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The Last Decade

It has been more than a decade since the Smoking Ban was first introduced, banning smoking in all enclosed public spaces. There have been a number of changes since then, from improved health and wellbeing to bars and restaurants becoming more pleasant for the large percentage of non-smokers.
The most noticeable change is the decline in smoking over the last ten years as millions of smokers have given up cigarettes for good. This is great news as around fifty percent of smokers will die as a result of smoking related diseases.
Another big change since the smoking ban is the rise of vaping. Whether you vape or not, there’s no denying that vaping has become much more popular in the last decade. Vaping has grown from being a new idea that a lot of people distrusted at first to a billion pound industry with millions of vapers around the United Kingdom.
The smoking ban and other health campaigns have done a lot to encourage smokers to quit and vaping is doing its part to help. Research has shown that vaping is significantly healthier than smoking and has been proven to almost double the chances of quitting cigarettes.
In addition to helping smokers quit cigarettes, vaping has also grown and developed a lot since the introduction of the smoking ban. Better equipment and more choice in vaping kits means that everyone should find it easier to get into vaping. And the increasing variety of e-liquid flavours means that there is always something new and interesting for vapers to try.

Quitting Smoking

In the eleven years since the smoking ban came into effect, millions of smokers have decided to give up smoking. While vaping is just one of the options available for people trying to quit tobacco, it has been proven to make a big difference. Smokers who try to quit using vaping are almost twice as likely to quit successfully compared to smokers who try without using vaping.
Seven million people die each year around the world as a result of smoking. It’s easy to see why so many smokers want to quit when around half will die because of smoking related illnesses. Thanks to the rise of vaping over the last decade, more people are able to give up smoking for good and live longer and healthier lives.

The health risks of vaping was something many of us worried about when vaping first started to become popular. After all, if you’re looking to give up tobacco cigarettes because of how harmful they can be, there’s no point in an alternative that’s just as dangerous. Thankfully a lot of research is being done into the health effects of vaping and the evidence shows us that vaping is significantly healthier than smoking.
Research indicates that vaping is around 95% safer than smoking. The ingredients used in e-liquids are safe and closely regulated and vaping doesn’t produce the huge range of harmful chemicals that smoking does. Some of the chemicals found in cigarette smoke include hydrogen cyanide, formaldehyde, arsenic, ammonia, carbon monoxide, benzene and many more connected to cancer, heart disease and lung disease.
Public Health England agrees that vaping is significantly safer than smoking and that it doesn’t encourage people to take up smoking. So, vaping is a great choice if you’re hoping to quit tobacco and are looking for a safer alternative that’s been proven to help people quit for good.

Misconceptions Continue

Despite the growing evidence proving them wrong, there have been many misconceptions about vaping over the last decade. You’ve probably heard many of these myths, especially if you read the comment sections on various websites. If you know some of the facts about vaping then it can be easy to see how wrong these rumours are. But for some members of the general public the myths can seem all too plausible.
The concern within the vaping community is that these misconceptions might be putting off smokers who would otherwise be trying to use vaping to help them quit. There could be thousands of smokers who want to give up cigarettes but are finding it harder than it should be because misleading rumours have discouraged them from vaping.
These misconceptions include worrying and off-putting ideas about the health effects of vaping as well as the industry being unregulated and the products unsafe. Myths like these can give vaping a bad reputation and discourage people from giving vaping a chance.
The list of misconceptions and myths is long and includes a lot of very inaccurate information. The idea that vaping is just as harmful as smoking or that vaping doesn’t help people quit have remained popular despite the huge amount of evidence proving that they are completely wrong.
Most of these rumours promote the idea that the vaping industry is some shady, snake-oil salesman who appeared out of nowhere with a terrible product. In reality the vaping industry has been around for years and is heavily regulated to ensure all vaping products are developed and manufactured to the highest quality.

The Past Ten Years

It’s been over ten years since the smoking ban and during that time a large number of people have quit smoking and taken up vaping instead. Vaping in the United Kingdom has grown from being a new idea that many of us were unsure of to a billion pound industry with millions of vapers. And this trend is likely to continue with more people using vaping to help them quit smoking.
Since the smoking ban was introduced, research has shown that vaping is significantly safer than smoking and it has been proven to almost double the chances of quitting cigarettes for good. A number of healthcare organisations like Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians have also supported the fact that vaping helps people quit smoking. So, there are more and more reasons why smokers should turn to vaping to help them quit for good.

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