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Cancer Free

I know that one day we will be free of the naysayers and people spreading myths and misinformation regarding vaping, but for now, there are still quite a few uneducated and ill-informed people out there who will all too readily cast aspersions on vaping. For whatever reason, they seem too eager to tear something down rather than check the facts.
We’ve seen the same thing in politics and it truly is sad to know that significant distortions from some members of the mainstream media, and outright fear-mongering from conflicted parties are the norm rather than objective, scientific research. Because research confirms what most vapers have long suspected. Which is that vaping is considerably less harmful than analog cigarette e smoking.

Vaping Poses Low Cancer Risk

As far back as 2017, Dr. William Stephens of the University of St. Andrews in Scotland conducted a study which measured the cancer potential among several enthusiast products , multiple e-juice vapors, including heat-not-burn alternatives, and then too, traditional tobacco materials. Dr. Stephens standardized the unit measurements for both vapor and smoke emissions, thereby creating an apples-to-apples comparison. Which is the only way to get complete and honest feedback, as you know.

In the end, the result of the study provided us with extraordinary news for all vaping enthusiasts. The study showed that under proper usage of vaporizers, the cancer risk is less than 1% with vaping than compared to traditional cigarette smoking. The study also factored in alternative solutions, such as nicotine replacement therapies or nicotine gums or patches. When compared to these methods, vaping has similar or even lower cancer risk.

There is one thing that is imperative to remember with regard to the report. That is that if the user vaporizes at temperatures beyond recommended levels (ie. dry hits) it will result in the production of excess aldehydes. However, this is a well-known consequence of vaping beyond established tolerances. This is the reason why all reputable vaping manufacturers such as Medusa Juice provide clear and explicit instructions on proper procedures. Also, by now, we are hopeful that these guidelines are followed. After all, we want you to have the safest, best vape experience possible!

If you choose to disregard the guidelines, then that is a personal choice, and the risks of such choices should not impugn vaping integrity, which rightly assumes that all vapers will follow established safety guidelines.

Health Consensus Grows Towards Vaporizers

We have seen over the years, that vaping enthusiasts stood up and shouted about the health benefits of e-cigarettes over its analog cousin. The e-cigarette devices produce liquid vapor particles. There is absolutely no evidence which shows that such liquid-based vapor particles can become wedged into the lungs and arteries. Instead, vapors are absorbed into the bloodstream and are exited out through normal, biological measures. Which is safer, cleaner and better for everyone.

Those hard core smokers will find that ignoring vaping’s health benefits over tobacco products is akin to ignoring basic chemistry. Because cigarettes are heated through the process of combustion. Where, according to thermodynamic principles, complete combustion is almost impossible to achieve. It is a certainty that complete combustion is practically impossible for cigarette smokers.

This continues to present critical dilemmas for those advocates of the traditional smoking platform. Because we know that incomplete combustion will result in un-burnt byproducts, such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen, and “pure” carbon in the form of soot or ash. Therefore, the resulting smoke emission is, by default, toxic, due to the presence of these un-burnt or partially oxidized materials. So, please really keep this in mind if you’re a smoker. Maybe you think you can’t quit or that vaping won’t be able to take the place of your cigarettes, but I can assure you that it can and does.

Key takeaway factors for traditional cigarettes is that they produce physically tangible byproducts (the un-burnt or partially oxidized materials). It is these byproducts can lodge themselves in the lungs, airways, and bloodstream. Which in turn allows cancerous growth and other harmful substances to arise from these foreign elements.

By direct contrast, e-cigarettes totally vaporize their e-liquid content or other flavor mediums. This in turn results in pure translation of e-liquid flavors, with little to no chemical byproducts. The critical difference again lies in the oxidization process. Analog cigarettes partially burn their materials, whereas e-cigarettes completely vaporize theirs. You don’t have to be a scientist to realize that vaping is far safer for everyone. There’s also no danger to bystanders like there is with smoking.

We now have objective, scientific research which has been performed by different studies and which have proved that vaporizers leave virtually none of the common byproducts of cigarettes, which include the poisonous carbon monoxide, in addition to other exotic chemicals like formaldehyde.

For instance, Dr Michael Siegel of Boston University wrote that the latest cancer-risk assessment for vaporizers “should put to rest any doubt within the tobacco control movement about whether vaping greatly reduces health risk compared to smoking.”

The Good Doctor Siegel further stated, “Numerous anti-tobacco groups and health departments have repeatedly asserted that vaping is no less hazardous than smoking, but this claim is false, and the present study adds significantly to the already substantial evidence that vaping is orders of magnitude safer than smoking.” He’s not alone in his support and Medusa Juice happily works with different organisations and studies in order to provide you the most current and honest information regarding vaping.

Vaping And Political Tailwinds

We all know that because vaping is stepping on the toes of Big Tobacco, there is a huge surge of mis information via their political and societal supporters. The Food and Drug Administration of America announced a deadline extension for federal vaporizer product oversight. Initially, the FDA proposal, which called for a costly approval application process for most currently available vaporizers, was scheduled for a compliance deadline in August of 2018. Under this new schedule, the compliance date is set out for August 2022. I hope it doesn’t take this long, especially since we have so many other experts who are in agreement where the safety is concerned.

A favorable ruling provides the FDA and federal agencies more time to objectively research the health benefits or hazards of vaping compared to analog smoking. Given the tremendous momentum within the scientific community, it appears to be only a matter of time that before the FDA would come to the same or similar conclusion. Which is exactly what we are seeing.
There is certainly plenty of evidence to be found. Not only did the schedule extension dramatically boost vaporizer manufacturers, it veritably capsized Big Tobacco. Publicly-traded stocks of several leading tobacco companies saw their valuation gutted after the FDA announcement. Which isn’t a bad thing in my opinion. They knew for years how dangerous their product was but only cared about profits, not the people. In fact, they were unrivaled for so long that the vaping opposition didn’t even see this hit coming.

Big Tobacco knows now that it should buckle up for more pain. Health and anti-tobacco advocacy groups routinely attack cigarette manufacturers, but have largely left vaporizers alone. There’s no reason to attack the digital platform, and it would go against the established medical science. We now have become an anti-tobacco lobbyist and are now a natural ally. After all, their desired end goal was to eliminate the practice of smoking and to align with that of the vaporizer industry. Which they are doing. All in all, we will make a fine partnership.

On a much larger scale, this evolving e-cigarette movement represents a business and economic revolution. The like of which we have seen Vaping revenues skyrocket is practically unprecedented and comes by way of the industry’s first real introduction. An increasing number of people are not only vapers, but are either vape employees, or have initiated vaping-related businesses. It is here to stay, so get onboard.

If you were to ignore this financial energy, it would be a crime under any administration, especially one that boasts business acumen. The vape culture is rapidly ingraining itself globally. The government would be insane not to leverage home-court advantage.

Regardless of politics here and now, you cannot deny that vaping is an effective, health-based alternative to the dangerous practice of tobacco smoking. Let Medusa Juice get you set up with the perfect equipment and e-liquids to make your transformation from a smoker to a vaper today.

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