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Smokeless Tobacco

Smokeless Tobacco

Smokeless Smokeless tobacco is a range of tobacco products that are not smoked like cigarettes, instead they are used in different ways. Smokeless tobacco can include chewing tobacco and snuff as well as dissolvable and dipping tobacco. While not smoked, these...
Light Cigarettes

Light Cigarettes

Light Cigarettes, Less Risk? Light cigarettes are one of the hundreds of varieties of cigarettes available and they were originally marketed by tobacco companies as the “safer” kind of cigarette. After research in the 1950s showed the link between smoking and cancer,...
Smoking And Metabolism

Smoking And Metabolism

Interesting Effects The question of how smoking and quitting affects metabolism is an important one for many of us. There are plenty of smokers out there who view changes in their metabolism as one of the reasons they are reluctant to quit. And there are others who...

Clove Cigarettes

Are Clove Cigarettes A Good Option? Health Risks While there are misleading rumours about clove cigarettes being the healthier, herbal alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes, this is far from the truth. Clove cigarettes have been linked to a number of health...
Vinyl Chloride In Cigarette Smoke

Vinyl Chloride In Cigarette Smoke

Vinyl Chloride In Cigarettes Vinyl chloride is one of the many harmful chemicals found in cigarette smoke. Sometimes known as chloroethene, vinyl chloride is a colourless, flammable gas. Vinyl chloride does not occur naturally, instead it is a man made substance that...
What’s In Cigarette Smoke?

What’s In Cigarette Smoke?

The Most Abundant Substances We’ve all known for years that smoking is bad for your health. There are a long list of health problems associated with smoking, including cancer, lung disease and heart disease. Approximately half of all smokers will lose their life early...
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