

Ten years ago, The New York Times ran a fascinating article entitled, “Tracing the Cigarette Path From Sexy to Deadly.” You see, early in the 20th century, cigarettes were considered cultural icons. Anybody and everybody smoked. Cigarettes quickly became a widely demanded commodity. Hell, the military gave cartons out to soldiers going off to war. There were also socialites and power brokers who gloated about their brand of choice. It was a completely foreign environment from the one to which we are accustomed these days.

However, mid-century, events began to unravel for Big Tobacco firms. Sure, cigarette producers were raking in the dough as they always do. But that once acquiescent culture which had drove those revenues was about to receive an alarming wake-up call.

After years of deep-seated research into the tobacco companies’ practices revealed a dependency on nicotine to establish a near-hostage consumer base, there was about to be a liberator. You best believe that the data gathered proved the fact that these tobacconists knew that nicotine was addictive many years before the official Surgeon General’s warning. Big Tobacco encouraged proliferation of nicotine because they just did not care.. They knew that with an addicted clientele, revenues would be assured. And it’s always been about money for Big Tobacco. I imagine it always will be.

These days, we have witnessed a pronounced change in the tobacco industry. For the time being, the major firms are still ringing up the cash register, but we vapers know that their days are numbered. Those anti-smoking advocates who have not attacked derivative liberties such as vaping or herbal consumption have spent their time bashing Big Tobacco. With no real friends, Big Tobacco has deflected blame by pointing to the vaporizer industry. But it’s not going to work.

It’s nothing more than a sham. Eventually, I believe that the general public will wake up to the truth. It’s becoming more and more accepted every day. Vaporizers are considerably different from cigarettes, and this is not just a reference to the obvious technological difference.

There’s one very simple, unavoidable fact. That is that vaping is what you make of it. The uninformed critics blast vaping as merely a digital form of cigarette smoking. Vapers know that this position is an incredibly ignorant one and it reveals that many people just don’t take the time to do their proper research. Because clearly if they did, they wouldn’t make such accusations against vaping.

In Conclusion

One of the most distinctive and perhaps most important differences between smoking and aping is the ability to control nicotine intake. In addition to being addictive, Nicotine also adds a bad aftertaste. It mixes with the e-juice flavors, thus creating a less than favorable experience. While some vapers choose to use nicotine infused e-liquids, manufacturers produce it in various strengths. This allows the user to gradually wean themselves off of nicotine as they see fit. There are countless juices which remain nicotine free, so if you’re unsure what’s best for you, call or come into Medusa Juice, we’ll get you going on the best vape plan for your needs.

One thing that I love about the vaping industry is that it’s all about returning personal liberties to the individual. Whereas, Big Tobacco is, and always has been about making the choice for you. For decades, the elite firms hid the fact that nicotine was addictive from the public. They all figured that as long as the public was unaware, their profits were safe indefinitely. However, that changed and then the vaping industry took the opposite position, opening the doors to a wide array of experimentation. Which once again proves that if you provide truth and choice to people, they can make good decisions.

It might not surprise you to know that nicotine-based e-juices remains highly demanded by vapers who crave “throat hits.” While other vapers prefer a smoother experience, and opt for lower amounts or no nicotine. Because, as we’ve said countless times, it’s about personal freedom and choice. This mutual respect continues to pay off, because vapers continually boost the presence of the broader vaping industry.

The vaping platform and community has given people throughout the world the gift of autonomous enjoyment. They know that this gift is priceless and something to be shared, not hoarded for self-seeking purposes. We must keep in mind that In order to protect these freedoms, everyone should take advantage of all the wonderful options that vaping has in store, but to do so responsibly.

Last, but not least is a final reminder to consult Medusa Juice for all your vaping needs. They truly are a one-stop-shop! But more than that, Medusa Juice are family. These days, it’s extremely difficult to find business people that truly care about their industry and their clients, much less make them part of the family. Medusa Juice goes above and beyond everyday by providing cutting-edge products, excellent post-sale support, and unique insights into the vaping community. Stop in or phone today.

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