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Old Folks Still Want To

Despite the fact that Public Health England has stated that vaping may be up to 95% safer than smoking, the World Health Organisation has expressed concerns. According to the latest Office for National Statistics information done in 2015, at least half of the smokers say they have tried e-cigarettes. The ONS survey only covered Great Britain, but there are other studies which have taken into account many other countries as well and the patterns we see are not all that much different.
We know for a fact that smoking is at the lowest point ever since 1974. So, who’s making this happen? Well, smokers with children tend to turn to Vaping most often as a way to quit smoking. According to the latest seven study into ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery System) released by the multinational professional services report, 2.2 British people now use e-cigarettes. That’s an increase of 55% over the past three years.

Who Says We Can’t?

Vapers told researchers that their main reasons for using the new devices were because they saw them as less harmful than cigarettes and because they helped them cut back or quit smoking. Consumers are driving innovation in devices, flavours and nicotine levels. There are now more regular consumers and evidence of increased migration from dual to sole use.The most important driver and barrier to accelerating uptake, is related to the perceived health implications relative to cigarettes. This applies across all markets.
In the United Kingdom – which has the highest take-up in our survey – the Government’s advisory body, Public Health England and The Royal College of Physicians, have publicly backed the products as being considerably safer than traditional cigarettes.
The report also shows that in the United Kingdom:
850,000 vapers now see themselves as themselves as ex-smokers.
470 people a day switched completely over to E-Cigarettes in the last two years.
The proportion of “dual users” who still smoke cigarettes has reduced by 45 per cent in three years and now stands at nearly one third, or 750,000.
So why are there still so many questions out there about the safety of Vaping? The Office of National statistics data also revealed many more facts that compare the number of smokers to vapers. The age of the people who vape the most is between 35 to 49 and the age at which they smoke the most is 25 to 34.

Through The Years

Their data shows that we have 2.3 million vapers across England, Scotland, and Wales, which equates to about 4% of the population. Half of these people agreed they were using vaping as an aid to quit cigarettes, a further percentage said they were using a vape device as they believed they were less harmful than smoking and another small percentage group said they were vaping because it was cheaper than purchasing cigarettes.
All of this positive data can only help the cause for electronic cigarettes to be shown as better than smoking for you and as a positive health benefit if you are comparing vaping to cigarettes.
Many estimates suggest that within ten years the revenue generated by the electronic cigarette industry could exceed that from tobacco. In this breakdown we can see the motivating factors for this change. Vaping in the United Kingdom is increasingly popular year after year and United Kingdom vaping statistics show that vaping may well take over from cigarette smoking before too long.

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