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Big Tech Companies

Predicting the future of vaping is never an easy task, even experts and people who’ve spent years in the industry struggle.
A big part of the problem is the public perception of vaping and vaping laws around the world. There is only so much the vaping industry and community can do when laws change or public opinion is swayed against them.
There has been a lot of research into the effects of vaping and the findings show that vaping is significantly less harmful than smoking. Vaping has also been shown to almost double the chances of successfully giving up tobacco products. But that hasn’t stopped some countries from banning vaping or restricting sales and manufacture. So, in this uncertain world, what can we predict about the future of vaping?
Will big tech companies be drawn to the industry, bringing the same innovations that computers, phones and cars have experienced in recent years? Will smaller, independent vape manufacturers go from strength to strength, pushing innovation and preventing any one company from dominating?

What would happen if big technology companies like Apple, Sony or Samsung got involved in the vaping industry?
There is a possibility of this happening as vaping is one of the fastest growing industries in countries like the UK, US and Japan, and that kind of growth usually attracts big business. But this sort of development is more likely to happen if the public opinion and legal status of vaping improves. Companies like these would be less interested in vaping if the reputation or law is likely to change at a moment’s notice.
There is a growing amount of evidence showing that vaping is significantly safer than smoking and that vaping almost doubles the chances of smokers quitting for good. But, despite the support of healthcare organisations like Public Health England, vaping still faces a lot of untrue rumours that can harm its reputation and even influence vaping laws. This sort of environment would make it harder for companies like Apple, Sony and Samsun to get involved with vaping.
But if big technology companies did get into vaping we would likely see some major changes to vaping technology. In the same way that the iPod changed the world of MP3s or the first PlayStation changed games consoles, vaping devices would change too. Large companies with a strong history would be in a position to push vaping toward a handful of popular devices dominating the market. Some experts predict that this is unlikely to happen while others suggest it is only a matter of time.
The idea of companies like Apple getting involved with vaping might not be as far-fetched or distant as it might seem. Apple already has a patent on a vaporising device, but whether they act on this patent remains to be seen.

Other Factors

Future developments

While the arrival of big technology companies on the vaping scene is a possibility, there are other predictions that are much easier to make. If you’ve been following the trends in the vaping industry then you might’ve already made these predictions yourself.

More flavours

Flavours are a part of vaping that’s always been growing. The FDA flavour ban in the US might limit the availability of e-liquid flavours in the states, but for the rest of the world flavour options are going to increase.
The vaping industry has put a lot of focus on developing new flavours and improving existing formulas and many vapers now enjoy a wide range of tasty treats as part of their regular vaping selection. This trend is likely to continue with more options and better quality in existing flavours.

New equipment

The size, quality and efficiency of vaping equipment is another area that’s been consistently improving in recent years. The more popular vaping becomes, the more demand there is for new equipment that provides an improved vaping experience. Some vapers are looking for smaller, user friendly kits while others want as much customisation as possible.
The rise of modern closed vaping systems, or pod systems, over the last couple of years suggests that vaping technology will continue to improve to better meet our needs.

New batteries

The evolution of vape batteries is another area where we’re likely to see more improvement in the future. Batteries have already gotten a lot better since vaping first started to become popular a decade ago. Longer lasting batteries designed to meet the high demands of vaping are becoming more common and will be even better in the future.


Smaller, independent vaping companies have been the backbone of the industry for years. Many of the great flavours and vaping innovations we’ve enjoyed over the last decade have been the work of either the independent vaping industry or modders. The huge variety of flavours in particular is the result of so many smaller companies creating new taste sensations for vapers.
But this could change in the future if the tobacco industry takes a more active interest in producing vaping products. When vaping first appeared it was largely ignored or dismissed by the tobacco industry, but in recent years the popularity of vaping has grown and tobacco manufacturers have taken notice. Some vaping companies have already been brought up by the larger tobacco giants, if this continues we could end up with less choice and variety in the future.

It can be difficult to make predictions about the future of vaping especially when it comes to public opinion and lawmakers. Some trends will continue like the innovations and variety that we’ve enjoyed for years with new and improved flavours as well as better vaping equipment.
In the future it’s possible that big technology companies like Apple might get involved with vaping products, but that depends on how vaping legislation changes. Another possibility is the tobacco industry getting on board with vaping and trying to muscle out smaller, independent aping companies. Only time will tell how these predictions will turn out.

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