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Talking Tricks

When it comes to vaping competitions, cloud production dominates. But, within these vaping competition, there are a growing number of sub-sectors inside the overall trend. One of the biggest, in fact, it’s exploding throughout social media channels, it is vaping tricks. The focus here isn’t the length and density of a plume emission, because it’s about creating different vapor shapes through unique personal and technical modulations. You’ve seen them and love them, you know you do.

One of the most common tricks, although it is also one of the most difficult tricks to master, is the “O-ring.” You’ve watched smokers do this for ages. However, due to the unique platform of vaping, the O-ring has now taken on a new life. In order to accomplish this trick, a vaper must take a inhale deeply, and draw the vape into the throat. Keep your tongue at the bottom of the mouth and to the back of the throat. You will form an O-shaped mouth. Then, from here, a small amount of vaper is pushed out of the throat in a sequence of short, pulsating rhythms. The action is similar to a light, subdued cough. When done correctly it’s simply fascinating to watch. You can find a great tasting e-liquid to use at Medusa Juice so that every O-ring is delicious when it floats out of your mouth.

I’m sure you’ve seen some vaping tricks and wondered about them. Well, it’s a very delicate process. If you push one step too far, the resultant vapor may lose its structural rigidity. Push too little, and the structure may not form at all. All this and then you also factor in the crowd size and noise, as well as the bright lights and sounds of a top-tier vaping competition. So, these Cloud chasers don’t just need practice for their craft, they need absolute body control and nerves of steel to perform well under so much pressure!

One brilliant attribute about vaping is that old guard tricks like the O-ring can produce a seemingly infinite number of derivativations. Such as, one iteration of the O-ring involves a cloud chaser blow two or three big O-rings in succession, then blowing out a horizontal emission through the rings. As the clouds interact, they can create unpredictable dynamics, such as coalescing with each other, or being the catalyst for a sudden velocity shift. It’s all so exciting!

There’s another variation which involves the use of hand movements to direct these O-rings off onto different trajectories. You’ll find vapers who choose to create a whirlwind effect, while some others incorporate a repeated stop-go motion or varying speed sequences. These actions, when performed by top vapers can be hypnotic. Because, since this is such a new industry and even newer segment of this industry, we as the general public have not been unaccustomed to watching shows like these.

Which brings us back to how much skill is involved in cloud chasing competitions. These vapers using their hands or other body parts, must have full awareness of the quality and texture of the cloud. So, obviously this is something that takes a bit of time to master. Unplanned contact or an incorrect amount of pressure can severely impact both the structural integrity and intended velocity of the cloud. Depending on the set, mistakes can be difficult, if not impossible, to correct. Therefore, it requires precision, timing and dedication to be successful.

You’ll find that most trick competitions are accompanied by music. This has helped competitors to work to a certain cadence or rhythm, and eventually evolved into part of the competition, meaning the music is part of the requirement that the vaper must perform to. While mistakes are one thing, losing the beat is always a critical error. This mistake is one that is easily noticeable by the audience. Therefore, the best and the most innovative cloud chasers incorporate multi-stage tricks. As I mentioned earlier with the cloud inside an O-ring example, the execution of these advanced tricks require one stage to be set up perfectly before another can begin. One wrong move and the entire sequence can fall like a house of cards. This is however, the reason why the best are competitors compensated heavily, and why the sport is virtually in no danger of falling to the wayside anytime soon.

It’s For Everyone

Without a doubt, of the best things and certainly one of the most encouraging elements of competitive vaping is diversity and that it truly is for everyone. This sport bears no judgment on color, class, or social standing. These vapers come from all walks of life and they descend upon these cloud chasing competitions, big, small, and everything in between. Because vaping doesn’t really have one stereotypical image of the typical vaper, this helps to give incentive to more people. to check out more aspects of the sport, such as Girls Vaping. All of this make for a superior growth rate that has Big Tobacco executives quaking in their boots.

You’ll notice that there are a lot of women taking part in competitions now. In fact, some of the best tutorials on vaping tricks are produced by women. Once again then, you see how diversity and inclusion are cornerstones of vaping. However, the gender balance is also made possible by the e-device platform. Since the harsh substance of nicotine is not native to vaporizers, women naturally find drawing from e-devices to be much more comfortable than smoking cigarettes. Basically, it means that gender equality has already been engineered into the sport.

Why is this important? Female participation is also critical to the growth of the vaping industry. In nearly every part of the world, women outnumber men. Therefore, when a sector is male-dominated, whether it be by choice or by function, it effectively eliminates retail potential by slightly more than half. And when you think of it in those terms, gender imbalance is one of the worst realities in retail. But bless those ladies, who have decided they will not be excluded, so vaping as an overall industry has a healthy and viable future.

