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A Star Is Born

For decades now, Big Tobacco has been on the front line. They came to do battle, folks. Make no mistake about it. They were put down when the no smoking laws were enacted, but they were never totally defeated. The vaunted hallways of Big Tobacco firms are still very much encased with the riches of old money and even older conquests, I imagine that the air inside is a little stale to say the least. Where once, this was considered an unassailable industry similar to utility firms and the oil sector, traditional tobacco is now facing perhaps the biggest challenge in its history. And while the numbers may still look overwhelmingly impressive on their end, Big Tobacco is finally feeling the heat.

Electronic cigarettes, or more specifically, vaporizers, are changing the way the general public view tobacco and the broader act of smoking. Traditional cigarettes have grown to become not only a publicly known health hazard, but also as a dangerous nuisance. They are associated with pungent odors, bad breath, and other undesirable attributes. Which means that smoking has gotten itself a fairly accurate reputation. The significantly negative stereotypes linked to tobacco products are readily on display.

In direct contrast to this is the dynamic with vaping. First off, most vaporizer manufacturers pride themselves in creating portable platforms which are high on functionality and discretion. Vapers, the preferred name for people who use vaporizers, are often young, mobile, movers and shakers. They don’t need, or want all that the extra noise emanating from the public. What they want is a vaporizer that delivers clear, clean draws whenever and wherever they request.

That vaping is better than smoking is not only well known within the vaping community, but it’s now being proved by respected health organizations as well. Plus there are far more choices of flavours to appreciate. In fact, a wide array of e-juice flavors give off a very pleasant aroma, unlike their cigarette counterparts. Several companies specialize in fruit flavored e-juices and other pleasing tastes, such as dessert e-liquids. Typically, when a vaper emits plumes from these choice e-liquids, non-smokers often comment on how clean the emissions are. Unfortunately for Big Tobacco, that is something you will never hear pertaining to a normal cigarette.

These days, public perception isn’t the only reason why the old and antiquated tobacco industry is concerned. All of their accounting teams can read the financials, and they tell a tale of eventual inevitability. Like the days prior to the onset of the Great Recession, vaping was carving out a niche for itself. There were only a handful of pioneer retailers selling vaporizers and related accessories. Foot traffic was fairly light, and aggregate sales reflected this. All told, the total industry revenue in 2008 hit only $20 million. That’s different these days however.

2012 became a defining moment for the vapers and the industry. By this time, retailers and manufacturers had worked out many of the initial bugs and early kinks. Everyone was finally ready to hit the prime time. Vaping advocates took to the streets and through the use of social media, they put the work on a full-spectrum campaign to spread interest and awareness. All of their efforts paid off in full, with vaporizer sales hitting a cool $500 million. Imagine that! Which signalled incredible growth of the Vaping Industry. We here at Medusa Juice were proud to be a part of the vape industry then and we are even more so now.

A Dying Time

The momentum towards vaping and the vaping culture was too profoundly powerful to ignore. This meant that Big Tobacco firms finally started to give the vaporizer industry proper respect, but stopping them outright became an impossible task. By the following year of 2013, vape shops were sprouting like wildfire and by the end of the very next year, the industry cracked the $1 billion mark. All I can say, is Wow!

If these big companies hadn’t heard the alarm sounding earlier, it was definitely began rousing tobacco executives now. The number one problem, of course, was that the momentum had begun to snowball. There was too much kinetic energy exerted, and the only chance of stopping it was a brunt force application greater in magnitude. Which while had worked for the Big Tobacco companies before, might not do so well this time.

Because, this of course, is easier said than done. Not the least of which this is incredibly expensive, even for old money firms. Still, Big Tobacco had to do something. Even though the market capitalization of these major institutions register in the hundreds of billions, vaping threatened future cash flow in a huge way. Therefore, the risk wasn’t centered on the nominal pain caused by one or two years of strong sales. I mean, let’s face it, the sole billion that was generated by vaping did not go into Big Tobacco’s wallet which didn’t make them happy. But the real issue was that the one billion in sales were never likely to come back to them again. And that, my friends, hurts!

One can imagine that for the executives of these companies, this was similar to the devastation of a retiree who suddenly gets cutback on their pension. Only here, the pension was provided by unwitting subjects addicted to Big Tobacco’s offerings. When the upstart revolution that exposed the tricks of the tobacco industry came out of nowhere and in its place, provided an avenue of exercising personal liberty through autonomy. This meant that smokers were no longer tethered to their products. This new vaping industry offered a new world of possibilities, one that they were all too eager to explore.


Then this was the genesis of the vaping revolution. The technological platform is just the icing on top of the cake, a well-tailored garment that form fits the subject. But the essence of vaping is the spirit of independence and personal liberties for everyone who participates.

Big Tobacco has tried to claim it too promotes this character, but it only does so as a profit incentive. The funneling of addicted and misinformed individuals into a place where they make poor decisions for the benefit of corporate executives. On the other hand, the unique aspect of vaping is that the industry encourages the open sourcing of information and ideas. They give the dignity of informed choices to the vaper. Which, as you might expect, appeals to a great many people.

Due to this, a rapidly growing number of former smokers are turning to vaping as a viable alternative to an addictive and dangerous habit, while they are still being able to enjoy personal liberties. This is generally done through controlled exposure to nicotine flavors, eventually whittling it down to minimal usage. The ultimate goal of course is to get down to zero usage, and many former smokers do exactly that. It works and that cannot be denied. However, vaping isn’t just for tobacco smokers desiring a shift to a less harmful alternative.

Nicotine Free Juice

From the rise of the very first portable vaporizer, groups of vape users have included the ranks of non-smokers. These are usually people who have never thought about smoking a cigarette, but had their curiosity piqued by their vaping friends. As previously mentioned, vaping looks like smoking, but without the nasty side effects that comes from traditional tobacco products.

We should mention while we’re here that there is also a controversial trend of teens who have gravitated towards vaporizers. While the entire vaping industry is committed to following all the laws and mandates of the land, and would never encourage underage use of any platform, there is one positive thing to remember. Vaporizers are not addictive devices. They are merely the channels by which the user draws from their flavors. However harmful or harmless the vaporizer is depends on the vaper. Medusa Juice will not ever encourage minors to use vaping for any reason. We follow all laws which regulate our industry and always will.

Although, I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on the words of a teenager, because we should all be open to the fact that not all vapers use nicotine in their vaping devices. I quite often use 0mg nicotine e-liquids just because I enjoy the flavour of the juice. Many others also find pleasure and enjoyment with the myriad of e-juices that are nicotine-free. We know that the science is very clear on the matter, nicotine is an obnoxious substance and will interfere unfavorably with e-liquids. Therefore, it’s only in the best interest of the vaper to kick their nicotine addiction as soon as possible.

Vaping Vs Smoking

It stands to reason that those who have never smoked before can not only find enjoyment with vaporizers that are on par with the experience of former smokers, but also, they are better suited to extract the vaping’s true potential. Because nicotine is an undesirable substance in the vaporizer platform, non-smokers have the advantage of not having to deal with nicotine withdrawals and thus, the usage of nicotine e-juices is pure and unadulterated.

There is also another advantage for non-smokers, and is that vaping isn’t associated with the serious health complications which often arise from long term smoking. We’ve all seen the disturbing commercials of those who have smoked traditional cigarettes for decades on end. New vapers can enter into the world of vaping sure of the fact that they don’t have to suffer the health repercussions of nicotine-based products.

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