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By now I’m sure that you’re at least vaguely aware of what Vaping is. You’ve probably seen some college kids walking around town with a mechanical contraption that they put to their lips and then a huge cloud of smoke fill the air as they exhale. Or maybe you’ve seen an ad for one of the Medusa Juice Vape Shops in the Midland area. However you’ve been made aware of it, what you may not know is that it’s much more popular than you might think with older people. By that, I don’t mean Generation X people, I mean Baby Boomers and the like.

Golden Years

I just turned fifty-six this year and am a Baby Boomer, if on the end of that generation, and I love Vaping. It has literally changed my life. Not just mine, but my entire family and their friends and on and on and on. That’s one of the great things about Vaping. Not only does it help you stop smoking, it helps keep your house from smelling like an ashtray and doesn’t inflict second hand smoke onto your loved ones. That alone should have you singing its praises.
But just the fact that something which was once heralded as a ‘fad’ has grown into a huge life changing event for people ranging from teens to octogenarians is phenomenal and worth a mention. I know people who vape that never smoked and just use it for recreation because they enjoy the flavours available and others who enjoy the sensation as well. It really has become something quite unusual and special.

Still Going

And even though Vaping is relatively new, it’s not only swept this country and most other countries of the world, but it continues to become more popular as people see that it is safer, cleaner and less costly than smoking.
Most of the baby boomer generation grew up with smoking being everywhere, on television, in every sort of program, in commercials, hospitals, bars, restaurants, really, everywhere. Giving up smoking is hard at the best of times, but even more so when you see it all around you. Yet, we see people from this age group quitting and taking up Vaping everyday. This is not only encouraging, it’s just more proof that when something works, it works for us all.

Never Too Old

If you have someone in your life from this age group, make sure they know about Vaping, or better yet, if they already know, treat them to a new Medusa Juice flavour. After all, they have been around longer and seen a lot change over the years, they deserve a treat.

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