The Nuts and Bolts

The number of vapers is increasing every day. This means that it’s not very difficult to find vaping competitions locally. In fact, the frequency in which cloud chasing events are hosted is directly correlated with demand. For those out there that are paying attention, demand is exceptionally great. Since statistics have been taken, there’s never been a year without an increase in growth. Of course, in recent years, the vaping growth rate has been less than its peak, this is part of the natural ebb-and-flow of the business cycle.

Vaping shopkeepers, such as us here at Medusa Juice would be insane not to funnel this demand into our own businesses’ benefit, and we do just that. You won’t have to look hard to find local vaping competitions. In fact, you can come into any of the four Medusa Juice shops or check out our website and newsletter, we’ll keep you informed. While there, grab yourself some wonderful new liquids or a new kit.

There is also an extensive enthusiast community and it too can be a valuable resource. Some local regions may not heavily advertise their competitions, thus relying upon the loyalty of vapers to spread the word. Most of them are only too happy to oblige, as it gives all interested vapers an opportunity to showcase their enhanced skills and abilities. We vapers love to share our great finds so be sure to check with friends and people who enjoy the sport when you can.

Don’t forget, we live in the digital age and everything travels through social media networks. The best way to get connected to the latest and greatest events is signing up for a Twitter or Facebook account, if you haven’t done so already. Then add Medusa Juice as well as popular vapers and competitors. Twitter is an especially useful tool, as most well-regarded vapers will provide timely updates for cloud competitions, as well as showcase events that would be of particular interest to vapers and budding enthusiasts.

Social media is free and these readily available platforms are vital to success, especially for new competitors. Keep in mind that the skill and price barrier for the pinnacle of vaping competitions can be excessively steep. Plus, there may also be associated travel costs if the major events are held someplace outside your locale. Although, some “community competitions” offer the same mechanics of high-level events. Which means that you can use them to hone skills and perhaps build up the money for the larger competitions.

The biggest difference between the top-level competitions and local ones is the distraction you will find at them. As we were saying, it’s more important that new vapers gain some experience first before they attempt entry into a high-pressure environment.

Big League Vaping Competitions

But the truth is, that when you’re ready, you are ready. This too is one of the most beautiful things about cloud chasing. That there is no limitation to how far you want to go. Unlike with other industry competitions, which may not have as much of a mainstream following, there’s a potential for a small group of competitors to dominate there every single year. This is generally due to the reduced competitor base. It stands to reason, that fewer contestants means greater odds of winning. Those that put in a little extra effort can be handsomely rewarded.

This is also the reason why the top ranked sports in the United States such as football, basketball, and baseball, and football and rugby in the United Kingdom are so popular. Yes, there’s a lot to be said about history and legacy, and the establishment of these entities into the hearts and minds of the fans. Because these sports are accepted by the mainstream, we naturally have high expectations. It is more difficult to have a team dynasty in these top sports because of the competitiveness found. To get ahead, they must work harder, which is only fair, if you ask me.

Back in the early days of vaping competitions, it was not uncommon to see the same few faces over and over. Cloud chasing wasn’t exactly “a thing” yet, because vaping itself was just getting started. Back then, the competition was really in name only. Blow a few O-rings, and let out a big plume of vapor and winning was almost guaranteed.

Cloud Chasing Competitions

Now days, it’s a very different story. Because we live in a digital world where the establishment of anything analog-based is challenged, more people are tuned in and turning on. Cloud chasing as a legitimate, professional event isn’t as crazy as it sounds to outsiders. It’s not that the current generation has rejected all traditional activities. It just means that they are pushing their boundaries, enhancing what is possible through the channels of technology. In reality, vaping competitions are behind other “niche” industries, and therefore, they have a lot of catching up to do. That’s part of what makes it all so exciting, because they’re making up for lost time in leaps and bounds!

One of the remarkable things about vaping competitions is that within the top-tier events, there are multiple gradations. Those that have established themselves as consistent winners in the lower and middle echelons of elite vaporizer competitions can move up to the biggest stage.

Next Generation

Many of the today’s leading vaping competitions are hybrid events, bringing together cloud gazers, competitors, manufacturers and even partners from different industries. Attendees come to vaping events not only to see the stars of the sector, but to learn from different sources.

No major competition would be complete without corporate booths, which advertise their latest innovations. Here, guests can learn about new products before they hit the retail floor. Sponsored teams are also on tap, interacting with attendees and providing insights to important subject matters such as new tricks or e-device maintenance. As with any exposition, there is no shortage of eye-candy and interactive events. And Medusa Juice is proud to be right at the forefront.

The most striking component of cloud chasing competitions, and the reason why they’re the wave of the future, is its diverse identity. Sample any video or photo gallery of major vaping events. I doubt that you cannot pinpoint a specific demographic as being the face of vaping. Yes, vaping tends to attract a younger crowd, but that can be said for virtually any activity. It’s part of life. But we must also mention that there are a lot of older people who vape and who enjoy the competitions, so vaping enthusiasts really do represent every age group.

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