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The Big Dogs Have Spoken

As you are probably well aware, since the invention of vaping, the vape industry have stressed that the vaping platform is safer, cleaner, and all around a better choice than smoking. It hasn’t and still doesn’t have total agreement from some agencies however. Which isn’t to say that many who disbelieved earlier on haven’t found that the boasts vapers have been making for years is In fact, fact. As we have seen, scientific research has caught up and provided us with overwhelming evidence to support these early claims. Still, it wasn’t until last year that the vaporizer market received an incredible credibility boost from across the pond.

In an phenomenal reversal of their previous sentiments and widely-expressed beliefs, the American Cancer Society (ACS) released a public-health statement regarding their long-term strategy to eliminate combustible tobacco use in the United States. This is a huge deal in our world, and as usual, we here at Medusa Juice are keeping an eye out on changing legislation, information, and guidelines from all over the world.

According to the ACS, their stated tools for success are the “usual suspects,” which includes education programs and stringent, public warnings against tobacco products.

The American Cancer Society did offer a up a concession. Which is this: vaporizers, or e-cigarettes as they are better known, are accessories to aid in the cause, not impediments.

So that’s great news because this is a basically an endorsement of the vaping community and subculture, along with the rapidly rising vape-manufacturing industry. Be aware that the United States Surgeon General calls for the speedy elimination of combustible tobacco products. The high profile watch dogs are unwilling to offer any unnecessary concessions.

We must also keep in mind that private advocacy groups have in many cases shifted their attention away from traditional tobacco conglomerates and retailers, and towards the vaping industry. There has been mainstream opposition. Including big tobacco who impose their leverage against the broader vaporizer community.

However, despite these attacks, which are largely rooted in exploitational distortions of scientific evidence, the American Cancer Society has publicly stated that vaporizers can help lead the way to a combustible-tobacco free society. How awesome is that? Medusa Juice will be there every step of the way to help too.

Long Term Goals of the American Cancer Society

For those of you who may still be sitting there in total disbelief, let’s be clear about this: No, the American Cancer Society have not lost their minds. This major public-health organization is not a victim of an elaborate hoax or a high-tech onslaught.

The American Cancer Society is still the very same organization we have known throughout our lives. Since its inception, eradicating all cancer cases associated with tobacco usage and exposure is and always has been the agency’s top priority. They will not even give the hint of an endorsement, no matter how slight. So, when they come out with monumental findings such as this, you can be sure that it’s real, significant and trustworthy.

In this particular instance though, the findings present the vaporizer industry with invaluable credibility. A major factor in mainstream distrust towards the vape-manufacturing sector’s claims that they produce cleaner platforms relative to analog cigarettes. Of course, this is a matter with which everyone unanimously agrees. Therefore, education is paramount and Medusa Juice is an invaluable source to help you stay well informed and safe.

There is a critical difference in this advocacy. Because unlike other industries, vape manufacturers have always been ready to subject their products to independent, third-party review. They have done so time and time again. You might find it surprising that vape advocates aren’t frustrated with the numerous and misinformed oppositional proclamations. Not so, in fact, they use education and facts oppose false constructs of independent research and their conclusions.

Which brings us right back to the fact that this is what the American Cancer Society stated with their public disclosure back in July of 2018. They listed the incredible human costs associated with combustible tobacco products. And we all know that number was in the astronomical range! Also noted, was the prevalent discriminatory results of cigarette-marketing campaigns. No one had to tell us vapers about that, did they?
In fact, according to the American Cancer Society’s report, Americans who had less education were particularly subject to smoking. You might not have cause to know it, but higher smoking rates are found among the LGBTQ community.

Medusa Juice joins the American Cancer Society in being totally committed to ending cancer through the use of combustible tobacco. To meet this ambitious, long-term goal, the ACS and we here at Medusa Juice invite you to use vaporizer products as a means to finally quit smoking for good. We have seen millions of smokers quit using vaping and speaking for myself as one of those millions, it works!

It’s not only the vaping industry which has been positively changed by the ACS announcement. In fact, long before the ACS declared their position on traditional tobacco, tobacco companies had shifted towards ENDS, or heat-not-burn products. You’ve probably seen ads for them all over the internet and television too. It is no big secret that tobacco firms have suffered huge financial losses due to fewer Americans smoking than ever before. In order to adapt, , these traditional powerhouses have taken a lesson from new tech. The three key points of the ACS plan are as follows:

Promote Ways To Quit

Of these three key strategies that the health agency will deploy, the active promotion of cessation devices will have the greatest positive impact for the vaporizer and vaping communities. Because of their ability to simulate not only the flavours, but the action of inhaling, many Americans who currently smoke will seek these viable methods to quit smoking permanently.

Of course, the biggest problem as nearly all vaping enthusiasts can sympathize, is the addictive and seductive lure of traditional cigarettes. Smokers desperately desire to quit, yet psychologically, the combined elements of throat hit and the ever-present nicotine fix is often too much to overcome. Or so they believed. Which is where vape excels!

Finally, with the vaping revolution, people realized the practical barriers involved in the cessation journey. Their technologies assisted in achieving the greater objective: end all cancers and diseases associated with smoking forever.

We must remember that within this strategy and sentiment shift, is the recognition that combustion, not nicotine, is the culprit behind these horrific losses of life. The American Cancer Society report revealed that combusting tobacco products yields an estimated 7,000 chemicals. We know that at least seventy of those are known carcinogens. While in direct contrast, vaporizers, e-cigarettes, ENDS, and other heat-not-burn devices are designed to warm flavor elements near the burning point, but not beyond it.

