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Behind The Wheel

I don’t know about you, but to me it seems like there’s been an alarming level of news articles and reports signifying that it is illegal to vape and drive of late. Not only is this is far from the truth, it also adds to the clickbait mentality of many media outlets. You know the ones I mean! I think that it’s important to know what’s legal as well as safe when operating a vehicle.

Without the intentional pun, the laws are cloudy in regard to vaping while at the wheel. I’m gonna try to clear some of the inaccuracies and confusion up here. We’ll cover exactly what’s allowed legally and also try to offer some helpful tips when vaping and driving to avoid any future problems.

In The United Kingdom

I mentioned earlier, that the laws behind vaping and driving are a bit unclear and it is usually down to the police officers discretion as to whether to administer a penalty or offence for distraction whilst driving. Which in itself makes me nervous, because I prefer to know what the exact rules are before I try to break them.

Here is what the current law states: If there is anyone distracted when driving, whether that be using a vape device or any other activity, they could be liable to be penalised. For example, if a driver was heavily sub ohm vaping to the point where their vision is impaired severely, then this would be illegal, because it is causing a dangerous risk to other drivers as well as the person vaping.

Smoke caused by vapes is a distraction and the consequences of them can be quite dire. It literally only takes a moment to become distracted and potentially cause a crash or a fatality. Therefore, I strongly advise people to pay a hundred percent attention to the roads when driving since absolutely anything that takes that attention away has the potential to be calamitous.

Toping Up In Car?

Then we come to the notion of topping up the e-liquid in your device as you’re driving. Surely you must see how this would prove to be a huge risk? The driver won’t have full control of the vehicle and this too is very highly recommended against. Yes, I’ll admit that most of this is completely subjective. Because ultimately, the responsibility lies with the driver and should be treated with the utmost careful attention and caution.

Of course, the physical process of vaping when driving is not illegal whatsoever. It is the reality that you’re essentially operating another piece of electronic equipment as well as the vehicle which causes concern.

Can I Vape With Kids In Car?

The law which made it illegal to smoke in a car with a child under the age of eighteen was implemented back in 2015. At present, this doesn’t include vaping, therefore it’s again up to the discretion of the driver whether they think it’s acceptable or not.

Be Careful

What About being Careful?
Without a doubt there are some things a driver can do to help avoid complications when vaping in the car. As with most things, a little bit of common sense goes a long way toward making it safer and easier for everyone involved.

Open The Window
This one is as simple as it sounds and is highly recommended when using sub ohm kits and other high wattage vape kits due to the large amount of vapour which they produce. The vapour will escape through the open window causing no visual impairment which greatly reduces the risk of crashing.

One must be mature enough to realise that if the vapour does begin filling the car or to leave residue on the windscreen which hinders visibility, pull over and clear it off, then avoid letting it build up again.

Correct e-liquid When Driving
If you select a high VG e-liquid, particularly when sub ohm vaping, it will increase cloud production, and that will in turn, reduce your visibility. We here at Medusa Juice advise you to switch to a high PG e-liquid with an appropriate kit or pod device when driving. This will deliver more emphasis on flavour without the production of those huge clouds which could cause issues.

Another common problem for people vaping while they drive is that all too often, your device will go missing. You turn a corner, and it rolls off of the seat, or you drop it on the floor when there’s no chance to pull over and retrieve it. Under no circumstances should you try to pick it up while still driving. It would be much better if you keep your device in a safe, accessible space in the first place. Perhaps a drink holder, coin tray or the side door compartments are all a pretty safe bet. The glove compartments are not ideal because you have to reach over to the passenger side to access it and there is a greater likelihood for you to lose control of your vehicle.

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