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It’s A Social Thing

Although e-cigs and vape kits were first used as an aid to help quit smoking, they have since become increasingly popular with non-smokers as well. It’s more than an alternative to smoking, it’s a social thing. People can share the same sort of camaraderie that smoking used to bring back in the old days without the health risks.
Vaping also offers so many choices. You can choose different equipment, regardless of what you’re wanting to achieve and there are so many e-liquid flavours, that I have to tell you, it’s like a candy shop, bakery, tobacco store and heaven all rolled into one!
Let’s face it, vaping is cheaper than smoking. It’s also a whole lot less dangerous, you can smoke indoors in many places and the clouds actually smell good. Unlike that of cigarettes, where the toxic fumes also stink, e-liquids are even enjoyed by people who neither smoke or vape.

A New Subculture

Vaping has become its own subculture. People get together and discuss gear, liquids, building their own coils and steeping their liquid and everything in between. New businesses are opening up which center around vape. In many of them, like Medusa juice you can go buy your favourite flavours and gear and have a nice coffee and chat with others about vaping.
Social media has become such a powerful tool and a major influence on our everyday lives that it is possible to watch the effects of new trends on anything and everything in our lives today. Vaping has been a major top on twitter for years, and just like life, it has twists and turns. One moment tweets are concentrated on using e-cigs to quit smoking, and another is about vaping for recreation and even cloud chasing competition.
It’s fascinating to me how this once ‘smoking alternative’ has taken the world by storm. Especially here in the United Kingdom where it has helped people quit smoking and stay off of cigarettes so well that the huge American tobacco company, Philip Morris, is pulling their products from the United Kingdom and they are frantically struggling to get into the vape side of things.

No Discrimination Here

You literally cannot pass a college campus or student gathering location without seeing people vaping. Huge, fragrant clouds billowing above their heads as they commune together.
But it’s not all just young people. Vaping certainly is not discriminatory. More and more people over fifty are enjoying their favourite e-liquids as they go about their lives.
I went to see the Rolling Stones recently and the crowd was comprised of teenagers to seniors mingled together for a good time with a great band. And in that crowd, people, young and old were vaping. Hell, even Ronnie Wood vapes now.
So, whatever the reason for you vaping, you, and those around you can take comfort in knowing that not only is it the best alternative to smoking, it is also just a whole lot of fun!

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