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Clearomizers (or clearomisers) are one of the most common designs used for vaping devices. With clearomizers the atomizer, e-liquid tank and wicking material are all contained in a single, transparent component. This allows vapers to monitor their e-liquid levels with ease, but clearomizers can leak when overfilled or if the seals or coil go bad.
Leaking can be caused by different things, but taking care of your vaping equipment can make a big difference when it comes to preventing these problems. And if you do have a leak there are a few things that you can check and repair to try and fix the problem yourself.

Here are some tips and tricks to help reduce the risk of leaking.

Be careful when filling the tank

If you’re hearing gurgling as you vape then you may have overfilled the tank or gotten e-liquid down the central tube. To avoid this problem, tilt the tank as if filling a glass of beer when adding e-liquid, then straighten the tank as you fill. Be careful not to overfill the tank as a small amount of air helps prevent leaks.
Any spilt e-liquid can be cleared off by holding a piece of tissue to the end or by blowing or tapping out excess juice.

Avoid cross-threading

When screwing the vaporiser components together avoid cross-threading which happens when the threads don’t line up, creating gaps and causing pieces to jam.
Cross-threading is easy to do by accident and leads to an imperfect seal as well as risking further damage. Avoid cross-threading by ensuring pieces are lined up before screwing them together and not forcing the threads if they don’t go together smoothly.

Keep the tank upright

Keeping a vaporiser upright when not in use can help prevent leaks. E-liquid can seep through the juice holes at the coil and make its way into the central tube or out through the air flow holes.
This effect is more likely to happen if the tank is half empty, but can happen at any time if the vaporiser is not vertical.

Inhaling Technique

Unlike cigarettes, where inhaling more sharply creates a stronger hit, drawing too quickly when vaping can reduce the experience. Inhaling sharply when vaping can force e-liquid over the coil faster than it can be vaporised, leading to excess juice filling the central tube or leaking out.
Vapers can avoid this problem by taking longer, slower inhales that will maximise the amount of vapour produced without increasing the risk of leaks.

Repairing and rebuilding

While the tips above might help minimise the risk of leaking, sometimes its unavoidable. There are a lot of reasons why leaks happen and sometimes a little repairing or rebuilding is all that’s needed to fix the problem.

Don’t Over-Tighten

While it’s important that vaping equipment is screwed together properly, over-tightening can also cause problems. Screwing pieces together too tightly can damage the o-rings, rubber seals that help prevent leaks.
Over-tightening can be tricky to avoid as we need to find the sweet spot between too loose and too tight. In general vaporisers should screw together firmly without needing to be forced.

Check the O-rings

The o-rings are a good place to start if you’ve sprung a leak. These rubber seals can be damaged over time, by over-tightening or by some cleaning fluids. Checking them is as simple as unscrewing the vaporiser and examining the seals with the naked eye.
If any o-ring looks damaged, by flaking or cracking for example, then use a pair of tweezers or small screwdriver to remove and replace them. Some kits come with spare o-rings, or you’ll have to buy more.

Use the right coils

When buying or making new coils for an vaporiser it’s important to choose a coil with the right resistance.
Higher resistance coils tend to have smaller juice holes and are better suited for thinner liquids. Juices with high VG can clog high resistance coils, leading to leaks and other problems.
Lower resistance coils are better suited to thicker liquids. Using juices with high PG with low resistance can cause flooding where liquid ends up in the central tube or leaking from air flow holes.

Adding Wicking Material, etc.

Over time both coils and wicking material become worn with use. A coil or wick that’s wearing out will be more likely to leak and produce a less satisfying vaping experience. With stock coils the solution is to buy a new coil which will come with fresh wicking material ready to go.
In rebuildable atomisers the wicking material can be changed or replaced to reduce the risk of leaking. Too much material prevents air getting through, but too little will make it easier for e-liquid to escape, especially if the tank isn’t kept upright.
When replacing the wicking material in a rebuildable atomiser, make sure there is enough to thread snugly through the coil while leaving just enough spare to fill the space around the coil.

Adjust power setting

Leaks can be caused when e-liquid is drawn through the device too quickly for the coil to vaporise it properly. This leaves excess juice that can flood the central tube or leak out. Breathing technique and wicking material can cause this problem, but the voltage setting might also be responsible.
Higher voltage settings will cause the coil to vaporise e-liquid faster, reducing the risk of leaks. But not all vaporisers have adjustable voltage levels and not everyone will be comfortable changing them as it can be risky.

Replace the tank

Some tanks are more leak-resistant than others. If you’re having a persistent problem with leaking and don’t want to be constantly rebuilding or repairing your equipment then it might be simpler to buy a new tank that’s less prone to leaking.
There are a lot of different vaping kits available, so check the reviews to find something that is less likely to leak but still suits your needs.

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