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News Flash!

We have important news for the Vape industry here in the United Kingdom. The Independent British Vape Trade Association (IBVTA) has welcomed a new report by the Royal Society for Public Health which measure the healthiness of shops on the high street.

The RSPH have developed their own richter scale of health that they use to rank the impact of different outlets on the health of the public and the potential cumulative effect these outlets could have on a local area’s population. After that, they ranked high streets in terms of the ten ”healthiest” and ”unhealthiest” in the United Kingdom, as well as in shops in the capital city of London.

According to the latest report, which states ‘’As vape shops contribute heavily to the public profile of e-cigarettes, they are ideally placed to play a central role in their promotion toward smokers who want to quit but have not yet tried vaping. This is important because, although it is by some distance the most popular quitting method, there remains much misunderstanding around the relative harms of vaping. Only 17% of the public (and 25% of smokers) correctly believe that e-cigarettes are a lot less harmful than smoking.’’ And it is!

There were also a number of recommendations contained in the report which the IBVTA welcomed. The RSPH also made specific mention of vape shops ensuring all customers who smoke be aware of their local stop smoking service. They call on Facebook and Google to provide discounted advertising opportunities to local, independent health-promoting businesses. And that Councils set differential rent classes for tenants based on how health-promoting their business offer is.

Looking To The Future

From day one, we have always argued that vape shops are one of the few signs of positive growth on high streets throughout the entire United Kingdom. Also, these shops are providing jobs and paying business rates, as well as other taxes. Therefore, they are provide the valuable service of helping people switch from smoking to a significantly less harmful alternative.

IBVTA Chief Executive Gillian Golden responded to the report when she said, ‘’The high street vape shop is now firmly at the front line in getting smokers off smoking by switching them to vaping, so we warmly welcome the positive ranking that the RSPH places on vape shops in their report. We would also echo their calls for better supports for vape businesses from councils. However, strict advertising rules prevent the full promotion of vaping which could yield even better public health results, if only it were possible to utilise social media and other traditional advertising outlets.’’

We also have Ian Green of Southampton Vaping Centre and Chair of the IBVTA Vendors Committee who said, ‘’Vape shops partnering with local stop smoking services is something which many of our members already do, however there are still some services which have not yet embraced the evidence on vaping. Hopefully the RSPH report goes some way to rectifying the misperceptions that exist about these products.’’

While vaping continues to get good press, and the number of quit smoking because of it continues to increase, let us go forward into the future, healthier, happier and with full hearts.

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