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While some atomisers and vape kits are more complicated than others, taking up vaping for the first time should be a fairly straightforward and painless experience. Many vapers are happy to pick up the basics and not worry about trying anything more advanced. After all, most of us take up vaping to help quit smoking and if keeping vaping simple helps you quit then there’s no need to worry about anything extra.
But for some vapers part of the fun and enjoyment of vaping is trying new things and learning more advanced tricks and techniques. This can take the form of being more adventurous with flavour choices or trying to get more out of their juices. For others advanced vaping means cloud chasing, sub-ohm vaping or customising their equipment and experience.
There are a variety of ways to take your vaping experience to the next level if that’s what you’re looking for and some are easier to try than others. It is worth trying different things to find out what approaches suit you best, although it might already be very obvious.
If you’re keen on producing bigger clouds then cloud chasing and sub-ohm vaping are where to go. And if you find yourself discussing juices in depth with your friend then you’ll probably be interested in becoming more of an e-liquid expert. And if you’re always wanted to improve your own vaping equipment then modding is for you.

Juice Connoisseurs

Discussing preferred flavours, brands and nicotine levels is a common practice among vapers. Perhaps you’ve discovered a great new juice that you have to tell all your friends about, or you’ve found that one of your old favourites is no longer as satisfying as it used to be. Either way, juices are a popular talking point.
With so many different flavours out there to try, there’s always something new to discover. Do you prefer to stick to flavours that you’re familiar with, or do you push yourself to try new taste sensations?
Over time most vapers will develop preferences and more detailed knowledge about their juices. First time vapers might not be sure how the PG/VG mix of their e-liquid can affect the flavour and experience, or what flavours work best with different nicotine levels. But as we become more familiar with vaping we understand these factors better and better.
In the same way some people develop a refined and detailed interest in food or drink, some people can become e-liquid connoisseurs. This might not appeal to everyone, but there are plenty of vapers out there who enjoy taking their understanding of juices to a new level.

Juice Preparation

Another way to enhance your vaping experience is by taking the time to properly take care of your juice. Little things like shaking your e-liquid before use can make a big difference as it ensures the mixture is properly blended. Otherwise you can end up with problems like the first hit lacking in flavour while the last drop has too much kick.

Storing your e-liquids out of direct sunlight also helps as exposure can reduce the nicotine intensity. Sunlight can also affect the flavour of some juices which is especially true during summer.
Steeping your e-juice is another technique that can improve the experience. This involves allowing an e-liquid to rest in a cool, dark location with the lid loosened for several days or even weeks. Depending on the ingredients, steeping can affect the flavour over time, creating a different vaping experience.

Cloud Chasing And Sub-ohm Vaping

Sub ohm vaping and cloud chasing are not the same thing, although there is a lot of overlap. Many cloud chasers use sub-ohm vaping, but there are some cloud chasers who don’t and some sub-ohm vapers who don’t identify as cloud chasers.
Sub-ohm vaping involves using vaping equipment where the coils have a resistance of less than one ohm. This creates more vapour with each hit without the drawbacks of producing excessive heat or even burning the wick which alternative methods for producing more vapour can suffer from.
The inhaling technique is one of the factors that makes sub ohm vaping a more advanced form of vaping, as well as the extra strain it can put on equipment. Most sub-ohm vapers inhale directly into the lungs as this increases the amount of vapour taken in, leading to even bigger clouds. It also reduces throat hit which can be intense with sub ohm vaping
More vapour is great for cloud chasers, but there are some vapers who focus on the extra flavour or nicotine they get using this process. While opinion is divided about whether or not sub-ohm vaping improves flavour, there are many who believe it does and the only way of knowing if sub-ohm vaping will improve your experience is to try it yourself.
Part of the appeal of cloud chasing is the ability to perform vaping tricks. There are a lot of different tricks out there, such as the dragon which involves producing four separate streams of vapour when exhaling. Learning these tricks, competing and sharing them with other vapers is part of the cloud chasing experience.

Winding Out

The techniques discussed here are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to more advanced vaping. So, if you’re looking to get more out of your vaping experience then you have plenty of options to explore.
Customising your equipment can make a big difference, but this is not without risks. Learning more about juices or taking up cloud chasing can give vapers more to discuss as well as encouraging us to try something new. And simply taking good care of our e-liquids is another way to enhance the experience.
While many will be perfectly satisfied with keeping their vaping simple, a lot of vapers enjoy the challenge, community or satisfaction of taking their vaping to another level.

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