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You Might Wonder

These days, e-cigarettes are nearly everywhere and they’re also very rarely out of the news. Medusa Juice helps to keep you abreast of the new laws, products and information available with regard to vaping.

“Vaping IS a gateway to smoking”, “More cancer-causing chemicals found in e-cigarettes”, “Belfast woman’s electronic cigarette ‘bursts into flames’”. There are but some of the headlines and scare stories about e-cigarettes out there, but are they really a dangerous trend, or a useful way to quit smoking? Three million people in the United Kingdom alone can answer that for you quite simply.

These electronic cigarettes, known as e-cigarettes or vapourisers, are battery-powered devices which mimic the action of smoking, offering the user nicotine (in most cases), but without the toxic effect of tobacco smoke. They’ve been in the United Kingdom since 2007, and they continue growing in popularity.

Please be aware that we here at Medusa Juice would never suggest that non-smokers take up e-cigarettes, but they can be a useful tool for harm reduction and to help you give up smoking.

Things To Consider

More people may be using them, but e-cigarettes are not totally harm-free. Nothing is. A study published in Environmental Science & Technology in back in July of 2016, identified harmful emissions in the vapour, including possible carcinogens and irritants, though at a significantly lower level than in conventional cigarettes. But then back in 2016 there were many agencies who would not advise non-smokers to start smoking e-cigarettes, whereas now, health officials or most of them, support vaping. Public Health England (PHE) estimates that they are ninety-five percent less harmful than regular cigarettes.

Dr Mike Knapton, Associate Medical Director at the BHF, had this to say: “We would not advise non-smokers to take up e-cigarettes, but they can be a useful tool for harm reduction and to stop smoking.” Which, is perfectly understandable.

Martin Dockrell, the PHE Tobacco Control Programme Lead, said: “We know that e-cigarettes are probably not completely safe, but that’s not the issue. The question is, are e-cigarettes safer than the alternative? And, for almost all e-cigarette users the alternative is smoking, and it’s really important that they understand how much safer e-cigarettes are, compared to smoking”.


Several years ago, smoking caused approximately 46,000 deaths from cancer and 28,000 from respiratory disease in the United Kingdom, plus an estimated 20,000 deaths from cardiovascular disease. But those numbers are dropping significantly every year.

People might be surprised at how much easier it is to quit with an electronic cigarette. Any smoker with a heart condition has most likely tried to quit in the past, and failed, perhaps more than one time. Well, now is the time to try again with an electronic cigarette because you might find that’s a lot easier. Besides, after you’ve kicked cigarettes, then further down the line, you might want to quit the e-cigarette as well. There’s no denying that vaping makes quitting smoking a whole lot easier and it is also much cheaper than smoking and safer. It’s also cleaner for the vaper and the environment.

We here at Medusa Juice are aware that e-cigarettes are probably not totally safe, but that’s not the issue. Because, we now also know that they are 95% safer than smoking cigarettes.

The Royal College of Physicians has reviewed the available evidence and advised General Practitioners to promote e-cigarettes “as widely as possible as a substitute for smoking”. Which nowadays they are doing. Health officials and doctors are picking up the baton and running with it because they know that vaping is safe and it works!

Several independent studies from PHE over the years have shown that most of the chemicals causing smoking related disease are absent in e-cigarettes, and chemicals that are present pose little danger. Which is a win-win situation for everyone. The vapers, their families, the public, everyone. Which is why if you’re ready to try vaping, you should start with Medusa Juice. They can answer all of your questions and get you started on the path to being a non-smoker!

Martin Dockrell also said: “For the main carcinogen in tobacco smoke, levels in e-cigarette users were close to that of non-smokers.” Think about that, and what it means to everyone. It’s virtually like being a non-smoker and health organisations as well as doctors are coming out more and more in support of vaping.


Experts agree that we should consider studies which incorporate longer-term data on the effects of using e-cigarettes, particularly in regard to cardiovascular disease. Because e-cigarettes have only been on sale in the United Kingdom since 2007, long-term studies weren’t prevalent at first but now some are concluding while others are starting. My point being that we’re being vigilant.

Linda Bauld, Professor of Health Policy at the University of Stirling, is reviewed the marketing of e-cigarettes for Cancer Research United Kingdom, and warned us that advertising of e-cigarettes may change in the future. Which it did and has now done so again. “At first there wasn’t a lot of marketing around e-cigarettes, then in 2014 CAP [Committee of Advertising Practice] drew up new rules on e-cigarette marketing that allowed them to be shown on TV,” she said. Thankfully, research and support continued, because we have now seen the rules change a couple of times in favour of vaping and vape distributors.

“In May 2016, the European Tobacco Products Directive banned all broadcast media in the European Union from advertising e-cigarettes, effective immediately.” Billboards and point-of-sale advertising do not count as broadcasting so are allowed in the United Kingdom, although the Scottish government has given itself powers to limit these.

At the same time in Wales, a bid by the Labour Party to partially ban e-cigarettes in public places was voted down in May 2016. The Westminster government made it very clear that it didn’t want to legislate against using e-cigarettes in public places, but it was unclear whether you’d be allowed to smoke e-cigarettes on trains, in pubs, or in workplaces. Public Health England has now offered principles and recommendations helping premises come to their own decisions. So, we now have laws in place with respect to where it is permitted to vape and where it is not.

A Final Word On Nicotine

With respect to your heart, we must remember that Nicotine, while highly addictive, is not a significant health hazard for people without heart conditions. For instance, it does not cause acute cardiac events or coronary heart disease, and is not carcinogenic. Which isn’t to say that nicotine is safe, because it is problem for people with heart disease. It raises the heart rate, which can be a detriment to the goal of most treatments. Therefore, it is vital that you speak to your General Practitioner if you have heart disease and are using nicotine replacement.

We know you have questions and concerns and we here at Medusa Juice are happy to answer them for you. Walk into one of the four Medusa Juice locations or phone us. You can also reach us via Facebook and Twitter. Vape on!

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