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Testing Positive

I’m sure it won’t surprise you to know that CBD is now being heralded as the miracle drug. Which, of course has caused a surge in its popularity. One could argue that the reason for this is due to the fact that it has proven its ability to help reduce a range of health problems such as pain, anxiety, nausea, inflammation, and a host of other maladies. It’s only natural that people would be interested in it because of its many benefits, which it gives without causing a high or a positive result in drug testing.

Considering that CBD is a derivative compound from the cannabis plant family and THC is also derived from the same plants, a lot of people are concerned that taking CBD products will make them fail a drug test. The fact is that CBD, by itself, will not make you fail a drug test. This is simply because CBD is not tested for in drug tests. Instead, what the drug test seeks out is the amount of THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana, in your body.

Don’t Forget

Having said that, things may not be so completely cut and dried.. The two potential reasons which can make you fail a drug test, while you are using CBD, are not directly linked with the chemical itself, but are important to know if you are worried about failing a drug test.
One of the reasons why someone using CBD might fail their drug test is if the company that they are getting their CBD product from is not being honest about the level of THC in the product or they’re not testing it to make sure it doesn’t have over 0.3% THC. So you need to be careful and deal only with reputable companies. Do your homework now and in the end it will ensure things go smoothly all around.
Another reason that CBD might make you trip on a drug test is if you are using too much of the product. This is because if you take too much of any CBD product, the overall content of THC in also increases. Keep in mind that you need to consume an extremely high amount of CBD to trigger a false positive on the drug test. This too is easily avoidable by keeping the amount of CBD usage under control.
You can be sure of testing true, if you are using a CBD isolate product. These are products which only contains the CBD chemical. It has been isolated from all the other chemicals. Which means there is absolutely no risk of trace amounts of THC in your hemp oil.


Does CBD convert into THC in our body?

No. CBD does not convert into THC in the body. And although many people still wrongly believe that CBD will change into THC when consumed, and so eventually lead to a false positive in a saliva or urine drug test. There is no evidence of this anywhere and its further disproved by the lack of psychoactive high when using CBD.

In the United States where ‘weed’ is legal, some employers are foregoing their legal right to test their employees for THC. The reason for this is the fact that in most weed-friendly states, the pool of qualified employees who do not use cannabis products is on the decline. More and more employees are opting to join companies with a cannabis-friendly mentality. Marijuana poses little risk for substance abuse since it is non-addictive, and many companies have decided that this increasingly legal plant is not relevant to their drug testing efforts.
Keep in mind though, that if the company you work for takes a disciplinary action against you, then you may be required to give a urine test. In such cases, you would have to be clean from THC or you may face consequences, which is unique to the company regulations

Can I test myself?

Yes, you can use a THC rapid test dipstick.
If you are paranoid about CBD showing up in the drug test, you can check it yourself by using a THC Rapid Test Dipstick. This product can be ordered online or can be purchased from your local pharmacy. To perform the drug test, you will need to put the stick in your urine and wait for the result. It generally takes about thirty seconds to see whether you test positive or negative for the test. The test strip will show you some lines: so if you get one line in the middle then that means you have failed the drug test and there is THC in your urine.. On the other hand, if you get two lines that means you have passed and there’s no THC showing up in your urine and thus, no positive drug test. The test kit will come with instructions, follow them precisely for accurate reads.

On Closing

CBD is here to stay and as our awareness of this chemical grows, there will be more friendly policies adopted by companies toward their employees. The fact that many people often mix between CBD and THC, and consider the former as a source of getting high has been the biggest cause of the confusion in regard to the use of CBD.

You can be sure that CBD will not show up in a drug test by itself. Which means that you can take CBD for chronic pain or any other reason and still pass a drug test. So, treat yourself to this ‘miracle drug’ and feel better today. Medusa Juice has it available right now.

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