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Ring In The New Year

So, now it’s 2019 and most of the celebrations are done for awhile, and maybe you’re thinking about trying to quit smoking. Quitting smoking isn’t easy, or at least it wasn’t for me. But you do have the advantage today that many others did not, which is that you can vape! Trust me, this will make it so much easier to give up the smoking habit, you will wonder why you haven’t tried it before.
Maybe you were waiting to make sure it was a safe alternative. Well, it’s been proven time and time again to be safer, cleaner, cheaper and healthier than smoking, so really you don’t have any excuse NOT to try it.
I smoked a pack or more menthol cigarettes daily for forty-five years. I smoked a pack or more a day, every day, three hundred sixty-five days a year. I can’t bear to think of the money it cost, but I can tell you that since I quit, I have been able to worry a whole lot less about money in general. I’m gonna assume that it wasn’t easy for most of us who have tried to quit.
As you may know, there have been several methods for helping smokers to quit over the years. Everything from nicotine patches, nicotine gum, pills, hypnotism, counseling, and the dreaded cold turkey. I can honestly say that I have tried all of them at one time or another. Did any of them work for me? I’m sorry to say that they did not. Also, each time I tried something different, I was beset upon the particular side effects each one produced and the feeling of failure which too often follows and is every bit as counterproductive to your goal, as those people who continue smoking around you.

Break Out The New You

The first thing I remember trying was Nicorette, an anti-smoking gum. When I first tried it years ago, there was only one flavour, which sucked! But now there are a few more options. It came in different strengths and still does. The premise behind it Nicorette and all stop-smoking gums are that whenever you have a craving, you chew a piece of nicotine infused gum for thirty minutes or so throughout the day to help wean you off of cigarettes eventually. You are supposed to gradually reduce the number of pieces you chew daily as well as using lower strengths as you go along, until you are able to wean yourself completely. Well, to me, that was a total waste of time and money, because it didn’t work for me at all.
Later the nicotine patches came along. Once again you can choose from different strengths and gradually try to wean your way off of cigarettes, while still giving your body the nicotine it so badly craves. I do know people who have managed to quit using patches and gum, but neither of these methods worked for me and they may not for you either. Of course, they might, we’re all different.
Just to show you how frustrated I was, I even tried hypnotism.. This is where you go to someone, either alone or in groups and have them hynotise you and while you’re under their persuasion, they convince you to give up smoking. Yeah, exactly. If you want to try this method, I will keep good thoughts for you and did I mention that I have some Florida swamp land for sale cheap?

You Can Do It

Along with the aforementioned methods, there are also a few different medications in tablet (capsule – pill) form that you can take. The National Health Service also offers counseling sessions and group meetings to assist you with this method. I did a bit better with this method, but in the end, I continued smoking cigarettes. Also, the pills often made me quite nauseous.
The nicotine from patches, gum and so on is released into your system much more slowly and in a different way than nicotine from a cigarette. All of these are nicotine replacement therapies, but the truth is, most people want to do away with nicotine too at some point.
Then Vaping came along and it was spreading like wildfire! I decided to try it because for the first time, it seemed to me to give me choices. Lots and lots of choices and truly put the control in my hands.
So, yes, I experimented a bit and truthfully, for me, that was what called me back to make a serious attempt to quit smoking cigarettes forever. All those flavours with so many different methods of vaping. Nicotine free or different levels of nicotine in any flavour you can imagine. I opted to use the tobacco flavoured vapes first because their flavour , or at least this was my reasoning, tastes most like what I was used to in cigarettes. Now it didn’t happen over night for me, like it most assuredly has for countless others, but then I’m stubborn and I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really ready to quit at first. So, I played around a bit, trying different flavours and nicotine strengths. I have experimented with both high VG and PG, which one did I prefer? The choice to try different e-liquids, strengths and that it was so much safer and cheaper than smoking was alluring. Like a siren, it called to me time and time again and I became Odysseus, I could not resist their song. I’m glad of that now, because I no longer smoke. And the thing that surprises me most of all is just how incredibly easy it was. One minute I was smoking a pack a day and going into horrible fits if I didn’t smoke and the next, I honestly didn’t even think about them. I was then able to wean out nicotine and use e-liquids because I loved the taste rather than a tool. I now try all sorts of new flavours, take my vape pen everywhere and I am proud to have quit smoking.

Start As You Mean To Go On

Here in 2019, I no longer feel like a failure who could not control her cravings and was a slave to tobacco. In fact, I feel more in control of my life than ever and wish I had done this years ago.
Maybe it’s time for you to consider vaping, I cannot recommend it highly enough. Not only for smokers who want to quit, but maybe you just want to enjoy great flavours of fabulous desserts and candy without the calories. Or your favourite breakfast food is calling your name in the middle of the night. Now you can have all of the sumptuous goodies via e-liquid and without the weight gain.
You don’t have wait forty-five years to kick the bad habit of smoking. You can beat that addiction right now with vaping. Let 2019 be your best year to date, quit smoking and free yourself from the habit for good.

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