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The other day I sat thinking about all of the changes I’ve witnessed in my lifetime and how I can barely believe that we are where we are with technology, but also where we seem to have advanced in that regard and yet regressed in some others.
Don’t get me wrong, I and fifty-six years old and have seen colour Television ushered in, the invention of VCRs, Remote Controls, Microwaves, Home Computers, Computer Games, Mobile Phones, wireless this, that and the other thing. In my lifetime there was the first Moon Walk, CCTV, The Internet, The first Front Wheel Drive Car, the first and only Catholic President of the United States. Quite frankly, I could go on and on about the things that have been invented, improved, and achieved which have changed the way the entire world lives.
So, our lives these days are filled with timesaving technology, the ability to travel the world in seconds via the internet and yet, rather than helping bring the world together and give us a better understanding of different cultures and races, it seems that we are heading toward ostracising more and more people. We are closing off ourselves from human contact a little more each day. We shop online, we talk to friends and strangers online, we seek entertainment online. This is effectively making us all hermits of a sort.
This in turn seems to be giving us the ability or desire to learn and share our arts, our hearts or much of anything else it seems to me.
A few things to help improve our world that Vaping is doing is that by giving up smoking, we’re becoming healthier. We are cutting down on litter by not throwing cigarettes down on the ground. While this may seem like a small thing, it’s actually quite a big deal. Cigarette waste world over is a huge problem. Especially in places like the United Kingdom, which is an island and there’s so little land overall. So, we need to keep in mind that Vaping is impacting our world in ways that we may not think of automatically, but we should be thankful for nonetheless.
So, even if you’re not a fan of people vaping, try to keep in mind that they are helping the planet in more ways than one. By Vaping, there’s no toxic chemicals released into the air as there is with smoking. Which makes this old world a better place to be.

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