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What’s So Different?

Despite being created just a couple of years ago, the Juul system has grown to dominate the vaping community in its home country of America. This rapid growth means that Juul currently accounts for more than seventy percent of the United States vaping market.
Juul was founded with the goal of improving the lives of smokers by giving them an alternative to cigarettes that will encourage more smokers to quit for good. They’ve gone about this with a revolutionary use of nicotine salts and temperature regulating technology to improve the vaping experience.
It looks like Juul are achieving their goal in the United States, and now they’ve chosen the United Kingdom to launch their products in Europe. Why has this new technology become so popular and is the company’s success in the United States going to carry over to the United Kingdom?

The Whys And Wherefores

One of the first things we need to think about when discussing the success of Juul is what makes their products different to what we’re used to. A big part of Juul’s success in the United States is linked to their innovative new technology that sets them apart from the competition.
The Juul atomiser, or vaporiser, has an eye-catching, simple design. The device looks like a sleek, narrow USB stick and is about the same size as a cigarette. The elegant design gives it a distinctive appearance compared to similarly sized vape pens, but behind the glossy exterior it’s the technology inside that’s the real attraction.
Nicotine salts are one of the main reasons why people are drawn to Juul. These nicotine salts are used in the same way as the regular or free-base nicotine found in other e-liquids. The big difference is that the regular vaping nicotine is less like the nicotine that occurs naturally in tobacco and nicotine salts produce a smoother hit even with higher nicotine levels.
Using nicotine salts helps Juul feel more like a cigarette, delivering a larger amount of nicotine without the overpowering throat hit. As many smokers turn to vaping to satisfy their cravings and help replace cigarettes, providing an experience that’s as similar to smoking as possible has made Juul very popular.
The Juul kit is also a closed vaping system which makes it different from the majority of atomisers out there which use open vaping systems. The closed system means that there is no tank that vapers can fill with whatever juice they please. Instead Juul uses special Juul pods which slot directly into the device. This makes using Juul quick, easy and clean but does mean that Juul vapers are limited to the flavours and nicotine levels available in Juul pods instead of using any juice they choose.

The Juul Starter Kit

Let’s take a look at the Juul starter kit itself.
The size of the Juul device and the feel of the throat hit are just two of the ways that this system is similar to smoking a cigarette. The weight of the device, including the battery and a full pod of flavour is very light compared to other atomisers of a similar size. This helps the Juul feel more like a cigarette in the hand and mouth, which has also helped with the popularity of the device.
Most vaping equipment out there uses an open vaping system which allows vapers to refill their own tanks with whatever juice they like. But Juul has a closed vaping system which uses Juul pods. These pods are sealed containers available from Juul which have their own e-liquids inside with flavourings and nicotine salts.
Using a Juul pod is as simple as removing the cap from the atomiser and slotting in the pod, making the whole experience quick and clean compared to open systems. This also means that there is less customisation and choice when it comes to your vaping experience. For many of us this won’t be a problem as the flavours available in Juul pods and the unique feel of vaping with Juul will be more than enough to satisfy our needs. But for others the reduction in juice choices and customisation will be off-putting, making these pods one of the few things that might make it harder for Juul to replicate their success in the United Kingdom.

Using Juul For The First Time

Anyone who is already a vaper might find the Juul kit strange at first as the system is different to what we’re used to. Closed system vaping and nicotine salts will be new to many of us. But thankfully Juul is designed to be as easy to use as possible. So, whether you’re an experienced vaper or a newcomer, you should have no trouble getting started with Juul.
The built in battery is quick to charge, just sit the device in the USB charger, plug it in and it should be fully charged in around an hour. And checking the battery level is as simple as tapping the device to see a red, yellow or green battery indicator.
Being easy to use, with no buttons, tanks or coils to deal with is another part of Juul’s success. Plenty of vapers enjoy customising their equipment, but many just want an experience that’s quick and clean with the minimum of fuss and Juul certainly provides that.

The biggest reasons for Juul’s incredible success is the use of nicotine salts and temperature regulating technology, making the Juul experience much closer to smoking a cigarette. Providing a vaping experience that’s more like a cigarette makes Juul stand out from other vaping products and has made the devices incredibly successful in the United States.
Nicotine salts are particularly appealing to heavy smokers who might’ve found that they struggle to satisfy their cravings with regular vaping. And the more smokers who turn to vaping to help quit smoking the better. So, check out Juul and try this innovative new system for yourself if this phenomenon sounds like something you want to be a part of.

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