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Culture Trends

It doesn’t seem to be very often that we really discuss the demographic world of vaping trends. We know that there are quite a few older smokers that have entered into the vaping scene for personal and health reasons. While they might not share the same goals as that of younger vapers, which is to fully immerse themselves into the “next-gen vaping culture.” They are important part of the Culture and have a lot to do with its development and continuation.

The experienced smokers want an avenue that is natural, intuitive, and quick to pick up and go. Thus, a no-frills package is ideal for this group. They may have been smoking for decades and the notion of diving into complicated gadgetry may not appeal to them.
Don’t forget too, that vaping economics is related to demographics. As in other industries, the most common dynamic is that the younger demographic, which caters toward less-expensive products because of possible financial constraints. Whereas with older participants, they may have longer working experience, and can afford to invest more money for their craft. Think about it like you would with expensive supercars. For instance, you aren’t normally going to see young people tooling around in Ferraris or Lamborghinis.Whereas middle aged men practically dominate the car clubs.

In vaping, this dynamic can sometimes be inverse to our normal expectations. Quite often the younger crowd is makes up people who purchase the latest and greatest in equipment, while certain segments of the older demographic, and it is usually the long-time smokers, tend to stay with simpler kits and packages. I, myself have smoked for forty-five years and I am in the group who wants simple and quick without my having to spend a small fortune. Luckily, Medusa Juice helped me get what I needed to help me quit smoking and enjoy the vaping community too. They can do the same for you.

We cannot overlook that for personal vaporizers, a really good, premium kit can cost the vaper a few hundred pounds. Even for who is someone being compensated at the lower end of the income spectrum, it’s fairly easy to save up that amount.

That, in conjunction with the vigor of youth, a few impulsive decisions and the younger demographic taps right into the vaping undercurrent in no time at all. They’re eager to learn more about the art and the mechanics of vaping, and the technology that’s used in today’s premium APVs are organically aligned with the modern digital lifestyle.

With so many personal vaporizers being charged using a micro-USB connection, it is a portal that is increasingly common and that means that physical devices can leave an ever smaller footprint. Which as you may know, is important to us all.

The older people have seen it all already. They don’t have the time or the interest to integrate themselves into the vaping culture. At least, not normally. There will always be exceptions. Most of the young newbies are almost always impressed with correlated events such as cloud chasing competitions or vaping conventions, the older demographic may have other time commitments that prevent them from attending such outlets.

You might consider that too much involvement in extracurricular activities will negatively impact the cost-effectiveness of the vaping platform as they stack up against cigarettes. Generally speaking, a larger segment of smokers are looking for a cleaner, healthier, and less pricey way of enjoying nicotine and throat hits. Which doesn’t mean that getting caught up into the vaping culture won’t lead one into a dedicated pursuit of cloud chasing. Because it has been known to happen. But, that’s not necessarily bad. Even still, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

A Beneficial Blend

The many people who join the vaping community usually discover fairly quickly, that vaporizers are a blend of art and science. In order to be able to enjoy the best vaping experience, a vaper has to consider several factors. Coil temperature, wattage, and coil resistance are critical elements that can dramatically alter the end result.

On a competitive note, there is no detail too small that it is overlooked. One attribute which has been pushed in a certain Vaping, that it is a combination of art and science. The direction these take can cause substantive changes in other features and functionalities. Therefore, the ability to make quick and minute changes is critical for the cloud chasing vaper. There’s even more challenging issue, and that is that there is no standardization in the environment. Everything is trial and error, which further necessitates modularity. Which, in turn, takes time.

With accomplished vapers, it isn’t just the options with which they are concerned. You can have all of the functionality in the world, but that won’t mean much if you can’t tell what you’re doing. Thanks to advances in user display interfaces, higher performing chips and circuitry, as well as precision temperature control systems must provide two benefits. These are the primary or advertised benefit, and a way to communicate that benefit.

To get a better picture of what I’m saying, consider some of the vaping devices of old, and even some of the e-cigarettes sold today. Back in the day, the user interface of prior generations often just consisted of a simple light that “flickered” its message to the vaper. Perhaps that sufficed during vaping’s infancy and growing years. It will no longer work. These technically advanced vapers require much more communication and equipment feedback.

As little as a few years ago, liquid crystal display (LCD) interfaces started hitting the marketplace. We saw that this was a tremendous leap in the personal vaporizer segment because the e-device could provide real-time feedback to the end-user. There were specific functions such as precision wattage control were the biggest beneficiaries of LED technology. For the first time without having to engage in guesswork, vapers could dial up or down their power settings, and know exactly in what range their e-device was operating. We realize that a fantastic innovation this was to the vape culture and continues to be.

