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Are Pods For You?

Vaping has been evolving since the very beginning and the rise of vape pods is one of many innovations that have recently become available. But what are vape pods? How do they work? And are they something everyone should try?
To put it simply, vape pods, or pod mods as they’re sometimes known, are a type of closed vaping system. Instead of pouring juice into a tank like the more common, open vaping systems, closed systems keep the e-liquid in a self-contained pod. When you run out of juice or want to change flavours all you need to do is remove the old pod from your atomiser and insert a new one.
Closed vaping has been around for years, but these latest vape pods are an improved system designed to make vaping as quick, simple and clean as possible.
This simplicity has appealed to many vapers and vape pods are quickly growing in popularity. So, what do we need to know about this new phenomenon and is it worth checking out?

Pod Pros And Cons

Vape pod systems tend to be similar in size to vape-pens while promoting themselves as easy to use but still powerful. The pods themselves come in a variety of flavours and nicotine strengths, although there is currently less variety than refillable e-liquids.
Most vapers in the United Kingdom will be used to open system vaping where you refill the tank yourself by pouring the new e-liquid in. With vape pods the e-liquid comes in a sealed pod and vapers only have to remove one pod and insert a fresh one whenever they change juices. This makes pods cleaner and simpler to use which is ideal for anyone who wants the vaping experience to be as easy and quick as possible.
Because of their self-contained design, vape pods aren’t customisable like traditional vaping systems. Instead the power, airflow and so on are set by the manufacturer, making them even simpler to use.
Most vape pods don’t use a button to trigger heating the juice, instead they activate when vapers draw on the mouthpiece, like a cigarette. Feeling similar to a cigarette is something that many vapers will appreciate and this simple design also reduces the risk of accidentally triggering your atomiser.
While vape pods can be great for some vapers, they’re not for everyone.

Advantages and disadvantages to pods

Vape pods are quick, easy and clean. Most vapers will be very aware of how tricky refilling your tank can be while out and about but with vape pods, vapers simply slot in a new pod whenever they run out or want to switch flavours. This means that you can switch e-liquids in seconds and start vaping faster without the risk of spillages or the hassle of fiddling with equipment.
The vaping experience will vary between different brands of vape pod, so vapers might want to experiment or read reviews before picking a pod mod. But vape pod kits are generally small and light, making them discreet as well as simple to use.
On the other hand, vape pods have limited options compared to open vaping systems. While pods come in a variety of flavours and nicotine strengths, there isn’t the same range to choose from. Vape pods also make customisation harder, which will be off putting to modders or anyone who prefers to adjust their own settings to optimise the vaping experience.

Try Or Pass Them By?

Vape pods are a wonderful innovation that will appeal to many vapers, but they’re not right for everyone. To put it simply, whether you’ll like vape pods depends on how much you want your vaping experience to be quick and easy, or customisable and varied.
If you’re looking for a quick and simple vaping system that’s lightweight, easy to use and has a similar feel to a cigarette, then vape pods are ideal. They’re convenient and produce an experience that’s familiar to anyone who’s smoked.
But if you like the wider variety of e-liquids available for open vaping systems, or you like to customise your vaping experience, then vape pods will leave you wanting more.

Innovation, choice and vaping

Vape pods might not be right for everyone, but they will be appealing to many vapers and are a great example of how innovative the vaping industry can be.
Vaping has come a long way since the first, basic kits were introduced just over a decade ago. Since then vaping has evolved, giving us a huge range of options. Today we can choose from elaborate equipment that allows vapers to customise every aspect of the vaping experience, to quick and clean vape pods that make vaping as easy and simple as possible.
This choice helps make vaping more accessible, which is great news as most people turn to vaping to help them quit smoking. Vaping has been proven to almost double the chances of quitting cigarettes for good and innovations like vape pods can make that transition easier.
Vape pods are quick, easy to use and have a similar feel to smoking which is exactly what many smokers are looking for when it comes to a healthier alternative to help them quit.

Wave Of The Future

Although closed vaping systems have been around for a while, the latest vape pods make it even quicker, easier and simpler to vape.
Unlike the open vaping systems that most United Kingdom vapers are used to, vape pods aren’t refilled by pouring e-liquid into the tank. Instead vapers remove the old pod and insert a new one whenever they’re empty or want to change flavours. Vape pod mods are also generally small, light and discreet which appeals to a lot of vapers.
If you’re looking for a vaping experience that’s as simple and hassle-free as possible then vape pods are well worth checking out. But if you find the number of flavours and reduced customisation a problem then you’ll be better off sticking with the more established vaping systems.

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