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Benefits of Vaping Without Nicotine

We have touched on some of these things in other articles, but I feel they’re important enough to go into again here. For instance, in order to explain the functional benefits of vaping without nicotine, we need to define the concept of the “throat hit.” A throat hit is the sensation a smoker or vaper receives in the back of his or her throat, and in the lungs after inhaling smoke or vapor. Most vapers will agree that it is a central component of the overall experience. And if you’re an ex-smoker, then it is definitely important. Because it helps aid in the cessation of smoking by helping provide a similar experience without the dangers.

The throat hit in traditional cigarette smoking is a sensation which directly correlates with nicotine concentration. Meaning, the greater the amount of nicotine present in the cigarette, the higher the strength of throat hit. You may remember when you first started smoking, or perhaps smoking one of your friends brands and coughing because the difference in strength was so drastic.

Keep in mind though that we really shouldn’t make too many broad assumptions based on the above relationship. Mainly because people have different tolerances. What one person considers a strong throat hit may be nothing consequential for another. For instance, I smoked menthol for forty-five years and most people couldn’t handle one of my cigarettes without about coughing up a lung. Then too, some people prefer the smoother sensation of a lighter hit. I personally enjoyed a lighter hit, but a very real taste of menthol. If that makes sense. 🙂 Fortunately, Medusa Juice understood and they can help you the same way as they did me. They’ll get you on the right equipment and using the best juices to provide what your end desire is.

There’s a whole lot of misinformation out there saying that nicotine-free vaping is for “wimps” or those people who can’t handle the heat. That is a load of bollocks! Nicotine-free vaping is a preference, it is as simple as that. A lot of people, perhaps the majority of “light” vapers, find the soothing experience of an e-juice which contains little or no nicotine is preferred over a harsh hit that leads to prolonged and uncontrollable coughing.

Even for vapers that are pushed into nicotine-free options for health concerns, the platform isn’t without its merits. Nicotine-less vaping is still vaping. So, it’s not as dramatic as drinking alcohol-free beer.

More Of The Same

Touching again on an earlier point, human tolerance can only be taken so far. While people have different stamina as it relates to throat hit, there is such a thing as a maximum threshold. This is the point where no matter who you are or how experienced you may be, the magnitude of the throat hit is simply too much. Yeah, I’ve hit that one a few times.

This is one reason that it’s so important to pay attention the signals your body is sending to you. You can easily develop a callousness toward nicotine-based throat hits, but do you really want to? Trust me, no matter how tough your body is now, it’s not immune, and it’s certainly not invincible. Further down the road, serious or permanent damage becomes inevitable. And all too often, it’s not that far off. So, talk to one of the Medusa Juice team and let them get you on the right track, not just for now, but for your future.

Because nicotine and high levels of it, can be so detrimental in so many ways, there’s a huge incentive for vapers to deliberately switch to nicotine-free vaping. Not only can vapers enjoy substantially longer sessions, their bodies, their future selves will thank them for it.

Reaping The Rewards Of Nicotine Free

There is a natural hesitation in vapers when they first consider the nicotine-free route. Most likely, this is due to the throat hit being what most smokers and vapers are looking for. Which is, of course, the experience most often associated with nicotine. So, they naturally think that without nicotine, the defining element of smoking or vaping is gone.

Vapers find that this is not entirely true. Generally in traditional smoking, smokers receive a satisfying throat hit by taking strong, but short, quick drags. Tobacco smoke is naturally an obnoxious substance. The only way to develop a tolerance for it is through deliberate, consistent exposure. This is why most first-time smokers will hack up a storm when trying cigarettes. Hell, even the more seasoned smokers choose not to hold the smoke longer in their lungs than is necessary.

This tells you that excessive exposure to nicotine is harmful and because of that, the alternatives to reduce exposure, such as nicotine-free vaping are preferable for longer-term health reasons. Even so, the main reason for citing obnoxious tobacco smoke is that throat hit is much easier achieved in cigarettes than it is through portable vaporizers.

Whereas vaping, on the other hand, requires a different technique to traditional smoking in order to achieve a solid throat hit without nicotine. In order for vapers to receive a comparable throat hit, they need to maintain longer, sustained drags that can last anywhere from three to five seconds. These sort of time ranges will result in thicker vapor production, which then creates a more satisfying throat hit. You see, there is a direct correlation between vapor production and throat hit.

When you think about it, in order to compensate for the reduced or missing nicotine, vapers can simply double down or triple down on their drags. This will result in producing more vapors and creating a more pleasurable experience for them. Typically, we have found that increasing personal moderation is often enough to help with the throat hit cravings.

If that adjustment isn’t satisfying enough, there are lots of mechanical options to choose from. That’s part of the beauty of vaping, remember? Every day, there is a new take on the art.

To begin with, nicotine-free vapers can look into portable vaporizers that are known for producing rich, thick vapors. A prime example is the SMOK GX2/4 or SMOK Alien Kit. Both of these kits are considered premium-level portable vaporizers, and both pump out an almost inordinate amount of vapor. You can check out our great gear, including the SMOK line in the equipment part of the Medusa Juice website.

If you find that this method is still not enough to detract from the nicotine cravings. Medusa Juice offer a range of wild and exotic e-juice flavors. Regardless of personal preference, we have it here. If you want a little bit of peppermint, or a maybe something really buttery on the side, the vaping platform itself provides a huge array of choices and when mixed with the premium e-liquids here at Medusa Juice, you will be amazed at what can be had. The choice is entirely up to you.

People who are still smoking will try to argue that there’s no point replacing the throat hit native to nicotine. Nicotine is addictive for a reason. Yet, for those that have made a personal decision to withdraw from nicotine, vaping can and will provide a very satisfying alternative.

The choice in e-liquids which contain 0 nicotine are nothing, if not creative. Vapers can choose from juice which are spicy, cold, or sour. The different additives add greatly to the overall throat hit. While it is not the same as a traditional cigarette hit, the body can quickly accustom itself to the new sensations. And it is healthier. Theoretically, o time, a vaper could come to crave these additive hits rather than the nicotine. Which, again, is safer. Since they’re not poisonous.

Rewards of Nicotine-free Vaping

Trust me, some of these benefits aren’t as crazy as they may sound. For starters, vaping e-juices without nicotine delivers a much smoother vaping experience. Without these harmful chemicals, there is a noticeable reduction in gag reflexes. Therefore, the overall experience is rich and textured, rather than abrasive. So this helps to creates an a far more enjoyable experience for the vaper.

It should also be noted that the act of coughing isn’t really good for the body. Unless you’re coughing to remove foreign objects or excess substance from the throat, or ill, coughing for no reason has no benefit. So that over time, the lining in the throat can become severely irritated, resulting in pain or discomfort.

The benefits of vaping without nicotine focuses the attention of the vaper strictly to the experience, not the consequences. Which is how it should be, don’t you think?

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