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Batteries Are Important

There have been dramatic changes in the world over the past few years. Nowhere is this more true than in the Vape Industry. Trying to compare vaporizers to cigarettes any longer would be sad. If you were determined to go through with it, you could go back to the late 1990s to early 2000s, when Big Tobacco had the clear advantage. But that was when vaporizers were in their infancy, and had little to offer and which only a few were aware. The vaporizers themselves were rather boxy affairs, usually lacking in the creative engineering department. Things have changed!

Today, vaporizers are no longer seen as a modern derivative of Big Tobacco products. Today, dedicated vaporizers are legitimately and have their very own category. There is a new parlance being used and universal terminology which developed from this unique art and discipline of vaping. Vaping burst into a subculture, one which is continually being redefined through mutual cooperation and a shared passion.

Needless to say, major cigarette firms didn’t wasted time once they got wind of this rising trend. As usual, they quickly attempted to capitalize on it. They even went so far as to introduce their brand of e-cigarettes. These were closed-system units with sealed internal workings. Such platforms deny the vaper the ability to modulate their product. So if you were itching to try a new e-juice that hit the market, you won’t want to bother with Big Tobacco’s e-cigarettes.

Big Tobacco Profits And Ecigs

By this stage of your life, I’m sure it comes as no surprise that major corporations are only interested in their profits. And that’s sad for a number of reasons. Mostly though, because it shows in the workmanship of their products. This is why so many of their products are distributed at gas station and convenience stores. True vapers wouldn’t bother consider going that route. Not because they’re snobs, for they are most definitely not, but because they value their individualism far too much.

Because many newcomers will make the mistake of assuming that all e-cigs and vaporizers are the same, information is paramount. Like I mentioned earlier, you cannot experiment with different flavors on a closed-system e-cigarette platform. You’re severely limited before you even start. Which is tragic, since one of the biggest incentives for switching to vaporizers is the amazing array of e-liquids. From natural fruit flavors down to traditional nicotine (tobacco) offerings, every option imaginable is available at leading vaping retailers and distributors like Medusa Juice.

You’ve probably noticed that some e-cigs are disposable. These have a preset number of draws which you can take, and when the fluid is gone, you’re left with something you have to discard. Don’t get me started on litter and our seeming inability to care for the planet we live on. Because these types of ‘vaporizers’ are disposable, they are not that different from cigarettes. Which means that they are not good for our environment. Now, we are talking about Big Tobacco firms, and we know they don’t care about anything other than profits.

Whereas by contrast, the vaporizer industry is a totally different animal with a unique and refreshing mindset. While emitting plumes may look identical to outsiders, the reality is that vaporizers are cleaner, safer, and produce a totally different cloud emission from that of cigarettes. Vaping clouds actually smell nice, especially the flavoured e-liquids like fruits, etc.

An additional perk of the vaporizer’s open-system unit is that nearly everything is able to be adjusted and modified. So, along with the vast richness of countless e-juice flavors, there’s a slew of technical tweaks that can be applied as well. It boils down to this, e-liquids produce the biggest difference in taste, technical adjustments have the biggest impact on your vaping experience.

Because vaping requires an outside power source, you could easily say that the battery is the most important component of your portable vaporizer.

Let’s Look At The Battery

Let’s look at it this way. Pretend that you’re in one of those snore-fest corporate meetings. You’ve been sat there, listening to the vice president of operations drone on about efficiency metrics and other equally boring things. The meeting should have only taken fifteen to twenty minutes, but it’s been over an hour.

Then, at long last, the VP has shown his final slide. Your heart is racing because you have a few precious minutes before you have to get on conference call. So, ducking out the back door, you make a bee-line to some private outdoor space. There, you reach into your pocket, and take out your trusty vape pen. You’ve probably been dreaming about this from the moment the VP opened his mouth. As you hit the power button, the anticipation reaches a new level and then nothing happens. .

Everyone has had it happen before. Thankfully, there are very few things in our everyday lives as frustrating. But the painful truth is this, we don’t realize or appreciate the small details until they rear their ugly heads. This is why, when it comes to buying a vaporizer, you can’t just look at the aesthetics. Yep, good looks are important, but looks won’t fire up your vape pen. Trust me, I’ve tried.

So, while all vaporizers are not the same, not all batteries are the same, either. The biggest difference will be in the capacity. There are some batteries which simply last longer, or are better suited for a particular vaping platform. Whereas, In other cases, the difference is quite substantial. The choice between an external and an internal system will significantly impact the practical usage of your vaporizer. So you will want to consider this when you’re looking into equipment.

As a general rule of thumb, were I to suggest one thing, it would be to buy the best batteries that you can afford for your system. All in all, we’re just talking about a few bucks. Skipping a Starbucks visit every now and then will quickly make up for the extra cost. Whereas the return on that premium purchase could be immeasurable.

So, it’s not just a matter of saving yourself from undesirable circumstances. Batteries and battery systems have a direct impact on total capacity, downtime usage (or non-usage), and vaping functions. Batteries can be an overlooked item at the point-of-sale. Hopefully, though, this article can help convince you of its vital importance.

External Battery Device

If you’re always on the go, or maybe you take long haul trips, then the choice of the external battery device makes the most sense. Due to the fact that multiple batteries can be bought and charged so no matter how long you’re on the road or away from home, you’re covered. When the initial battery runs out, just grab a spare. Of course, it depends on much you want to spend, but your vaporizer capacity could be indefinite.

Some vapers go the external route for a more practical purposes. If the battery dies, they simply recycle it, and get a replacement. Whereas with internal battery systems, the entire vaporizer has to be thrown away. This is one of the reasons why many mod vaporizers are fitted to be external use. Wise manufacturers know that the person buying their products consider it to be an investment, rather than simply a purchase.

There are other practical concerns too. For instance, if your vape pen goes haywire and you need to perform a hard stop, then taking out the battery is the most effective solution. This will immediately cut the vaporizer from the power source, and allow the vaper to assess the malfunction. Which is very useful. Also, if some unintended substance gets into your vaporizer, it’s easy to remove the battery, let the vaporizer air out and prevent further damage.

Even though external batteries are great, there are still disadvantages. There are certain situations which can arise where the use of external batteries may shorten its capacity. Which means that the external battery will never be quite as efficient as an internal battery, because there is an additional electrical pathway that must be introduced in order for the external platform to work.

There are aesthetical considerations to take into account as well between external and internal battery choice. I told you that an additional pathway has to be created for the external battery. This means that from a space standpoint, the external avenue is also less efficient than its internal counterpart. On the other hand, the internal system is integrated into the vaporizer. So, with a little creative engineering, manufacturers are able to produce incredibly thin and compact vaporizers armed with a highly efficient power plant.

We also need to remember that external batteries can be quite costly. Although the ability to have indefinite power capacity is available, most folks don’t have the financial soundness or the willingness to spend so much on batteries.

While circumstances such as these can be typical for vaping, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Which is another reason why Vaping is so awesome. In this situation, and many others, it’s what works best for you. While there’s no denying that that the external platform gives you the most flexibility it’s still just one choice. The Flexibility is the reason why the external route is a popular choice for vaping enthusiasts.

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