Which means, and this is an extremely important point, the organic chemistry within the flavor elements are not compromised.

These combustion products have been devastating to human health in that they have forcibly and violently converted organic compounds into corrupted, inorganic matter.

The American Cancer Society is adamant about distributing accurate information, particularly when it pertains to the incredible benefits provided by vaporizer products. The health organization writes:

“public misunderstanding underscores the urgent need for consumer education about the absolute and relative risks posed by different tobacco products and to reinvigorate smokers’ understanding of the importance of quitting combustible tobacco. Whereas complete information on all the potential risks and benefits of ENDS is not yet available, there is sufficient information to allow ACS to act now with a clear focus on the primary goal of ending deadly combustible tobacco use, which is responsible for approximately a one-half million deaths per year and 30% of all cancer deaths in the United States.”

The above quote drives home just how urgent and practical the kits are that vape manufacturers provide. While it isn’t possible to know the entire spectrum of risks associated with ENDS or similar products, that’s not the point! The point is that you don’t have to know every detail which makes vaping safer than smoking, but you do need to be able to trust that the tests have been done and vaping has proved to be safer each and every time.

Other Things To Note

Other things of import and that we need to take note of are ways to prevent underage vaping. Just as with cigarettes, minors will try vaping and sneak doing it if possible. Therefore, we as a society, must be diligent.

Even though the ACS generally holds a positive view of the vaporizer community with its latest public statement, they also have clearly stated their concerns and reservations. As you might expect, chief among these, is that the sharpest criticism from anti-vaping activists is that the industry promotes underage vaping. Which, let me assure you, those of us in the community do not promote minors vaping!

All reputable vaporizer and e-juice retailers like Medusa Juice obey every single law in the books. We here at Medusa Juice would like to assure that we also go above and beyond to ensure full compliance. Our team works tirelessly to review daily any legal changes and proposals that may impact the legal aspect.

Therefore, the implication that vape shops are running amok selling vaporizers to underage people is a serious injustice to all of those companies doing the right things. We can appreciate that the prevalent criticism is something many find easy to believe. In Fact, Anti-vapers routinely accuse e-juice manufacturers of marketing products that children find attractive. Generally, their specific spiel is against candy-flavored e-liquids.

Even so, we must be careful not to confuse cause and effect. More often than not, both children and adults are attracted to the same marketing tactics. Otherwise how would so many things like movies, television shows and figurines appeal to both kids and adults?

What it boils down to is that people have choices. We can hope that they will make the right ones, but, it is not the government’s job to intervene. Although it may seem like they live to do so.

We believe that attacking candy-flavored e-liquids also opens up a new can of worms. Because it will also mean that to remain consistent, adult beverages which feature flavors that kids like must also be discontinued. Which is a direct contradiction to expressly-stated freedoms.

While the American Cancer Society hasn’t taken a direct stance against the accusations of anti-vaping activists that claim vape manufacturers intentionally market products which appeal to children. Their defence strategy has been to promote the idea of countering vaping advertisements with increased spending towards public-education campaigns. They continue to support legal initiatives and strengthening the current laws which are designed to help protect children. This will be a redundancy for most of the vaping community. Because as I have already stated, reputable vape shops stay in business by strictly adhering to the laws which govern their trade.

Alternative Tobacco Solutions

In this for the long haul, the ACS has adopted a practical approach which doesn’t overlook reality. Even more importantly for the greater discussion towards a comprehensive tobacco solution, the health agency has managed to step outside of the ambiguous territory of political waters. Instead of abiding by confirmation bias, they actually looked at the evidence regarding vaporizer-based impacts to form a fact-based decision.

Which is all that the vape industry has asked for over the years, an objective assessment of available data.

Admittedly, the distinction sounds simplistic, but the end result is where the difference becomes patently clear. The American Cancer Society is merely the latest organization to confirm what many other scientific studies have revealed. Tobacco combustion leads to toxic and carcinogenic byproduct. It’s the same reason why most people prefer not to eat overly-burnt steak. Not only does it taste bad, it possesses toxins which can lead to cancer.

While, vaping is akin to steaming your vegetables. You can enjoy rich, robust flavors without destroying key nutrients. By vaping e-liquids, enthusiasts can initiate satisfying draws without incurring the harsh blowback from combustion devices.

This new policy from the American Cancer Society will encourage reasonable innovations towards non-combustible, smoking-cessation devices. So, watch this space, because Medusa Juice will be on top of any and all news related to vaping.

As it stands, the way the law is presently enforced allows some leeway to vaping manufacturers which currently doesn’t exist for traditional tobacco companies. In order to promote healthy and fair commerce, laws and statutes must be applied consistently. That can’t happen without a comprehensive assessment of the legal framework encompassing both traditional tobacco products and next-generation vaporizers. This is and will be ongoing, but we are definitely heading the right direction.

The American Cancer Society is committed to avoiding dual usage of ENDs-like devices and analog cigarettes. The idea here is to do away with the latter while tolerating the former. However, either way you look at it, this ACS position is a distinct positive for vaporizer products and the associated manufacturing industry.

We believe that biggest takeaway here is that the ACS and the general vaping community are finally nearing the same mindset. We realize that there is still much work to be done. However, Medusa Juice customers can rejoice in the fact that the American Cancer Society is willing to investigate and report factual information and adapting their method of operations accordingly.

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