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Somebody Call The Doctor

Giving up smoking is the main reason most of us turn to vaping. In fact, around ninety-five percent of vapers started to help them quit tobacco and most of the remaining five percent are smokers who had already successfully given up. So, quitting smoking is a very important subject in the vaping community.
We all know how difficult it can be to give up smoking as the cravings can make it seem like an impossible challenge. While we all have our own approach to quitting tobacco, it has been proven that the support of healthcare providers like your GP and the NHS in general can make a big difference.

Asking your Doctor

Not everyone realises that they can talk to their GP about giving up smoking. Smoking is a serious risk to our health with around fifty percent of smokers dying as a result of smoking related illness. Like any other health concern, your local doctor can be a useful person to talk to.
General Practitioners can help enrol you in a stop smoking clinic or prescribe nicotine replacement therapies like patches or gum. They can also prescribe medication like Champix to help you quit smoking.
Find out more about how your GP can help you quit.

NHS Stop Smoking Service

The NHS is involved in a lot of nationwide stop smoking campaigns and is a useful source of information, support and advice. For more information about using the NHS to help quit smoking, visit the NHS Stop Smoking Website.
The NHS can also help you with joining your local stop smoking service. Statistically smokers are four times more likely to successfully quit with the support of their local stop smoking service.
These services are available all across the country and are staffed by trained stop smoking advisers. The stop smoking services have group meetings as well as the option for one-on-one support and are designed to provide support and help people work toward a quit date.
You can find your nearest NHS Stop Smoking Service from the NHS Smokefree website, or call the Smokefree National Helpline on 0300 123 1044 to speak to a trained adviser.

NHS Smokefree Website

The NHS Smokefree Website is a free resource that provides a range of evidence-based support to help people quit smoking. Like the NHS Stop Smoking Service, the Smokefree Website can increase your chances of quitting smoking for good.

Visit the Smokefree Website here to access the range of free online support.
It is recommended that smokers trying to quit keep an emergency phone number in case they need to call for support. 0300 123 1044 is the free number of the Smokefree national helpline and your local Stop Smoking Service will have their own number to call.

Information And Advice

As well as support in the form of talking with your doctor, using the Stop Smoking Service or visiting the Smokefree Website, the NHS is also a source of useful information and advice for anyone looking to give up smoking.

Visit the NHS Live Well website for advice on dealing with cravings.

Email an expert from NHS Smokefree for general advice on quitting.

Check out the range of stop smoking treatments that are available on the NHS.

Prescriptions and nicotine replacement therapies

Quitting cigarettes is a difficult process and there are a variety of products out there designed to help people give up tobacco for good. Nicotine replacement therapies like gum or patches are available on prescription from your GP, your local stop smoking service or from a pharmacist.

Using vaping to help quit smoking

While vaping products aren’t currently available on prescription, the NHS does support vaping as a way to help quit smoking. Read more about using e-cigarettes to help quit smoking on the NHS Live Well website.
Vaping alone has been proven to almost double the chances of smokers quitting for good. And the number of people who’ve successfully given up smoking is even higher when using a combination of vaping and the support of the NHS.
Like other nicotine replacement therapies, vaping helps people give up smoking by satisfying the nicotine cravings that can make it so hard to quit. Vaping also feels more like smoking than other forms of nicotine replacement therapy, which is useful to smokers who find that familiar hand-to-mouth action reassuring while they’re trying to quit.
Vaping also has the advantage of controllable nicotine levels. Heavy smokers might find it beneficial to try vaping with higher levels of nicotine to begin with. And over time it is possible to reduce the amount of nicotine in your e-liquids and even cut nicotine out completely.


Stoptober is a twenty-eight day long, stop smoking campaign started by Public Health England in 2012. So far Stoptober has encouraged over a million people to try giving up smoking in October.
Stoptober provides support and advice include a detailed app and daily emails as well as free guidance whenever it is needed. The campaign also features a supportive online community where people can share their experiences and encouragement.
Find out more about Stoptober by visiting the Stoptober Website.
Research has shown that giving up smoking for 28 days makes people five times more likely to quit for good. And for many smokers the support and encouragement of a community, as well as the Stoptober app, also boost their chances of quitting.

The NHS and your local GP can be a great source of help when giving up smoking. The NHS websites are full of useful advice and the stop smoking service is a fantastic source of support with group meetings as well as one-on-one sessions if required.
Nicotine replacement therapies like gum and patches are also available on prescription. While you can’t currently get vaping products on prescription the NHS does recognise that vaping helps people quit smoking and there is even advice on their website for people looking to use e-cigarettes to help them give up tobacco.

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