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Closed Vs. Open Systems

Vaping equipment can be divided into two categories, open vaping and closed vaping systems. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages and will appeal more to different vapers.
Open vaping systems are the more traditional form of vaping that the majority of vapers in the United Kingdom will be familiar with. Open systems have a juice tank that can be opened and refilled by pouring in new e-liquid as needed. This can be fiddly, messy and time consuming, but generally allows for more choice when it comes to flavours and the freedom to customise equipment and experience.
Closed vaping systems, like pod vapes, have only started to become popular in the United Kingdom over the last couple of years. With closed systems, the juice tank is sealed and instead of refilling it, vapers swap out the entire tank, or pod, for a new one. This is quicker and simpler than open systems, but at the moment there are fewer choices when it comes to e-liquid flavours and they can’t be modded or customised in the same way as open systems.

Open Vape Systems

Like closed vaping systems, open systems use a heating coil or mesh to vaporise e-liquid from a tank. The main difference is that the tank and other components of an open system can be accessed to be refilled or replaced by the vaper.
Open vaping systems are more versatile when it comes to juice options and customisation.

Advantages of open vaping systems

There are a huge variety of juices to choose from as open vaping systems allow vapers to fill the tank with whatever e-liquid they like. Some devices will be set up to work better with different levels of VG or PG, but in general open vaping systems have a lot more options when it comes to juices.
Vape companies have put a lot of effort into developing a wide range of flavours, from familiar tobacco to something more exotic or sweet. These e-liquids also come in a variety of nicotine levels, making it easier for vapers to choose the amount they’re using.
Open vaping systems are also easier to modify or customise with variable voltages and more options when it comes to coil resistance and wicking material. Some devices are specially designed with modders in mind, allowing vapers to customise their vaping experience however they please.

Disadvantages of open vaping systems

Open vaping systems are usually more complicated and messy. Opening and refilling the tank can lead to spillages and is more time consuming than closed vaping systems. The variety and customisation can also be daunting or off-putting to vapers who just want a quick and simple vaping experience. Compared to closed vaping systems which are usually sleek and small, open systems are bigger and more cumbersome.
Although they are less expensive in the long run, open vaping systems can be pricey to begin with. This can be off-putting to new vapers and is arguably one of the reasons why closed systems appeal more to younger vapers. With closed systems, the cost of new juice is higher, which is why they cost more overall, but not everyone wants to make a bigger initial investment when they’re vaping for the first time.

Closed Vape Systems

Closed Vaping systems have all the same components and use the same principals as open systems. The biggest difference is that the e-liquid comes in a sealed pod and the mouthpiece is built into the same, replaceable pod.
Vapers only have to remove one pod and insert a fresh one whenever they change juices instead of opening a tank and pouring in e-liquid.
Closed vaping systems are designed to be sleek, small and easy to use. The pods come in a variety of flavours and nicotine strengths, although there is currently much less variety than refillable e-liquids for open vaping.

Advantages of closed vaping systems

Closed systems are quick, easy and clean. They’ve been designed so that vapers can plug in a new flavour and dispose of the old one with no mess or fuss. This means that you can switch e-liquids in seconds and start vaping faster without the risk of spillages or the hassle of fiddling with equipment.
The vaping experience will vary between different brands of vape pod. But vape pod kits are generally small and light, making them discreet as well as simple to use.

Disadvantages of closed vaping systems

Closed vaping systems have limited options compared to open vaping systems. While pods come in a variety of flavours and nicotine strengths, there isn’t the same range to choose from. Vape pods also make customisation harder, which will be off-putting to modders or anyone who prefers to adjust their own settings to optimise the vaping experience.
Pods are also more expensive than refills for open vaping systems and this cost can mount up if you vape regularly. Closed vaping systems also create more waste, the same principle that makes them quick and simple to use also means that there is more to throw away when you’re finished with your pod.
One of the reasons the FDA in America is getting so aggressive with vaping is the popularity of closed vaping systems among teenagers in the United States.


The decision between open and closed vaping systems is a matter of personal choice. Whether you’ll prefer closed vaping over open vaping depends on how much you want the vaping experience to be quick and easy, or customisable and varied.
If you’re looking for a quick and simple vaping system that’s lightweight and easy to use, then closed vaping systems are ideal. They’re convenient and produce an experience that’s familiar to anyone who’s smoked.
But if you like the wider variety of e-liquids available for open vaping systems, or you like to customise your vaping experience, then open vaping will appeal more. Open vaping has more flavours and customisation options which allows for more variety and freedom to mod.

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