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To put it simply, “cloud chasing” is a sport where vapers get together and enjoy producing the biggest possible cloud of vapour when they vape. This pursuit can be casual or competitive with cloud chasers building and developing their vape set to create massive plumes of vapour.

Cloud chasing is sometimes referred to as “extreme” or “stunt” vaping and sometimes as “sub-ohm” vaping.

Some people chase clouds for fun as a relaxing pastime while others have developed the activity into a sport. Within the vaping community opinion is divided on cloud chasing as some find the practice off-putting while others consider it the pinnacle of what vaping can achieve.

Whatever you think of cloud chasing, it is rapidly growing in popularity with new vapers taking part every day as well as new events and competitions.

It is difficult to know exactly where and when cloud chasing first began, but there is no denying its popularity today.

Cloud chasing is often seen as an “expert” pursuit as the art of producing the thickest plumes of vapour is something that can take a lot of practice and skill. It shouldn’t be surprising that an element of competition developed among cloud chasers with individuals trying to see who has the most skill and the best technique.

Competition and Juice


Cloud chasers who take part in contests to produce the largest or most interesting clouds of vapour are known as “competitive” or “professional” vapers. Producing the biggest cloud is part of the competition but tricks like producing vapour rings, balls, streams or ripples are also judged. Some popular vaping tricks include the “French inhale”, which involves creating a perpetual cloud over the upper lip and “the dragon”, which involves producing four separate streams of vapour.

Cloud chasing competitions have been growing in popularity over the last few years with a number of international events as well as local competitive circuits. The International Cloud Championships and the World Series of Vape both take place in America while The World Series of Cloud Chasing takes place in the UK.

These competitions offer prize money that can be as high as thousands of pounds and the top cloud chasers often have sponsorship deals too. As the competitions become more popular the prize money increases and there are even discussions of a Competitive Vaping League being developed.

Spectators who enjoy watching cloud chasing are sometimes known as “cloud gazers” and they’re another important part of this community. Whether you’re interested in cloud chasing competitively or just for fun, there is a whole world of like-minded vapers out there for you to join.


When it comes to selecting a juice for cloud chasing, high VG is the way to go. Whatever type of equipment you’re using, VG always makes the best e-liquid base for producing thicker clouds when compared to e-liquids with higher PG.

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Equipment and Technique


Cloud chasers will often take a great deal of care building the best vaping equipment to produce the biggest clouds of vapour possible. This can be as simple as buying a kit with a tank, battery, coil etc that’s well suited to making clouds as there is plenty of equipment available specifically for cloud chasing. But for many it involves customising and modding their vaping equipment to create something that meets their personal needs.

Take a look at the great selection of vaping equipment from the Medusa Juice Store to help you get started with cloud chasing. You won’t find a better range of high quality equipment at such great prices.

When searching for the best vaping equipment there are a number of factors that affect the volume of cloud produced. Different choices work better for different vapers and plenty of time can be spent trying different equipment and techniques to find what works best for you.

Battery safety is one of the most important things to remember when cloud chasing. Cloud production generally requires greater amounts of heat than average vaping which means extra work from the battery. Over-taxing batteries can be a problem so it is better to use high quality batteries and monitor the heat of the battery while cloud chasing.

Airflow affects the temperature of the coil and finding the right balance of airflow has a big impact on cloud production. More airflow produces more cloud, but too much airflow will dilute this cloud with extra air, making it appear thinner.

It is a matter of experimentation to find the right level of airflow to produce the biggest clouds without the cloud becoming diluted. This means that cloud chasers either need to use vaping equipment where the airflow can be regulated, or find equipment where the airflow is fixed at the level they require.


Learning how to produce the best clouds of vapour takes months of practice and is influenced by posture as well as inhaling and exhaling technique. Good lung capacity is important in cloud chasing as being able to draw more vapour from your equipment helps create bigger clouds.

Divided Opinions

Competitive and casual cloud chasing is growing in popularity, but opinion is divided in the vaping community. Some say that cloud chasing in public is anti-social and gives all vapes a bad reputation. This could lead to problems as there are still a lot of misconceptions about vaping and negative publicity might impact future vaping regulations.

On the other hand, many cloud chasers argue that they are creating positive publicity. By showing others how fun and enjoyable vaping is they’re helping promote the activity and encouraging smokers to try vaping and hopefully quit smoking altogether.

If you’re interested in trying cloud chasing then be prepared to put in a lot of practice and make sure you have the right equipment for the job.

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