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Stoptober is a month-long, stop smoking campaign started by Public Health England in 2012. Since its creation, Stoptober has encouraged over a million people to try giving up smoking.
The levels of support and motivation from the Stoptober campaign include a detailed app and daily emails as well as free guidance and advice. The campaign also features a supportive online community where people can share their experience and encouragement.
Research has shown that giving up smoking for 28 days makes people five times more likely to quit for good. And for many smokers the support and encouragement of a community, as well as the Stoptober app, also boost their chances of quitting. So, Stoptober is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to quit smoking.

Stoptober is part of a larger healthy living campaign from Public Health England that aims to encourage people to make small changes to improve their lives and have a healthier future. As well as stopping smoking, there is also support and advice on becoming more active as well as giving up unhealthy food and excessive drinking.
And encouragingly for the vaping community, the Stoptober campaign has started to recognise the role of vaping as an aid to quitting. Last years advertisement for Stoptober even included a vaper. Vaping has been proven to almost double the chances of quitting smoking for good, so vaping can be a useful tool for anyone planning on taking part in Stoptober or hoping to quit in general.


Vaping helps people quit smoking because vaping can be used as a form of nicotine replacement therapy, delivering the nicotine to satisfy the craving that smokers develop. Vaping also feels more like smoking than other forms of nicotine replacement therapy, which is useful to smokers who find that familiar hand-to-mouth action reassuring while they’re trying to quit.
Approximately seven million people die each year as a result of smoking related health problems, so it’s easy to see why so many want to quit. There are a lot of products on the market to help people quit smoking and different approaches and products will work better for different people. But there is no denying the fact that vaping can make a huge difference.
Vaping has a variety of other advantages that make it a useful tool for quitting smoking and even quitting nicotine completely. You can control the amount of nicotine being absorbed into the body when you vape by selecting an e-liquid with a nicotine level that’s right for you. Being able to reduce the nicotine levels over time has been shown to help vapers quit nicotine altogether. And being able to start vaping with higher levels has made it easier for heavy smokers who struggle to satisfy their craving when giving up cigarettes.


Stoptober is all about encouraging a more healthy lifestyle by helping people cut back on damaging activities like smoking. We already know that vaping has been proven to almost double the chance of quitting smoking and all the harmful chemicals involved. So, using vaping to help quit smoking is a great way to boost your chances of giving up cigarettes for October and hopefully for good.
But there are plenty of rumours out there that vaping is just as dangerous as smoking. Thankfully these rumours are inaccurate and a growing amount of research is proving that vaping is significantly safer than smoking. But these myths and misconceptions remain popular and can be off-putting to smokers who are just looking for a way to help them quit.
Research shows that vaping has no significant health risks and is around 95% safer than smoking. The ingredients used to make each e-liquid are safe and closely regulated by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency in the UK.
Smoking a cigarette produce thousands of harmful chemicals which are inhaled into the lungs and can cause health problems. These chemicals include hydrogen cyanide, formaldehyde, arsenic, ammonia, carbon monoxide, benzene and many more connected to cancer, heart disease and lung disease.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical and it can be very difficult to overcome the cravings after becoming addicted. It is advisable for non smokers to avoid using nicotine in products like vaping, but if you’re already a smoker then nicotine replacement therapies can be a great help when quitting.
Research by Public Health England has concluded that vaping doesn’t encourage people to take up smoking. So, the more people who turn to vaping, the less people are smoking which makes us all healthier and better off in the long run.

In Conclusion

Quitting smoking is a real challenge. Many people have developed their habit over years or decades so the craving for nicotine and difficulties of withdrawal can be too much. This is why a lot of research has been done into helping people quit smoking and why campaigns like Stoptober exist.
The Stoptober campaign from Public Health England is here to motivate people to give up smoking during the month of October. Research has proven that giving up smoking for 28 days makes you five times more likely to quit for good. Over a million people have already made the attempt and many more are likely to continue. Stoptober aims to achieve this goal thorough encouragement and advice as well as their useful app, daily emails and supportive community.
There are a lot of products on the market to help people quit smoking and different approaches will work better for different people. While vaping isn’t the only option available to smokers who want to quit, it has been shown to almost double the chances of quitting for good.
Take a look at the Medusa Juice store to explore our selection of e-liquids and vaping equipment. We have a huge range of flavours available as well as a variety of nicotine levels whether you need to satisfy your cravings while quitting cigarettes or cut out nicotine entirely.

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