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Since 1990

The World Health Organisation made a recommendation in 1990 that snuff be banned in the United Kingdom. Snuff, or Snus, which is the Swedish name for it, is a moist, smokeless tobacco product. It’s very popular in Scandinavia, snus is sold in little prepackaged white pouches, which are commonly put underneath the upper lip. It’s also very popular in the United States and as is ‘chew’ or dipping tobacco, which is a tobacco that users chew and then spit out. Unlike dry snuff or dipping tobacco, you don’t need to spit it out. More importantly, it doesn’t damage your lungs.

According to European Union eurostat figures, smoking rates in Sweden are the lowest in the whole of the European Union. In fact, they are half those of most European Union countries, and are three times lower than in Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary or Turkey. It’s hard to imagine that snuff doesn’t play a role in this. Is it because it doesn’t qualify as smokin? It’s interesting to see that statistics in Norway reveal that in 2017 marked the first year where 16 to 74 year-olds consumed more snuff than cigarettes.

I mean, this is a good thing, isn’t it? In relation to health issues caused by smoking especially. Because snuff is a healthier alternative to standard cigarettes. Quitting smoking is good, there’s no doubt about that and while I prefer to vape, there may be those who would prefer to use snuff, so for those and in the interest of providing information, we here at Medusa Juice inform you to the best of our abilities. When you consider that the American Council on Science and Health criticised the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its refusal to categorise snuff as a ‘modified risk tobacco product’ and to recognise its harm-reducing potential, there must be something newsworthy to look at there. They came to this conclusion because nicotine alone, much like caffeine, doesn’t cause cancer. It is the other substances in cigarettes which do.

The Era Of Vape

Therefore, In the case of e-cigarettes, the potential for harm reduction may not be fully recognised just yet, but they are still legal. Snuff, however, has been illegal in the European Union since 1992. There was an exception made for Sweden upon their accession to the bloc in 1995.

Recently, the leading Swedish snuff producer, Swedish Match, challenged the European Union’s snuff ban in front of the European Union Court of Justice (ECJ), hoping to lift it and market its product beyond Sweden. They argued that the ban was not proportional and did not recognise snuff’s potential for harm reduction. The ban was defended by counsels for the European Union Commission, the European Union Council, the European Union Parliament, Norway and the United Kingdom. Among the many arguments presented were that tobacco consumption of all kinds needs to be reduced, and that snuff could be regarded as a gateway to conventional cigarettes. While we do not have any evidence that the ‘gateway drug’ claim is legitimate, we find that it is also bizarre that European Union outlaws the gateway, while allowing the sale of cigarettes, a drug which is considered far more dangerous.

We do know that the European Union snuff ban is set to remain in place in the United Kingdom post-Brexit. Overall, the United Kingdom’s firm opposition to snuff raises a number of questions. Questions such as, if the aim of the government is to reduce the number of smokers, then shouldn’t it endorse harm-reducing products like e-cigarettes and snuff? To quit smoking entirely might be a laudable aim, but we have to recognise that it isn’t easy for everyone. If there are products out there that can lower health risks, we should embrace them, not ban them. Which is why Vaping has been so popular, because it does work and is significantly safer than smoking. The success rate of smokers who have now quit smoking because they took up vaping is nearly unbelievable. They continue to rise each year too.

Making A Difference

Health officials are now supporting it as an effective and safe stop smoking method, jails and prisons are implementing it as an alternative to smoking for prisoners and study after study shows that it is cleaner for our planet and all of its inhabitants.

Medusa Juice supports vaping as the best way to stop smoking. We can offer you a tailor-made system to make it easy to quit. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

While we don’t sell snuff products, we do have the best e-liquids available and top notched equipment to get you on the road of liberty from tobacco in no time at all. We are committed to helping people quit smoking and to help educate, incorporate and stimulate people from around the globe. Become part of the Medusa Juice family, we’re here to help you seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. We’ve all been smokers and we know that it’s one of the hardest things to do, but vaping helps make it much easier and it’s much healthier for you. Come in or call today.

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