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18350 and 26650

As with something like batteries, you want to cover the terminology. In reference to this battery, the number “18350” refers to the size and classification of this lithium battery. For our purposes, the 18350 means that the battery chassis is measured as 18 millimeters by 35.0 millimeters. Just exactly like the 18650, where the measurements outline the battery, so it is with 18350.
The final zero at the end refers to the shape of the battery, which is cylindrical. For example, the 18350 is roughly the same shape of a commonplace AA battery, but slightly on the shorter and stubbier side.

Let’s take a moment and do a quick review, mAh stands for “milliamp Hour.” And according to Ubergizmo, mAh “is a unit that measures (electric) power over time. This is commonly used to measure the energy capacity of a battery. As a general rule, the more mAh means the longer the battery capacity or battery life.”

As we have discussed before, there are a lot of counterfeiters out there, so you want to be careful to make sure that you’re buying your 18350 batteries from reputable manufacturers like Medusa Juice Vape Shop. Because the 18350 is the lowest-cost option for external vaporizer batteries, there is an huge tendency of less-than-honourable-companies to skimp on quality.

One way to avoid this problem is for vapers to always buy their 18350s from well-known and reputable organizations such as Medusa Juice. Their products are efficient and have tremendous capacity. They can give you the best prices possible on reputable, legit equipment. Keep in mind though, while you might find lower prices, dirt cheap batteries usually have a hidden cost associated with them. With the 18350 and other things sold by Medusa Juice, you can have the confidence that one purchase is enough to make you a loyal customer.

26650 Battery

This is the granddaddy of batteries! The 26650 is a monster power plant. While it has all the best features of the 18650 battery, it’s also more First of all, it’s versatile and groundbreaking portable energy source is the best known today. Due to the abundance of lithium, the 26650 finds itself used in a wide range of electronic devices, particularly those intended for industrial needs. Which is convenient for those of us who vape, because you have a good chance of being able to find a replacement 26650 at just about any hardware or electronics store.

Whatever other perks the 26650 can boast of, for me, the most important thing is its considerably larger capacity. It measures at 26 mm by 65.0 mm, has a noticeably thicker chassis than the 18650. When we look at it mathematically, we see that the 26650 has nearly 43% more space with which to work. This means that it is a giant compared to the standard bearer and the 26650 battery puts the extra capacity to good use.

However, when it comes down to brass tacks, all batteries are an exercise in compromise. Regardless if you’re speaking about typical vaporizer batteries, or the common consumer batteries such as the double A or triple A. Generally, many television remote controllers incorporate the double A alkaline battery. The length and shape of the remote control is perfect for the easily accessible and comparatively cheap AA format. Whereas when we think about portable video game controllers, we have a slightly different story. For instance, They don’t have as much space available as remote controls and therefore a lot of such devices use triple A batteries.

While the purpose of the 26650 is to take the technical compromise of the 18650 and blow it out the water, which means there’s no room for compromise in the 26650. Whereas for a modest penalty in space requirements, you can have a battery that combines capacity with power. Which to my way of thinking makes good sense. As with any vape issues, you can always contact one of the Medusa Juice staff. They’re always happy to help you choose the best options for your vape experience.

The 26650 battery is a power source which emits at the maximum capacity threshold of an 18650 battery, but comes with an equally high level of continuous discharge. The only technical drawback in providing this “best of both worlds” scenario is the looks. The 26650 requires the vape mod to be thicker in order to accommodate the increased circumference of the battery. For vapers who are looking for the ultimate channel of performance and reliability, it’s a no brainer sacrifice to make.

Keep in mind though, that the vaper still has to consider their own personal preferences. Frequent vapers often find that the size difference is something which must be accounted for. Even more important, is the vaping platform. This is a major driver. Therefore, if you’re powering an energy-intensive vaporizer, these devices can go through batteries in a hurry. Especially if you’re a cloud chaser, the expenses can start adding up. Still, you don’t want to resort to lower rated batteries, because while it may save some money up front, they won’t last and can be dangerous.

Something a lot of us don’t know and therefore can’t think about, is that a mid to upper tier 26650 battery will feature an estimated charge cycle of 500 cycles. What this means is that the battery can be recharged fully 500 times before it needs replacement. While that may seem like a big number, and it is up to a point, you also have to adjust for usage demand. For example, a recently produced Apple MacBook will have a cycle count of 1,000. These days, most people find that our smart devices are constantly being used, and we hit these figures pretty quickly. But, if you don’t vape that much, these factors won’t really become an issue. If you do vape a lot, like as much as you use your smartphone, you may want to do some math up front.

Now, we come to another problem of the 26650, this one is also shared with the 18650 format. This is counterfeiting. Because the 26650 represents a higher profit margin for these deceivers, there is an obvious financial incentive to distribute fake batteries. Although vigilance is necessary, the problem of counterfeiting isn’t as pronounced as it is for the 18650. Again, we cannot stress enough the importance of dealing only with reputable dealers such as Medusa Juice.

What’s The Solution?

As we mentioned earlier, the 18650 is the gold standard of lithium-ion batteries, even though it doesn’t have the larger capacity of the 26650. I realize that this may sound strange at first, but the reality is that the 18650 is supported across a very wide spectrum of products and institutions. Therefore, the size parameters of the 18650 are more convenient for our everyday use. Research and Development have focused more on the thinner format than it did with the 26650.

Which isn’t a slight against the 26650, because this format still offers superior displacement via a substantially bigger volume. It is conceivable though, that in terms of efficiency and technology, the 18650 is on a upward growth trend. That’s a natural consequence of the fact that so many consumer electronic devices like laptops incorporate the 18650, whereas the 26650 is the typical domain of industrial equipment.

Which leads us into another avenue of on the disadvantage side of the 26650 battery. And that is false or misleading advertising. While this isn’t the same as counterfeiting, false advertising is almost just as bad. Because marketers know that the buyers of the 26650 format are looking for big power. In turn, they advertise their products as such, perhaps exaggerating a figure or two. I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but truly, the best way to avoid these and other such scams is to understand the power band of your batteries and only purchase from reputable dealers like Medusa Juice.

When it comes to the 26650, most reputable manufacturers’ maximum capacity is 5,200 mAh. Anything over that should be considered dubious and suspicious. But you can always come in, call or text Medusa Juice and we’ll get you sorted with the best proper equipment available.

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