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Differences At The Foundation

Vaping and smoking are very different activities on a number of levels. Both can be used as a way of absorbing nicotine into the body, although there are plenty of e-liquids that contain no nicotine at all. But apart from looking similar to a casual observer, vaping and smoking have very little in common.

Vaping produces a cloud of vapour, like steam in a sauna, which contains flavourings and sometimes nicotine mixed in with a base of Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin. The exact ingredients vary but e-liquids are most commonly made from a small number of chemicals which are used in food production.

Smoking on the other hand produces smoke from the combustion of tobacco and other ingredients in a cigarette. Burning tobacco creates a large number of different chemicals, many of which are associated with health risks like cancer, lung disease and heart disease.

It is estimated that around half of all smokers will die as a result of smoking related illness and on average smokers will lose more than a decade from their life because of smoking. Current research has shown that vaping has significantly less health risks compared to smoking.

Vaping has also been shown to almost double the chances of successfully quitting smoking when compared to smokers who try to quit without using vape. Although it is worth remembering that vaping is relatively new and there has not been the same level of research into its long term health effects.

More Details

While it can look similar in appearance, the vapour produced from vaping is very different from the smoke produced by smoking. It is worth comparing the two activities as many people who enjoy vaping today are smokers or used to be smokers.

E-Liquids contain a comparatively small number of chemical and are mainly made from a base of Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin mixed with flavourings and sometimes nicotine. When vaped these chemicals become a vapour but do not change their chemical composition.

Tobacco cigarettes create a much higher number of chemicals when they are burned which form the smoke that is then inhaled. Unlike vaping, these chemicals change during combustion and many of them, like carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide are associated with health risks like cancer.

One of the reasons why smokers start using vapes is because they want a similar experience as traditional cigarettes but without the same health risks. Certain e-liquids can recreate the feel and experience of tobacco cigarettes with tobacco flavours and a similar throat hit and intensity. But these juices still use the same principle as all other vapes, producing vapour without the same risks as tobacco smoke.

Quitting Smoking

While vaping isn’t the only option available to smokers who want to quit, studies have shown that vaping is both safer than smoking and can help smokers quit. There are a lot of products on the market to help people quit smoking and different approaches will work better for different people. Smokers who quit using vaping are almost twice as likely to quit successfully compared to smokers who quit without using vaping.

Medusa Juice has a large selection of tobacco E-liquids with a range of nicotine levels and different flavours including a variety of leaves and flavours like mentholated. If you’re looking for a vaping experience that recreates a traditional tobacco cigarette then you’re sure to find the right juice for you in our store.

Cost, Health Risks and Hazards

While the cost is often a secondary consideration when comparing smoking and vaping there is a very noticeable difference in price. Using disposable e-cigarettes costs almost half as much as traditional cigarettes per year and reusable e-cigarettes are more than 75% cheaper.

One of the biggest differences between vaping and smoking are the chemicals produced during the process and their effects on health.

Smoking tobacco produces thousands of chemicals including many which can cause health problems. These chemicals include hydrogen cyanide, formaldehyde, arsenic, ammonia, carbon monoxide, benzene and many more which have a strong connection to cancer, heart disease and lung disease.

The smoke produced by smoking tobacco also forms tar, a sticky combination of chemicals that coats the lungs. This tar contains many of the cancer-causing chemicals found in cigarette smoke and over time leads to lung damage that can cause diseases like emphysema and bronchitis.

Vaping E-liquids doesn’t create new chemicals, instead it evaporates the chemicals already in the juice which do not have the same health risks as those found in traditional tobacco cigarettes. These chemicals are mostly Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin with Acetaldehyde, Nitrosamines and sometimes nicotine with the remaining chemicals making up the flavouring.

Many of these flavouring ingredients are used in food production and have been proven safe to consume. However these flavourings were designed to be eaten and not vaporised so the long term effects of vaping them are not yet fully understood.

Allergies and Additional Research

Propylene Glycol is one of the most commonly used ingredients in E-liquids and has been known to cause minor allergic reactions in some rare cases. If you experience rashes, itchiness or mild swelling of the throat then it is recommended you stop using Propylene Glycol and use Vegetable Glycerin based E-liquids instead.

The process used by modern e-cigarettes was invented in the 1960s, but vaping as we know it today has only been around for ten or twenty years. There has not been the same level of research into the long term health effects of vaping compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Most of the ingredients commonly used in E-liquids have been used in food production for years. These chemicals are safe to be eaten but less research has been done into the effects of inhaling them as a vapour. Current research tells us that vaping is 95% safer than smoking, but more needs to be done to find out the long term effects of vaping.

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