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The Medusa World

Medusa Juice has always tried to give our customers what they want for prices they can afford. We pride ourselves on staying current on vaping guidelines, techniques and products both equipment and juices. That commitment is not about to change anytime soon and in fact, we are still striving daily to deliver more to you, our Vape family.

Our staff works around the clock to keep on top of any and all things vape related in order to better serve you. Whatever your questions, we can provide the answers, and this dedication is apparent in everything we do. No half measures, no wishy-washy hogwash, just honest-to-goodness desire to give you the best we possibly can, day or night.


From the starting point, our website is changing to keep it fresh and informative, eye catching and user friendly, we want every part of your shopping experience to be rewarding and hasslefree, so Medusa Juice works tirelessly to ensure every step of they way is smooth and easy to understand or operate.

You may have shopped elsewhere and found that your opinion didn’t matter, but we here at Medusa Juice absolutely care what you want, need and desire, when we set about giving it to you to the best of our abilities.

So, in keeping with our desire to be ever changing and always improving, keep your eyes peeled for some exciting and colorful changes to our site and our products. We will be offering new flavours, new equipment, new ways to buy and deals for both wholesale customers and retail customers alike. You matter to us and we are here to prove it day in and day out.

From day one Medusa Juice began a journey that would take us to new places where we could help people change their lives and nothing could be more rewarding. We haven’t regretted a single day and hope that you will continue this journey with us because it’s all about the journey in life.

Grow With Us

Our website will be evolving, becoming more colorful, adding features, products and deals. Be sure to check regularly and help provide feedback so that we can deliver the best to you. Over the years, with the help of you, our vape family, we have grown increasingly better, bigger and bolder. Grow with us, help us to continue helping you.

Nothing can remain the same in this ever increasingly evolving world, but we here at Medusa Juice aren’t afraid of change and in fact, we welcome it when it comes to making things better.

Make Tomorrow Brighter

We won’t compromise on quality, dedication, or attention to our customers, so with that in mind, let’s make 2019 our biggest, best year to date and incorporate changes which not only help us, but help the world in which we live. We have a responsibility to our children to leave things better than we had them and Medusa Juice takes that responsibility seriously.

Medusa Juice is currently working on ways we can help to clean up the planet, and help the homeless, both of which are problems very important to us. Keep watching for changes to come, new programs which we hope to have up and running this year and help us make a very real difference in our communities as well as on our planet.

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