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JUUL Is Sweeping The Nation

JUUL (pronounced ‘jewel’) is an American vaping company based in California and originally a part of PAX Labs. The company is known for the Juul vaporiser device which uses nicotine salts instead of the regular or freebase nicotine used in most forms of e-liquid.
The Juul vaporiser was created by PAX Labs in 2015 using their patented nicotine salts preparation process. The JUUL company was then founded in 2017, so this innovative technology is incredibly new, even by vaping standards.
Because it is so new, the Juul vaporiser has only recently become available outside of America. Like any new vaping technology, there are already positive and negative rumours about Juul, so is this new device going to be the future of vaping or will it’s popularity be short lived?

The Juul device has seen incredible success in America and it is now available in the UK. So, what makes this innovative piece of vaping technology so different to other devices, why is it so popular and is it worth checking out?
The kits themselves are famous for their simplistic, elegant design as well as ease of use, cost effectiveness and the use of nicotine salts. All of these factors are a part of Juul’s success, but it is the nicotine salts that will be the most interesting element for most United Kingdom vapers.
Nicotine salts have only been commercially available for a few years. Nicotine salts are used in e-liquids in place of regular nicotine and produce a hit that’s closer to a cigarette experience. This similarity to cigarettes has quickly made nicotine salts popular among vapers looking to capture the taste and feel of smoking.
But Nicotine salts are not for everyone. Many will enjoy the experience as it’s more reminiscent of a traditional tobacco cigarette. But they can be stronger than expected, especially if you were a light smoker or are trying to reduce your nicotine consumption. There are a number of factors to be aware of when considering if Juul is right for you, but if you’re looking for a cigarette experience then Juul is well worth trying.

Success In The United States

While Juul might be very new to the United Kingdom at the moment, this innovative system has seen huge success in America over the last year. The sleek, simple and easy to use design of the Juul vaporiser and the use of nicotine salts in their range of juices has helped the new product stand out. Remarkably, Juul has managed to become one of the biggest names in US Vaping despite only being created a couple of years ago.
The similarity in feel to traditional tobacco cigarettes has caught many people’s attentions and now the company is hoping to expand overseas. Juul has chosen the United Kingdom as the ideal place to launch their device in Europe because of the governments supportive and progressive approach to vaping.

This could be great news for heavy smokers who have tried vaping in the past and found the hit and feel wasn’t what they were hoping for. Vaping has been shown to almost double the chances of quitting smoking, and that could improve with more smokers moving over to Juul.

JUUL Controversy

Since its creation a couple of years ago, Juul has had a couple of incidents of bad publicity in the US. This hasn’t stopped the device from becoming a huge success and may not impact how Juul performs in the United Kingdom, but let’s take a look at the incidents.
Firstly, Juul was part of an American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) investigation into it’s apparently high appeal to younger users. The idea of nicotine products being used by younger teenagers created understandable concern. Although the FDA have said that they don’t fully understand why the Juul vaporiser has become so popular with this age group.
In response, JUUL Labs have announced a large scale campaign to keep their product out of the hands of young people as well as supporting the proposal to raise the minimum vaping age in the US from 18 to 21. As vaping advertising regulations are different in Europe, it is unlikely that this incident will affect how Juul is sold and marketed in the United Kingdom.
Like regular nicotine vaping, there is also a lot of misleading information about Juul and nicotine salts. It can be difficult to figure out what’s true and what isn’t and it’s understandable that people might be concerned when their health is on the line.
Being so new and recently unheard of doesn’t help when it comes to generating rumours. But the reason that Juul has received a lot of focus is because of the way nicotine salts can be used to provide higher levels of nicotine. The smoother hit makes it easier to absorb higher levels of nicotine without realising.
While nicotine doesn’t cause harm in the same way that many of the other chemicals in cigarettes do, it is a highly addictive substance. Using nicotine as part of a nicotine replacement system has been proven to help people quit smoking, but if users increase their nicotine levels with nicotine salts then they can end up more addicted.
It is recommended that vapers are cautious when choosing the level of nicotine in their e-liquids. And while Juul’s nicotine levels are considered high in the United States, in Europe Juul’s products conform to the same standards for nicotine levels as other vape juices.

And Lastly

Juul’s innovative system and use of nicotine salts have made them a huge success in their home country of America and it looks like they’re going to be just as big in the United Kingdom. But while the Juul device and nicotine salts will appeal to many, it might not be right for everyone.
Juul has made a name for itself by creating an experience that’s closer to the feel of smoking a cigarette. If that’s something you’re interested in then give Juul a try to find out if you’re going to enjoy it as much as so many others.

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