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Love It Or Hate It

Up until a few years ago, sub-ohm vaping was limited to a small community of vapers who customised their own equipment. But today sub-ohm kits are available to buy and this community has grown greatly.
Sub ohm vaping involves vaping equipment where the coils have a resistance of less than one ohm. This low coil resistance increases the power output to produce much more vapour, which is ideal for cloud chasers.

Why are some people worried by sub-ohm vaping?

So, where is the problem? While sub-ohm vaping and cloud chasing are incredibly popular, with a growing competitive circuit and strong community, there are plenty who dislike the activity.
Sub-ohm vaping requires practice and experience which can be overwhelming for first time vapers. Some people fear that the popularity of sub-ohm vaping will actually drive away new vapers who will find the technique off putting.
As many of us turned to vaping to help quit smoking, it’s easy to see why people might be concerned if vaping becomes off putting for newcomers. On the other hand, sub-ohm vapers argue that they are acting as ambassadors and the impressive, grand nature of the clouds they produce actually helps attract new vapers instead of putting them off.
Sub ohm vaping is often more expensive than regular vaping. This might not be a big concern to everyone, but for some of us the price of vaping is a factor. Sub-ohm vaping uses e-liquid quicker as well as draining batteries faster and often requiring more expensive equipment. So, there are also concerns that the cost might discourage new vapers.

And finally, there are those who are worried that the act of sub-ohm vaping, producing large clouds of vapour is antisocial, giving vapers in general a bad reputation. Even if you’ve never vaped before, you’ve probably noticed the difference between regular vapers and sub-ohm vapers on the street. Sub-ohm vapers produce thick clouds that linger and swirl around them. And while many will love that image, others see it as an unwanted fog of smell hanging in the air that other pedestrians might have to walk through. It’s not hard to see why these big clouds might be seen as antisocial if produced without consideration for others.

Sub-ohm Vape Culture

Thanks to its rapid success and the rise of official cloud-chasing competitions, sub-ohm vaping has become one of the biggest and most recognisable parts of vaping culture. Sub-ohm vaping attracts vapers who enjoy creating large plumes of vapour and all the associated tricks and techniques which make sub-ohm vaping a more challenging or advanced form of vaping.
These bigger clouds and advanced techniques set sub-ohm vapers apart from the rest and have helped define sub-ohm vapers as their own community. And for many vapers this can be appealing, not only because of the challenge and fun, but because they enjoy standing out and being their own, distinctive culture.

When It Comes To Quitting

A big part of why so many people turn to vaping is to help quit smoking. Vaping has been proven to almost double the chances of quitting smoking for good. And this is one of the big areas where sub-ohm vaping divides people, both within the vaping community and in general.
There are some who argue that sub-ohm vaping and the community it creates helps elevate vaping and attract new vapers. Sub-ohm vaping shows that vaping can be about more than quitting smoking, it can be a fun, bold and sometimes professionally competitive world. This new culture and atmosphere of fun or competition might attract new vapers, encouraging more people to try vaping to help quit smoking.
But there are others who argue that the advanced techniques, showy nature and distinctive culture might do the opposite, putting off people who might’ve been tempted to try vaping. Smokers may be deterred by the challenges of sub-ohm vaping, which can be the most visible form of vaping to the rest of the public. The idea of joining a large new community that you don’t understand can also be off putting for smokers who are simply looking for a nicotine replacement therapy to help them quit.
These potential problems come about because it can be easy for people outside the vaping community to see sub-ohm vaping as the only form of vaping. The fact that sub-ohm vaping attracts so much attention with huge clouds and a growing number of competitions make it harder for people to realise that there is a large number of vapers out there who enjoy a less showy form of vaping.

And Lastly

Opinion is very divided on the role of sub-ohm vaping and how it affects the perception of vaping culture in general. Because vaping is such a new phenomenon, the public perception of vaping and its portrayal in the media is very limited and simplistic. It is easy for the public to think of vapers as a single group instead of recognising the different sub-cultures.
Because the public and media might view all vapers as the same, the perception of sub-ohm vaping can have a big impact on how all vaping is viewed. Keeping this in mind, it is easy to see why some people are worried that the skill, exclusivity and sometimes anti-social element of sub-ohm vaping might be negatively affecting vaping as a whole.
But on the other hand, many sub-ohm vapers are conscientious people who simply enjoy producing bigger clouds of vapour. And the cloud chasing community in general has been very popular, attracting many vapers to check it out.
So, does the good publicity balance out the bad and can sub-ohm vaping simply be accepted as a separate idea, in the same way that pipe smoking and cigarette smoking are seen as different activities? Either way, this is a debate that is likely to continue for some time within the vaping community.

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