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General Safety

Battery safety is something that every vaper should take seriously. Vaping equipment uses powerful batteries that can cause problems if they malfunction or are stored incorrectly. On rare occasions these batteries can even start fires or “explode” as some headlines have described it.
There have been several headlines about vaping batteries going wrong, but how accurate are these stories and how often does something like this really happen? Thankfully vape batteries starting fires or “exploding” is actually very rare and usually caused by improper storage which can affect any batteries, not just the ones used in vaping.
But let’s take a look at battery safety and dangers in more detail to better understand why these incidents happen and how to avoid them.

Something that is often overlooked in stories about vaping batteries “exploding” is the fact that all batteries in general can be dangerous. It doesn’t matter if vaping batteries or the batteries used in a handheld torch, there is a risk of the battery breaking or starting a fire if mishandled.
If an electrical connection is made between the positive and negative ends of any battery, it can start a fire. Accidents like this don’t happen very often, but as batteries are sometimes left loose in bags and boxes when not in use, it can occur.
For example, if you keep spare batteries in your bag, or store used batteries in a draw then its possible that coins, paperclips and other metal objects can create a circuit between the positive and negative terminals. If there’s enough charge in the battery then that unintended circuit can overheat or spark, potentially starting a fire.
This doesn’t just happen with vaping batteries, but any battery stored with metal objects can suffer from this. It’s good practice to store batteries safely when not in use.

Vape Battery Dangers

Stored batteries forming a circuit with other metal objects and starting a fire is the most common source of vape battery incidents. In the US, one of the biggest markets for vaping in the world, there have been less than thirty reported incidents of vape battery fires in the last five years. These incidents are very rare and there is plenty we can do to minimise the risk further.
But loose batteries short circuiting isn’t the only risk when it comes to vape batteries. Some vaping kits and mods put more strain on the batteries, increasing the risk of overheating during use. Most vaping equipment includes safety features designed to prevent overheating like this, but there are still a few mods out there without these features. Batteries overheating to dangerous levels is thankfully even rarer than loose batteries starting fires, but it is something to keep in mind, especially if you are a modder.

Personal injury lawyers

As well as dramatic newspaper headlines that make it sound like vape batteries catch fire or “explode” all the time, personal injury lawyers are also exaggerating the risks.

In reality, incidents involving vaping batteries are very rare and the most common cause is spare or used batteries being stored incorrectly. But some personal injury lawyers are trying to cash in on these incidents by encouraging people to sue the manufacturers of the batteries or vaping equipment.
If metal objects stored loose with a battery cause a dead short then the manufacturer isn’t liable, but this hasn’t stopped personal injury lawyers from trying to sensationalise these incidents to make money.

Power Vs. Safety

Vaping puts a lot of strain on your batteries causing them to drain quickly or overheat if they’re not up to the task. This is why it is important to use good quality batteries when vaping and to monitor the temperature of your device.
The current rating of a battery measures the amount of energy that the battery can deliver without overheating. The higher the current rating, the safer the battery will be to use. However, current rating has an impact on capacity which means that batteries with high capacity will suffer from lower current ratings. Vapers usually end up making a compromise when choosing batteries for vaping, deciding between batteries that last longer and batteries that don’t heat up too much.
Batteries with a high enough capacity to keep working all day and a current rating that won’t impact your vaping are ideal. The Samsung 25R makes a great vaping battery because it is long lasting but maintains a good temperature unless used on the most demanding of vaping equipment. For safety it is always best to adjust the current rating of your batteries to the demands of your equipment.
Batteries like the Samsung 25R have high capacity and voltage while running at a good temperature. This means they will last a long time compared to most other batteries of this type while also remaining safe to use and providing the power needed. But some batteries will run at higher temperatures and run the risk of breaking, damaging the vaping equipment or, in rare cases, starting fires.

Between sensational headlines and personal injury lawyers trying to cash in on misfortune, it can be easy to think that vape battery incidents happen all the time. But this isn’t the case, in fact, in the US there have been less than thirty reported incidents in five years.
While it’s true that vape batteries can overheat or start fires, this is very rare and the main cause is batteries being stored incorrectly when not in use. And incidents of a battery malfunctioning during use are even rarer.
In reality, all batteries have a risk of overheating or starting a fire if stored incorrectly and can malfunction in use. Vaping batteries are not different from other forms of battery, except that people are more likely to carry spare vape batteries loose in their pocket or bag, which increases the risk of them starting a fire.
Choosing good quality batteries and storing batteries safely when not in use is the easiest way to reduce the risk of these incidents.

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