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Kids Are In Danger

One of the most popular pods, Juul, is a favourite of teen vapers., Juul resembles a small flash drive, so it’s easy to transport and use. (Yes, easy to conceal as well.)
If you suspect your teenager may be vaping, some signs to look for are increased thirst, irritability, nosebleeds, and restlessness. Well, hell, most of that is normal in a teenager!
However, you may begin to find unfamiliar USB cables, batteries, or chargers. Along with empty pods, or other vaping devices then it’s a pretty good bet that your kid is vaping.

Younger people today are generally aware of the dangers of tobacco products. Their effect on long-term health is well-documented and widely accepted. Cigarette smoking among youth is low, anti-smoking advocacy is high. Teens are continually disinterested in what they now know to be a smelly, disgusting, and very unhealthy habit. In its stead, however, a new contender has taken up the mantle of luring adolescents into a similar, yet highly modernized version of smoking.


When used correctly, electronic cigarettes serve as a useful method of nicotine replacement therapy for adult smokers who are trying to stop smoking..
Unfortunately, unlike cigarettes, ENDS (electronic nicotine delivery systems) are easily concealed and used without being detected. They also have the advantage of mixing highly-addictive nicotine with familiar and enjoyable flavours, like candy and desserts. This has led to pod vapes becoming a trend among young people which, in turn, is causing problems with nicotine addiction.

Most manufacturers are being trying to be responsible and responding to the problem. They’re reminding the public that their technology is not for underage users, and that their products are not novelty consumer items.

Kids are often unaware and dismissive of the dangers pod vapes pose or the effects of vaping in general. We cannot expect manufacturers or retailers to address or be responsible for teen vape use. We as parents must work with teachers and other informed adults to arm ourselves with knowledge and be aware and vigilant.

As We Grow

Throughout our entire lives, our bodies change and evolve. Tissues, bodily functions, and organs develop and alter over the course of our entire lives. The human brain is the last organ to fully mature. At adolescence, the mind learns through trial-and-error in much the same way a baby learns not to touch the stove because it’s hot. In general, young people learn more quickly and retain information better than adults. Neurologists have said that it is possible for a person to change their IQ during the teenage years.

Unfortunately, children are also more susceptible to addiction due to their developing internal circuitry. Neural pathways expand and are cut effectively throughout our whole maturing phase to determine how our brains function for the rest of our lives. The prefrontal cortex, which is the part responsible for reasoning and self-control develops last. This is why some experts claim that youth e-cigarette use could potentially lead to dependency on nicotine, which could eventually result in them switching to traditional cigarettes.


You can understand then, why young people under twenty are most prone to peer pressure and can easily develop dependencies on harmful substances. Once these substances are in a teen’s system, addictive chemicals rewire the mind. Alcohol, narcotics, nicotine, and even caffeine can easily control these functions, and therefore, can cause long-lasting, harmful effects.
The effect of Nicotine

Nicotine studies have been going on for a very long time. The loose leaf tobacco, from which nicotine is extracted, has led to contentious studies for decades. These same studies have long proved to scientists that this chemical has an adverse effect on the brain. Along with other things, reasoning and decision-making are affected. Young people who take up nicotine use, like smoking or using e-cigarettes, are at risk of slowing or damaging important brain functions, which could eventually cause problems for them as adults.

One pack of cigarettes contains approximately the same amount of nicotine as a single pod. Devices such as Juul or the Phix use a specific formula with nicotine salts that contain enough of the extract for just a few hits to equal smoking a whole cigarette. Since nicotine targets the part of the brain where pleasure is accessed, every time kids use a these devices, their reward centers are targeted, making them want to use it even more. This then can cause nicotine addiction.

Some Of The Reasons

It is quite similar to how smokers develop a long time habit of smoking cigarettes more frequently until they get to a pack or more a day. One of the risks associated with pod vapes and increased nicotine intake is that it is easier to use them. Flavored e-juices and minimal vapor make pod vapes more enjoyable than tobacco cigarettes. According to the FDA, those variables are among the top reasons why ‘Juuling’ has risen to near epidemic proportions in the United States. Pod vapes are especially popular with teenage users because they are small and unassuming. Which makes them easy to carry, easy to hide and easy to use quickly.

Over the last few years, surveys have indicated that young adults and teens in the United States use electronic cigarettes a great deal more than any other tobacco product on the market. Pod vapes, like tank mods and disposable ENDS, offer a wide range of flavours, with specific attention to sweet, fruity, and other pleasant tastes compared to regular tobacco or menthol. Better flavours naturally attract more (often younger) users, especially if those flavours are replicas of candies and desserts.

Don’t forget, vapes only emit light aerosol vapor which dissipates quickly and leaves just a hint of the fragrance of its flavor. This has made ‘juuling’ easy for young people to use in school bathrooms and classrooms.

In bathrooms, kids have been able to simply hide in a stall and take hits from their devices without the worry of being caught. They can hide it in long sleeves, blow vapor into their shirts or backpacks and anywhere anyway. A Juul kit looks similar to a USB thumb drive, making most faculty unaware of what their students even have in hand.

Regardless of where in the world we are, this is a problem. Our kids are at risk and we need to be diligent in our watchfulness.

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