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JUUL’s Got Starters!

There are many reasons to take up vaping and one of the most obvious is that vaping has been proven to almost double the chances of quitting smoking for good. But for some of us the idea of vaping can seem confusing or off-putting to begin with.
Fortunately, getting into vaping isn’t as complicated or different as it might seem at first. Let’s go over some useful facts and tips to help avoid some potential problems and understand what you’re getting into.
For example, if you’re used to smoking then the inhaling technique used in most vaping is very similar, but many first time vapers experience a cough when starting. Vaping involves breathing in vaporised flavours and often nicotine which can feel different to inhaling smoke and can take a little practice to get used to.
The JUUL vaporiser device is famous for its elegant design as well as ease of use and nicotine salts. These nicotine salts allow the JUUL device to deliver higher levels of nicotine, which is absorbed into the body faster, but with a much smoother hit than regular nicotine juices.
Between the simple design and the use of nicotine salts, the JUUL device delivers an experience that is more similar to cigarettes. This has helped make JUUL one of the most popular choices among vapers in America, especially with heavy smokers looking for that familiar experience as they transition to vaping.

JUUL Starting Kit

The starter kit from JUUL is an ideal way to experience this vaping innovation for the first time. While similar in size and concept to vape pen devices, the JUUL vaporiser has a distinctive design that sets it apart.
As well as being a similar size to a cigarette, the JUUL device, including its battery and an attached flavour pod, is incredibly light compared to other vaping devices of this type. This adds to the similar feel to smoking a cigarette and makes the JUUL device comfortable and familiar to smokers looking to get into vaping.
The JUUL device also has a small light at the tip that will glow whenever a JUUL pod is inserted and whenever you draw vapour from the device. JUUL have put a lot of effort into making their device as close to a cigarette smoking experience as possible. This light is also used to indicate the battery power, simply tap the device and it will change colour depending on how high or low the charge is. Green means fully charged, yellow is half empty and red means the device needs charging.

JUUL pods

Unlike most vaping equipment, the JUUL device uses a closed vaping system which means that you can’t use other tanks or juices. Instead, JUUL users can only use JUUL pods, which are tanks already loaded with juice and ready to slot straight into the device.
This system can have advantages and disadvantages. The JUUL pods make using the device incredibly quick, easy and clean. Simply slot in a new pod when you’re ready to vape and switching between different flavours can be done in seconds. The disadvantages are that there is less customisation and you can only use the flavours available in JUUL pods which might be off putting to those who like to customise their vaping equipment. Luckily, the selection of flavours available as JUUL pods is more than enough to satisfy most vapers. And the four flavour pods that come with the JUUL Starter Kit should give you a good idea of the range the company offers.

The JUUL device might seem different to many of the vaping kits out there, especially if you’ve never used a closed vaping system before, but it’s also surprisingly simple and easy to pick up.
Unlike open vaping systems where any juice can be loaded into the tank, JUUL uses special pods which contain the flavourings and nicotine. Simply remove the cap at the end of the JUUL device and insert a JUUL pod with the flavour you want. The mouthpiece is built into the pod and can be drawn on like any other vaping device. Because JUUL can provide a smoother hit with higher levels of nicotine, be sure to start slow when using the JUUL device for the first time, or risk becoming overwhelmed.
The JUUL device has a built in battery, so you only need to worry about charging it with the USB charger that comes with the kit. Just stand the JUUL device inside the USB charger, plug it into any USB compatible plug or computer slot and it should be fully charged in an hour. Tap the device and a coloured indicator will tell you the level of charge.

In Conclusion

The JUUL starter kit is sleek, stylish and simple to use. Combine this with the innovative nicotine salts that help create an experience more like smoking a cigarette and it’s easy to see why so many have been tempted to try it.
This starter kit from JUUL might be a little different to the vaping equipment you’re used to, especially if you’ve never used a closed vaping system before. But it is designed to be easy to use and quick to pick up and while you can only use JUUL pods instead of any juice you like, they come in a wide variety of flavours.
The use of nicotine salts instead of regular nicotine gives the JUUL starter kit a smooth hit even at higher nicotine levels. This will appeal to anyone who has been a heavy smoker and is looking for a vaping experience that can satisfy those cravings as well as those of us who enjoy a smooth vape in general.

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