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Bootlegging isn’t anything new. Things like Ray Ban sunglasses, Louis Vuitton and Coach handbags or Rolex watches have been for sale online, in street vendors stalls and even occasionally in stores. You have at the very least seen them in films and on television. It’s a case of art imitating life. Counterfeiting is one of the oldest professions and the reason is simple. People want. Even if they cannot afford it, they want whatever ‘it’ is. . For every item with enough luxury appeal, or that has a high enough profit margin, there will be someone looking to take a cut. Nothing is exempt from imposters. And a great many of us seem fine with that.

The Price We Pay

Over the past five years, the vape industry has steadily increased in capita. When it first branched off of the initial e-cig market of the early and mid-2000s, it not only expanded, but evolved. There are several factors which helped to account for this rise. Increased anti-smoking legislation and celebrity vape endorsement had a huge impact. The Vape market went from a niche group of folks looking to quit smoking cigarettes to a widespread subculture. Within that subculture, other groups developed vape cloud competitions and even sadly, even a teen trend. Therefore, it comes as no surprise, then, that for as many companies making high quality and high end vaporizers, there are scads of copycats and cheap knock offs available. These scam artists are all posing as their legitimate competitors, trying to get your money.


While some of the signs of a lesser brand (bootleg) vape are obvious, it’s not always easy to spot the fakes. Most often, these companies offer these products at a considerably cheaper price than those of their legitimate competitors. Finding a vape available from the manufacturer’s website and direct e-commerce channels guarantee consumers are buying the exact product made and offered by the company. Most often, Products listed at lower prices through discount sales channels and sites are those of which to watch.

Rip Offs

Some other indicators of a fake vape aren’t always so obvious. These clones are cleverly packaged, nearly identical to the major brands. Generally it’s something small, like a typo on the packaging, which distinguishes the real and the fake vape. As you might expect, it’s most often overseas companies which are the most notorious offenders. Many low quality vape manufacturers in Shenzhen, China can mass produce and sell their products online around the globe. If these are packaged correctly, countless vapers are duped into thinking they got a deal on a great product. Legal precedent does exist for companies looking to counter the efforts of their copycats, but the market still has a long way to go before regulation and legislation catch up to mass manufacturing and sale. And often it isn’t cost effective, so the real companies just carry on and hope that through education and awareness, their consumers will forego buying from these copycats.

In The End

Bootlegging is far costlier than you might expect. There is more to it than the financial aspect. Juices being mass produced overseas are not regulated by the same rigorous materials and testing standards that the genuine products are.

For instance, counterfeit vape batteries are not manufactured with the same quality lithium ion, steel and plastics. All genuine Vape companies must produce vapes of quality standards and are required to be RoHS (restrictive of hazardous substances) compliant. They also are required to meet a PMTA (pre-market tobacco application) to be accepted for sale on the open market.

Unfortunately, however, the counterfeiters can get around any number of these requirements or can otherwise afford to produce and market their products exactly the same way as the legitimate companies they copy. Therefore, it currently, falls to consumer to determine the legitimacy of the products we buy. Things to check are if your product has a unique ID code. Always buy from authorized vendors and direct from the e-commerce channels of the manufacturers themselves.

It is important to always be thorough when researching the names and places of origin of all vape product suppliers.With just a few extra moments of inspection, you can help keep bootleg products from ruining your vape experience and that of your fellow vapers as well.
With Medusa Juice, you can depend on authentic products, be it e-liquids or equipment. We have the real deal for you and we pass on the best price possible for you every single day.

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