We are watching the latest technological trend in user interface systems now. The organic light-emitting diode, or OLED for short is the latest and greatest. The biggest advantage of the OLED over the prior-generation LCD technology is that the OLED has no backlight. The backlight is a form of illumination which is specific to LCD screens, and actually do not illuminate on their own. A separate illumination device is required; hence the backlight. This system shines light from the back or to the side of the display panel.

LCD’s represented a big step forward in terms of resolution, compared to the Cathode ray tube (CRT) platforms that were used throughout most of the 20th century. This is an overlooked but critical asset to the vaper since portable vaporizers have little to no space to spare. As a result, the resolution has to be clear and have the ability to “project” itself to increase perceived size.

This is not to say that LCD doesn’t come without some drawbacks. In an applications such as TV or computer screens, OLED Screens for Vaporizers, the LCDs can lead to eye fatigue. So, while the resolution is a step forward, there is still an artificial backlight that is shining into the user’s eyes. Imagine staring into a lit flashlight all day and you’ll begin to see my point. Even at a lessened magnitude, the exercise would eventually become draining on your eyes. When we watch TV, this is essentially what we’re doing.

Quite honestly, this may not be the biggest problem for vapers, who, I imagine don’t probably spend too much time staring at their devices. Hey, I could be wrong. There is also disadvantage to these LCDs and that is that they don’t have the best acuity in challenged conditions, such as sunlight exposure. This then, could make it difficult for vapers to attain necessary feedback.

OLED in these devices make a world of difference. OLED doesn’t require a backlight. In fact, it essentially emits its own very light source. Due to it not having an extra component means that OLED interface systems can easily fit into a portable vaporizer platform. OLED is flexible, so it doesn’t have the same physical constraints of some other electrical components.

For those competitive vapers out there, one thing to really appreciate is the rich textures and sharp contrasts of the OLED interface. This is far superior to LCD.

Vaping Technology

There will undoubtedly be competitors who will naturally gravitate toward technologically-advanced item. And we are sure that many of those serious hobbyists and non-smokers will follow suit. This can’t really be helped.

Plus, let’s not forget that there is a huge market for this stuff. Vapers see the latest developments within their industry and community, and can’t help but want to experiment with the new available options. Hobbyists from other sectors have the opportunity to witness vaping for the first time, and are hooked by the constantly evolving art form.

This is partially why the advances in vaping represent a self-sustaining economy. The experienced vapers are at the forefront of the movement. They are the people who draw the huge crowds in competitions. Then, in turn, the masses buy the devices from which the experts are drawing. Which then translates into more revenue for vaporizer manufacturers, again allowing them to invest more in research and development, as well as promoting events and sponsorships. The exciting cycle repeats itself, with the only difference being that the next go-around is bigger and better than before. You can count on Medusa Juice bringing you the biggest and the best at all times. Stop in our shop our website for the best deals you’ll find anywhere.

Ultimately, this is what makes the vaping industry functionally and morally superior to Big Tobacco. Vaping is without a doubt, an industry of velocity. It is continually in motion and striving in its pursuit of perfection. Whereas, Big Tobacco hasn’t changed since hitting the market. While vaping promotes a vibrant and mutually beneficial ecosystem. Big Tobacco operates under a dark and dangerously secretive policy.

One impressive aspect of the vaping industry is its ability to integrate modern consumer technology with the personal vaporizer platform. Many outsiders wouldn’t even think of putting OLED interfaces or advanced circuitry in a “smoking device.” To them, smoking is just smoking.

Luckily, vaporizer engineers and product designers have far more creativity than the average person. I am not in anyway going out on too much of a limb when I say that vaping is one of the most creative consumer sectors, if not the most creative in our world today.

There’s nowhere else that does such a marriage of disparate ideas and components in order to make a cohesive whole. These vaporizer engineers have to be an electrician, a chemist, a physicist, and a mathematician to be able to successfully create a desirable e-device. It’s extremely difficult to segment vaporizer manufacturing component-by-component. Each piece of a vaporizer is so intricately linked with each other, and this impacts the overall functionality and safety of the whole system.

The vapers themselves need to exercise considerable intellectual investments when it comes to their art of choice. It has not or ever will be just a matter of buying a device and drawing from it. In order to get the most out of the experience, there are modulations required and you can believe that there’s a whole lot of downright tinkering going on in several components and accessories.

These ideas and practices tend to frighten those who came before, because they strayed from the typical and tried and true methods. The innovators forged a new route and made it so popular that it’s nearly astounding, or it is to me, at least.

The success of these pioneers are such that it is encouraging others to take up the banner and fight for new ways to deliver safer, better tasting vape from less costly, and longer lasting equipment. And you can find the latest and greatest of these e-liquids and different equipment at Medusa Juice.

Stop by one of our four convenient locations in King’s Lynn, Norwich or Peterborough or you can reach us via Facebook and Twitter. Whatever method you use, we’re here to help make your vape experience the very best it can be and at a price you can afford.

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