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Vaping has continued to grow significantly over the past ten years. Because this method has been so effective in helping so many people quit smoking, it has caused an astronomical demand for vapor products. This has manufacturers flocking to the market and they all want to offer their bes. Which means delivering the latest innovation, and technology while providing superior convenience for those looking for an easier, safer and better alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Due to the rise in manufacturers, there has been an incredible increase in the devices being produced. While the mounting number of optional devices is certainly pleasing to the consumer, the number of issues also rise along with it. This includes a range of problems from user error to connection issues. And as long as these electronic devices are being served up in high quantities, problems will continue to be common. However in this article, we will troubleshoot one of the most common problems with devices that have affected nearly every single person that uses an advanced device. This is the “Check Atomizer” or “No Atomizer” warning. Not only is this completely frustrating, it affects your vaping experience completely because your device no longer functions properly when you receive these warnings. I know, you’re asking what does the warning mean, why is it happening, and what can you do to fix it? Those questions along with and making sure you never have this problem again is what we’re here at Medusa Juice to help answer. We’ll cover some of the basic causes and cures in this article.

What Does Check Atomizer Mean?

As many are aware, an atomizer is a general term used to refer to either a cartridge, clearomizer, tank or rebuildable atomizer. If you’re in doubt, know that anytime the term atomizer is used in terms of vaping, it’s a device that is used to heat your e-liquid and then vaporize it. In this article, we’re questioning the “Check Atomizer” or “No Atomizer” warning that may appear from time to time on your device’s display screen. I know it’s very frustrating and what it means is that your kit is indicating there is a connection issue present, whether that issue is arising because it couldn’t recognize your atomizer or the connection between both the device and atomizer have been interrupted.

Why Do We Get These Warnings?

Probably the most common reason why we see this warning is because we haven’t performed any regular maintenance, or developed a regular routine of cleaning it. You must keep in mind that this warning is an indicator that there is a fault in the connection somewhere. Therefore, it’s your job to ensure that this connection remains intact, without any hiccups. Part of that is making sure you are cleaning and maintaining the device properly. Below we have comprised a list why the Check Atomizer or No Atomizer warning will happen.

Improper Maintenance: There may be dust and debris around the connection points.
User Error: The atomizer, tank, or coil is screwed in incorrectly, either too much or too little.
Equipment Failure: This generally means that the center pin located in the connector is pushed down too low.
Equipment Failure: The coil or coil head is damaged, burnt out or faulty.

Fix The Check Atomizer Or No Atomizer Warning

As you can see above in the previous section, there are several reasons why this warning can happen. The most common out the many reasons is improper maintenance, while a stream of user error and equipment failure can also be the cause of a vaping catastrophe. Fixing the Check Atomizer or No Atomizer warning can become a trial and error process, eliminating each potential cause and ruling them out one-by-one until the warning has surpassed. Aside from the many ways, you can potentially fix the pesky warning, thoroughly cleaning and maintaining the device is a positive step forward in the right direction.

In the future if you wish to avoid the Check Atomizer or No Atomizer warning, there are several tasks you should perform on a regular basis. These will ensure that your setup is functioning properly and continues to do so. These include cleaning, inspecting different all of the parts and checking to make sure these parts are seated properly. If you’re consistent in doing this, you shouldn’t run into any issues, but if you do, you’ll now know how to fix it.

Let’s start by proper cleaning:
You’ll want to begin by perform proper maintenance on both your atomizer and atomizer or tank. Not only should you thoroughly clean the parts you use for a better inspection job, but it’s also a great way to avoid any potential contaminants while you’re vaping. Thorough cleanings are something you should already be familiar with. I don’t know about you, but I have to conduct cleanings during my normal daily activities. Things like cleaning your house, your body, teeth, and so on. The vaporizers you use and all of their components should receive the same treatment.

The 510 Connector on your device:
Since quite often, the 510 connector is the cause of a Check Atomizer or No Atomizer warning and can have a detrimental impact on the performance of your device, you will want to inspect them regularly. You’ll want to inspect the 510 connectors for a couple of reasons; one to ensure there isn’t any dust or debris that is hindering a solid connection between both the atomizer and device, and two to ensure the 510 pin hasn’t been pushed down too far. If the 510 pin is pushed down too far, it won’t make a secure connection. Which again, will cause you to get this error message.

Is your tank properly screwed in?
I know, this probably sounds like common sense, but believe it or not, there are many people who face this pesky warning because of something as simple as their tank not being properly screwed in. Every time you attach a new atomizer or tank to your device, screw it in where it has a good snug fit. Do not to overtighten. Every now and then, be sure to check that the atomizer or tank hasn’t unscrewed itself, which may happen sometimes from handling.

Check The Connections

By inspecting every single part of the setup, you can usually avoid potential failure in your device and keep it working or performing properly. Be sure that the bottom connection has a protruding pin or connector which will allow it to reach the 510 pin in the device’s connector.

Make sure the coil head is screwed in properly:
Like other things which seem simple, the Check Atomizer or No Atomizer warning could be the result of the coil head you’re using. Therefore, if the coil head has malfunctioned or is damaged, it could be the culprit which is keeping you from enjoying a vape experience. Inspect the coil head, is it screwed in properly? If all else fails, make sure that it hasn’t been damaged or is faulty. If possible, compare the coil head to another of the same kind and if the bottom pin on the coil head or the seal around it isn’t the same, this could be the problem. If this is the case, you will need to replace the coil head to avoid the warning and continue use.

Getting into good preventive maintenance habits are your best bets and never forget that we here at Medusa Juice are standing by if you need assistance. Happy Vaping Everyone!

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