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Why Shouldn’t I?

As is the case with any addiction, having a support system is beneficial and helps account for a much better success rate kicking whatever the habit is. If you’re like myself, who can get addicted to anything and has, it’s especially helpful.
Smoking is one of those addictions that non-smokers and even some of us who have smoked for many years, think that you should be able to quit ‘cold turkey’ if you put your mind to it. Now, I hate to pass judgement on people, but anyone who believes that kicking the smoking habit, or any habit for that matter is that easy needs to have their heads examined. Clearly they have never suffered from addiction problems.
Oh, sure, you hear about people who just tossed out a pack of cigarettes one day and from that day forward, never smoked again. More often than not, the truth of those situations is that it had been something they have struggled with for years. They talked to family and friends about it and somewhere down the line, they found a support system. We all respond differently to stimuli and what works for one person isn’t guaranteed to work for another. But I digress.

Support, Support, Support

When you’re serious about giving up smoking, you should look into one of the several plans offered and check into what sort of support system they have in place. For many people, the patch worked. For others, a nicotine gum helped them quit smoking. Still others used one of several medications to give up cigarettes. For me though, nothing worked like taking up Vaping.
I started off on menthol flavoured e-liquid and a fairly high nicotine level and before long, I was able to go without smoking at all. I gradually lowered the amount of nicotine I used until I can now go without it all together.
It should probably be noted that trying to go ‘cold turkey’ leads to the highest amount of failed attempts by smokers overall and often it takes the smoker years before attempting another method to quit smoking. Quitting smoking shouldn’t be any harder than it has to be, which is why all of these methods tell you to employ support when attempting to stop.
Health studies show that only four percent of smokers who do manage to go cold turkey are still smoke free after one year. The NHS is backing e-cigs as a method that works to help smokers quit, and stay off of cigarettes.
The number of smokers have dropped to an all time low in England. And that cannot be bad. Just think about that, only six million smokers remain here. How fantastic is that?
I can remember going to hypnotists, trying ‘no smoking’ spells that Wiccan friends tried to help me with and none of them lasted, but when I decided that I would line up a support system where friends and loved ones would offer me encouragement I was already halfway there. They kept reminding me how good it would be for me. My friends were great, if I was struggling with a craving, I could call one of them and we’d talk until it passed. Or they would keep me busy doing other things and pretty soon I realised that I hardly thought of cigarettes.
I know we can’t always have a great support system, but there are groups out there to help and your health officials are there to help you too. The NHS has workshops and group meetings for smokers trying to quit as well as individual counseling. Don’t be afraid to try one of these, they do help.

If At First

I remember trying to quit cold turkey on several occasions over the forty-five years that I smoked. The longest I ever went without smoking was nine months and usually I was smoking again within several hours or days of ‘quitting’. I suffered from horrible withdrawal symptoms. I was irritable, nervous, shaky, and just miserable every single time I had tried to quit. Then I began to Vape. So many people were raving about it and I had nothing to lose at that point other than a seriously bad habit in smoking. It’s different for everyone, I imagine, but when I first started to vape, I still smoked cigarettes. Then gradually I began to vape more more and smoke less until one day, I put out my last cigarette and vaped exclusively. I am still smoke free and I love all of the choices I get with vaping.

Everybody’s Doing It

Everyday more people are making the decision to quit and using Vaping as the method to help them achieve their goal. The simple reason is that it works and has less of a chance of going back to smoking.
Celebrities, politicians, captains of industry and others are publicly speaking up about their own experiences and I personally think that’s fantastic. People we admire can often forget that they’re role models and when they put forth a positive message, it continues to inspire and motivate.
There’s no reason to fail this Stoptober. Speak to friends, family members or your doctor and make a plan to quit smoking. Choose your method, select your support line, give yourself credit for each bit of success you have along the way and before you know it, you’ll be a non-smoker!
I personally tried to remind myself every day why I was quitting and every night I would congratulate myself for making it through the day without smoking. We all need to celebrate those little victories and for myself, it helped. I would go to bed each night feeling pleased that I hadn’t smoked that day and the days before.
The saying ‘one day at a time’ is certainly prudent, you just have to take a deep breath and work through each day as it comes. Some days are better than others, but it is surprisingly quick how the cravings and other side effects from smoking pass if you just keep busy and wait it out.

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