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Vape Batteries

Batteries might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about our vaping equipment, but batteries are always important.
None of us want to run out of power while we’re enjoying a great vaping experience. And if you’ve ever forgotten to charge your batteries, or left home without them as I’ve done a couple of times, then you’ll know how frustrating it can be.
Whether you’re choosing a new atomizer or need new batteries for your existing equipment, it’s useful to know what to look for. There are a lot of different vaping kits and batteries to choose from, but they mostly boil down to two main categories, integrated or removable batteries. Here’s a quick guide to deciding which is right for you.

Integrated Batteries

Integrated batteries (as the name implies) are batteries built into the atomizer. While they can come in all shapes and sizes, integrated batteries are more common in smaller vaping equipment, like vape pens or Juul devices.
Integrated batteries are known for their simplicity and ease of use. The manufacturer has made the specification decisions, so all you need to worry about is keeping it charged.
The down side of integrated batteries is their lack of customisation, lower charge levels and that they can be inconvenient to keep charged.
Although some integrated batteries allow you to adjust the power level, most do not which can be a problem for some of us. Many integrated batteries will also lose power quicker than removable batteries which is also a problem if you’re out and about for most of the day.
Charging is usually as simple as plugging the atomiser into a USB slot, but it can take time which is frustrating if you run out of power at the wrong moment. One way to get around the problem of charging is to own multiple kits so you can charge one while using another.

Removable Batteries

Removable batteries (as their name also implies) are batteries that can be removed from the vaping equipment, just like the batteries in a remote control. This means that vapers can swap out the batteries any time, replacing drained ones with fully charged or switching to a preferred specification.
Removable batteries have a lot more freedom when it comes to customisation and its much easier to keep your atomiser powered when new batteries can be inserted instantly.
Many vapers have a specification preference when it comes to removable batteries depending on their style of vaping and how frequently they vape. Vaping is very demanding on our batteries and this is especially true for sub-ohm vapers and cloud chasers. Other vapers prioritise batteries with the longest lifespan if they’re busy all day and prefer not to carry spares.
Running out of power with removable batteries is rarely a problem as it’s easy to keep a set of recharged batteries handy. And if you do run out with no spare batteries on hand you can always buy replacements if you need them.
Most vaping equipment today uses 18650 sized batteries. These batteries usually deliver 4.2 volts at full charge and are designed to hold enough power for an average day’s vaping.


Whether you’re using integrated or removable batteries it’s important to choose good quality products. Vaping puts a lot of strain on your batteries causing them to drain quickly or overheat if they’re not up to the task.
Batteries for vaping should have high capacity, high current rating and high voltage rating with a low operating temperature. Higher quality batteries will last longer, be safer and serve you better in the long run. Check out the Medusa Juice store for a selection of great batteries and battery chargers.

Samsung 25R

The Samsung 25R batteries are ideal for almost all vaping equipment. They are safe, hold a lot of charge and have a long lifespan while also providing all the power vaping demands.
Samsung 25R batteries have a slightly lower current rating in order to provide this higher capacity and better operating temperature. This means they might not be best suited for sub-ohm and other extremely high demand setups, but in general they make perfect batteries for most equipment.

Efest Slim K2 and LUC V4 Chargers

If you’ve been vaping for a while then you already know the importance of a good battery charger. The Efest Slim K2 and LUC V4 chargers are a great choice as they are fast, efficient and easy to use with clear displays.
The LUC V4 has the capacity to charge up to four batteries at once at the quick rate of two amps. The display shows the charging progress of each battery and the charger has safety features that prevent overcharging and damaging the batteries.
The LUC V4 also includes a USB outlet so it can be used to charge phones and other USB devices, including vaping equipment with integrated batteries.
The Efest Slim K2 is a smaller device than the LUC V4 which makes it an ideal travel charger. The Slim K2 can charge up to two batteries at the same time and has a display indicating the charge level of each battery. Like the bigger LUC V4, the Slim K2 also includes safety features to make charging batteries quick, safe and reliable.

Deciding on the right batteries or battery type is not the most exciting part of choosing vaping equipment, but it is important. Integrated batteries have their advantages when it comes to simplicity, but the limitations on choice and charging options puts off a lot of vapers. Removable batteries offer much more choice and make it easier to keep your vaping equipment powered up when you need it.
When it comes to buying new batteries, it’s better to go for high quality as vaping can be very demanding. Batteries like the Samsung 25R will be safer and last longer than cheaper batteries, making them a better choice in the long run.

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