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Changing Times In England

The vaping experience we know today was originally invented in the 1960s, but vaping as a worldwide phenomenon has only been around for a decade or so. In that short time vaping has become incredibly popular and this popularity continues to grow.

So, how has vaping changed the world since it first arrived? The most obvious change is how it’s helped people quit smoking and promoted healthier living as well as the community of vapers all enjoying the great vaping experience.

Medusa Juice is proud to be part of this community and helping people quit smoking for good. Take a look at the Medusa Juice Store and explore our fantastic selection of e-liquids for fun treats and unforgettable flavours as well as juices to help quit smoking.

Smoking Cessation

Although vaping has only been around in its current form for a decade or so it has already had a noticeable impact on the world around us. These changes affect us all in different ways, like creating a new community or helping make things easier when giving up smoking. It’s worth remembering that the changes associated with vaping are positive for our whole society, not just for smokers trying to quit.

Let’s explore some of the different ways that vaping has changed the world, from the undeniable health benefits to the great community that has grown around the vaping experience.

One of the most noticeable ways that vaping has changed the world is the impact it has made on smoking. Smokers who try to quit using vaping are almost twice as likely to quit successfully compared to smokers who try without using vaping.

Approximately seven million people die each year as a result of smoking related health problems and vaping is helping to change that. Thanks to e-liquids, more people are able to give up smoking and live longer, healthier lives.

It’s important to remember that there are a lot of products on the market to help people quit smoking. Different approaches and products will work better for different people, but there is no denying the fact that vaping can make a huge difference.

Vaping increases the chances of successfully quitting smoking by producing a similar experience as traditional cigarettes but without the health risks. Many e-liquids can recreate the feel of cigarettes using tobacco flavours and a similar throat hit and intensity. These juices satisfy the chemical craving for nicotine while remaining familiar to the experience smokers are expecting.

Medusa Juice has a large selection of tobacco e-liquids with a range of nicotine levels and different flavours of tobacco. If you’re looking for a vaping experience that recreates a traditional tobacco cigarette then you’re sure to find the right juice for you in our store.

Research shows that vaping has no significant health risks and is around 95% safer than smoking. The ingredients used to make each e-liquid are safe and closely regulated by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency in the UK.

Unlike vaping, smoking produce thousands of harmful chemicals which can cause health problems. These chemicals include hydrogen cyanide, formaldehyde, arsenic, ammonia, carbon monoxide, benzene and many more connected to cancer, heart disease and lung disease.

We already know that vaping helps people quit smoking for good and that vaping has grown increasingly popular in recent years. Research by Public Health England has also concluded that vaping doesn’t encourage people to take up smoking. So, the more people who turn to vaping, the less people are smoking which makes us all healthier and better off in the long run.

Because vaping is such a new phenomenon, there is still research that needs to be done on the long term effects. But current studies have all added to the growing pile of evidence that vaping is significantly safer than smoking.

Financial Benefits

While the health benefits are usually the main reason why people switch from smoking to vaping, there is also a very noticeable difference in price. Using disposable e-cigarettes costs almost half as much as traditional cigarettes per year and reusable e-cigarettes are more than 75% cheaper.

On top of the price of e-liquids, which can be thousands of pounds cheaper than cigarettes per year, vaping has an important effect on healthcare. It is estimated that the NHS in the UK spends around three to six billion pounds on smoking related health problems each year. So, the growing number of smokers who switch to vaping are making a big difference to this strain on the healthcare system.

Vaping Community and Cloud Chasing

The vaping community is growing all the time with new vape stores opening all around the world as more and more people make the move from smoking to vaping. And as more people take up vaping, there are new groups who enjoy the experience in different ways, including competitive cloud chasers.

Cloud chasing is the art of producing the biggest possible cloud of vapour when vaping and is one of the most visible cultures within the vaping community. It is often seen as an “expert” pursuit as cloud chasing can take a lot of practice and skill. It shouldn’t be surprising that an element of competition developed among cloud chasers with individuals trying to see who has the most skill and the best technique.

There are a growing number of competitive or provisional cloud chasers out there. Around the world, cloud chasing events and competitions attract vapers to compete for big prizes as well as sponsorship deals. But there are still plenty of vapers who enjoy cloud chasing as a hobby without the competitive element.

Within the vaping community opinion is divided on cloud chasing as some find the practice off-putting while others consider it the pinnacle of what vaping can achieve. But, whatever you think of cloud chasing, it is rapidly growing in popularity with new vapers taking part every day as well as new events and competitions.

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