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Bits And More Bits

Obviously, RDA users who are into building their own coils probably have pieces and partial spools of several different thicknesses of wires. But what other things are we as vapers collecting and is it all necessary or do we just like the idea of having it? Because from what I’ve seen, vapers usually have loads of stuff lying around.


RDA users are also going to have different types of cotton, perhaps even different brands, weight, thickness, etc. Don’t forget the needed tools, such as a bunch of those tiny little screwdrivers, wire cutters, and of course, a drill. Most serious coil builders have kits in which to keep it all together and they use an OHMs tester to help ensure coils are coming out as planned.

Tank vapers use disposable coils, and they probably have a stash of used, but not burned out, coils. Some of you out there probably have some soaking in a solution like Everclear or something similar to clear the old juice from them. Some juices are too strong to get out of a coil by simply replacing the juice, and so this process will save you time in the long run.


Most of the vapers I know have more than one set up. I, personally, have a couple of different tanks, coils, RDTAs and RDAs. Then too, there’s always that latest thing we just have to have.
For most of us, it differs and is as personal as our e-liquid preferences. Which is part of what makes vaping so interesting and fun. Medusa Juice understands this and that’s why we carry such a wide range of products and equipment. So that you can have the best experience possible.

I personally am not into building my own coils. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s way beyond my ability. Plus, I just don’t have the patience. Honestly, I love trying things that those of you out there who do experiment and improve.

On The Face Of It

As I said, most vapers have a lot of gear lying around. I personally have a couple of things dedicated to it. I have some travel kits, decorated boxes, drawers, and even display cases for my juices. Oh yes, I have a juice stash, baby!

While I do have a collection of tanks, I don’t think I’ve come anywhere near what other vapers seem to have. This of course may change over the years, but for now, I’m probably not as much of a collector as many other people are.

Generally, I stick to my favorites when I shop. This includes equipment as well as e-liquids. One kit I have tried the Smok Baby Beast. It got lots of press on the net, so I gave it a go. I really only use it now and then because I feel it lacks the dependability I want. It gets dirty and gummed up far too easily, in my opinion and with further reading on the net, I found I wasn’t alone in my experiences. Another thing is flavour consistency. I felt that this kit failed in that area. I want true-to-life flavour and I just didn’t think that this kit delivered it to me. I know it puts out quite a bit of vapour so maybe people who are into cloud chasing might find it better suited for them.

And Lastly

Whatever experience you are searching for, let Medusa Juice deliver it to you with their expert team, excellent customer service and unbeatable prices.

One of the benefits of having all sorts of tanks, o-rings, etc is that you might be able to change up one of your kits fairly easy without going and buying a new one right at that moment. I’ve used tanks on other kits before and it got me through. It doesn’t always work, but when it does, it’s a great stress beater. Which is always good.

I’ll admit that there are times, I did know how to build my own coils, etc. Well, that and that I was more knowledgeable in general. Which is one of the things where Medusa Juice excels. Getting information out to anyone who needs it. I can’t tell you how often, I’ve consulted them on everything from kits, VG/PG preference, e-liquids, and well, everything vape related really.

So, if you’re looking for a vape shop that you can rely on, look no further because Medusa Juice is there for you every single day. Contact them and they’ll help you sort out whatever issue you’re having problems with.

Medusa Juice is working on another great new line of e-liquids, so keep your eyes peeled for that to come out. No one makes better tasting quality juices for less.

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