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There have been a whole selection of great sub ohm vaping kits released recently in response to the growing popularity of this technique. A few years ago sub ohm vaping was limited to customised vaping equipment, but today we can buy vaping kits designed with sub ohm vaping in mind and experience the phenomenon ourselves.
If you’re new to sub ohm vaping or looking to get some of the details clarified then the first thing to remember is that sub ohm vaping means using vaping equipment where the coils have a resistance of less than one ohm.
The low coil resistance of sub ohm vaping increases the power output of vaping equipment to produce much more vapour, which is ideal for cloud chasers. When using modified vaping equipment this was a very specialised technique that was difficult to do safely. But with the new sub ohm kits that have been released recently sub ohm vaping is much safer and available for all to try.


Sub ohm vaping involves using vaping equipment where the coils have a resistance of less than one ohm. This creates more vapour with each hit without the drawbacks of producing excessive heat or even burning the wick which alternative methods for producing more vapour can suffer from.
Sub ohm vaping works through coil resistance. The lower the resistance of the coil, the more electrical power (or watts) can pass through it and more watts passing through the coil means more heat. Combine this heat with increased airflow and that’s how sub ohm kits produce more vapour without putting the same strain on the battery as other techniques for larger volumes of vapour.
Part of the reason sub ohm kits are now available is improvements in batteries. Until recently vapers didn’t have access to the high quality batteries that we use today, which made sub ohm vaping and cloud chasing in general more dangerous.

Pros And Cons


More vapour: The clouds of vapour produced by sub ohm vaping are far larger than those from regular vaping. While this might not appeal to everyone, it is what cloud chasers are looking for.
Flavour: This is debatable as some people say that sub ohm vaping increases the flavour while others disagree. So, it’s a matter of personal experimentation to see what’s true for you.
Stronger hit: because sub ohm vaping produces more vapour it often has a stronger throat hit. Combine this with the warmer vapour and faster rate of nicotine absorption and you’ll understand why sub ohm vaping is popular with vapers looking for a more intense experience.


Experience: Sub ohm vaping requires practice and experience and can be overwhelming for first time vapers.
Cost: Sub ohm vaping uses more e-liquid to produce fuller clouds, this means that juice is used up faster and sub ohm vapers go through more refills. High quality sub ohm vaping equipment can also be more expensive than regular vaping kits and will drain batteries faster.


The inhaling technique is one of the factors that made sub ohm vaping a more advanced form of vaping. This is still true even with the new sub ohm kits available today.
When sub ohm vaping, most vapers inhale directly into the lungs as this increases the amount of vapour taken in, leading to even bigger clouds. It also reduces throat hit which can be intense with sub ohm vaping.
Aside from inhaling directly into the lung there are other techniques used when cloud chasing to produce different result. These techniques also take time and practice to perfect.

Safety And Nicotine

When it first started to become popular, sub ohm vaping developed a reputation for being less safe than regular vaping. This is because sub ohm vaping is more demanding on your equipment and used to be exclusively for vapers who customise their own kit. As a result there was greater risk of batteries overheating and equipment failing.
Now that sub ohm kits can be bought just like regular kits the practice is much safer, just be sure to buy good quality equipment. It’s useful to remember that vaping equipment manufactured and sold in the UK must be passed by the regulatory body before it is allowed to be sold.


Another important factor to keep in mind while sub ohm vaping is the level of nicotine in your e-liquid. Sub ohm vaping uses more juice than regular vaping which means more vapour is inhaled and more nicotine is absorbed into the body. Most sub ohm vapers will use lower levels of nicotine to compensate for this increased absorption.

Sub Ohm Vaping Equipment

One example of a sub ohm vaping kit is the Target Mini Kit available in the Medusa Juice Store.
This affordable starter kit is designed for sub ohm vaping. As well as coming in a variety of colours, the Target Mini Kit also features a leak resistant, Guardian Tank and a CCELL Ceramic Coil which is long lasting and designed to provide a consistent and cool, smooth hit.
The Target Mini Kit comes with a 1400mAh battery and a 40W max output means it will last the average vaper most of the day during normal usage.


Sub ohm vaping is rapidly growing in popularity, especially now that there are sub ohm vaping kits available to buy. This has made sub ohm vaping easier to get into as well as much safer.
Sub ohm vaping isn’t for everyone, there are those who find it too taxing and showy or are put off because it uses e-liquid faster. But there are whole communities of vapers out there who enjoy this style of vaping and the large clouds it produces. Cloud chasers are the most obvious group of vapers who use sub ohm equipment and many of them have started turning this vaping technique into a competitive sport.
If you are interested in producing bigger clouds or finding out for yourself how much sub ohm vaping affects throat hit and flavour then it’s well worth getting a kit and trying it yourself.

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