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Smoker Distrust

According to several different polls, it would appear that there are still about a quarter of present smokers who insist they will not try vaping as an alternative to smoking, believe it or not. This surprises me, who would have said it was impossible to quit smoking so easily and healthily. But purely because these other smokers don’t feel that they can trust vaping, they won’t even give it a try.

Many of the 25% still believe that vaping is just as bad for you as smoking, or worse. Forget that there have been numerous fact-based public health campaigns, doctors advice, researches and more. They simply won’t budge. Which is a total shame because I’m a pretty stubborn fifty-seven year old woman and I took the chance and have never been happier about one of my decisions.

One research shows the results of a study done which included eight hundred and forty-four smokers and one thousand, one hundred and fifty-six ex-smokers. The study was commissioned by Yorkshire Cancer Research, and they found that on average a smoker, smoking for twenty-two years, will have been smoking twelve cigarettes a day.

Now simply from a cost point-of-view alone, that amounts to an substantial amount of money. While smoking is prohibitive, the study noted that if smokers switched to vaping they could save as much as £338 per year on average.

What Makes It So Difficult

Despite this and all of the public awareness about the damaging effects of smoking the researchers still found an element of distrust which led to so many stating that they would not consider e cigarettes instead.

And while everyone is entitled to their own opinion, it is worth us taking the time to think about where these opinions come from, especially if there is misinformation behind a great deal of them.
It may be that to some people, smoking is something their parents did or perhaps even their grandparents. They may not be in a social group that smoke. Maybe they live in an area with a high number of smokers. Because people have always been around smokers does not make it any better of an idea.
For instance, lead paint was always used in houses and asbestos in building works, but we all know how that has turned out. It does show however that there are a number of reasons why people might be determined to stick with their smoking habit.

You won’t be shocked by the fact that on occasion newspapers, online and TV reporting has sometimes exaggerated a point or downright fibbed in order to gain ratings and or readers.
Things such as clickbait are a scourge upon our lives these days and are infamous for sharing fake news.


Stories about e-Cigarettes blowing up make great headlines, but they rarely tell the whole truth. For example, they fail to report that the reason it “blew up” is that it was being used in a way that does not match the instructions given by the manufacturer.

While the vaping community can’t stop these types of articles. What we can do is work hard to spread the truth about vaping from verified and reputable sources so that there is more than one side to these stories out there.

One of the most reliable sources out there, Public Health England, has made it very clear that they do not find vaping harmful. In fact, the 2018 Public Health England vaping review announced that they officially consider vaping to be at least 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. Just take a moment to consider that. Public Health England are keen to advocate for the use of e-cigarettes as an official cessation method and device. This is something they hope they will be able to get the government to push through.

Hope For The Future

Public Health England are not the only reliable organisation to approve of vaping and e-cigarettes. National Health Service, trusts, scientists, researchers, some Members of Parliament, and many other health-orientated charities, such as Cancer Research United Kingdom, are encouraging smokers to give up smoking by switching to vaping. Especially if not switching means that they remain a smoker. Needless to say, any and all of these organisations will have done their homework before urging the public to consider switching from tobacco to vapour.

I am surprised and I find it worrying that so many smokers are still so suspicious of vaping and are genuinely so reluctant to switch over to e-cigarettes. This could mean that some smokers who want to quit smoking for health reasons or any other reasons, may not as likely to use other methods of giving up either. Methods such as Nicotine Replacement Therapy may not have worked for them. Thus causing them to feel even less inclined to try vaping. Despite the fact that it might be that vaping is the key to helping them give up smoking successfully. If they aren’t willing to try to quit for any of the reasons above, or their own, they cannot enjoy the benefits.

We must also remember that an adult smoker does not need or want to be lectured to about quitting smoking, vaping or anything else. The fact that a quarter of smokers are so suspicious of vaping is unfortunate, but the best way to help is to simply share articles like these and support public health campaigns and moves toward making vaping more accessible. Set a good example and they’ll come round.

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