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Vape And Hip Hop

Tobacco has been used in hip hop for decades, but in recent years vaping has become a common sight in these music videos too. Big names in Hip Hop have featured vaping products in their videos and many artists are getting into the vaping business, launching their own vape lines.
The use of vaping in hip hop and R&B music videos has increased dramatically in the last five years. With the vaping community growing as large as it has, it was only a matter of time before the phenomenon was reflected in popular media.
While some people see this as product placement from the vaping industry, it’s clear that plenty of prominent Hip Hop artists are vapers. It isn’t surprising that vaping would end up being part of the work of artists who vape, Hip Hop just happens to be one of the first places we’re seeing this happen.

Do Hip Hop artists really vape, or is the popularity of vaping in their music videos just marketing by the vaping industry? This is a common question when people first learn about vaping and Hip Hop.
The reality is that plenty of Hip Hop artists and fans are vapers. Vaping is increasingly popular around the world, particularly in the United States and United Kingdom where Hip Hop is one of the most popular genres of music. Hip Hop fans and artists are drawn to vaping for the same reason as everyone else, they want to quit smoking.
Drake might have been the first to publicly vape and many other artists have been spotted enjoying vaping. Some Hip Hop artists have even become ambassadors for vaping, promoting vaping as a way to quit smoking and using their music videos to showcase vaping products.

Artists, Vape Lines And Crit

Entrepreneurialism is nothing new in Hip Hop with plenty of artists investing in new companies or releasing their own brands of clothing, jewellery or perfume. As vaping is arguably the fastest growing industry in the world it’s no wonder famous Hip Hop artists are getting involved.
Snoop Dogg, A$AP Rocky, Wiz Khalifa and Rick Ross have all launched their own lines of vaping kits and accessories. And rappers Soulja Boy and Professor Green have produced their own e-liquid flavours. Vaping isn’t just a common sight in Hip Hop videos, it’s something that the music industry is becoming increasingly involved with.

Criticism of vaping in Hip Hop

Some are worried that the use of vaping in music videos will encourage teenagers to start vaping or that the tobacco industry is deliberately targeting teenagers through Hip Hop. A large percentage of the Hip Hop audience are teenagers and young adults and the concern is that this group could be easily swayed by seeing popular artists vaping.
Like vape advertising, there are some who believe that music videos should be regulated to prevent vaping products from becoming too prominent.

But statistics show that the number of teenagers who vape regularly has remained consistently low for years and that vaping doesn’t encourage people to take up smoking. So perhaps vaping in music videos doesn’t have the negative impact that some fear. And if seeing Hip Hop artists vaping helps smokers turn to vaping to help them quit then the popularity of vaping in Hip Hop culture could be a real benefit.

The Rise In Pop Culture

Hip Hop artists aren’t the only musicians who’ve gotten on board with the vaping phenomenon. Other artists have also featured vaping in their music videos, publicly supported vaping or released their own vaping merchandise.
The video for Lilly Allen’s ‘Hard Out Here’ features her vaping and the Foo Fighters have also featured vaping in the music video for their song ‘Run’. For some fans of Lilly Allen or the Foo Fighters this could be the first time they’ve seen vaping represented in mainstream media.
There are many artists that have used vaping to help them quit smoking. Robbie Williams, Katy Perry, Barry Manilow, Courtney Love and Paul Weller are just a few who have made the change to vaping.
Dave Navarro from Jane’s Addiction and formerly of the Red Hot Chili Peppers has talked candidly about using vaping to help quit smoking. Navarro even says that vaping saved his life by enabling him to give up smoking.

Vaping has had to deal with skepticism, misleading rumours and harsh advertising restrictions for years and it is a refreshing change to see vaping being publicly embraced.
Advertising restrictions and a lack of presence in mainstream culture has made it harder to correct the myths surrounding vaping or encourage smokers to try vaping. Hopefully vape products in popular media will raise awareness of vaping as an aid to quitting smoking.
Research has shown that vaping is significantly safer than smoking and that using vape products can almost double the chances of successfully quitting cigarettes. Making more people aware of vaping means that more people will turn to vaping to help them give up cigarettes and all the harmful chemicals involved.

It’s Here To Stay

Vaping has grown a lot since the first modern vaping products went on sale just over a decade ago. It was only a matter of time before vaping started to appear in popular media and Hip Hop happens to be the most prominent example to date.
Many Hip Hop artists are vapers and some have even released their own brands of e-liquids and vape mods.
While some people are worried that vaping in Hip Hop might encourage young people to take up a potentially addictive pastime, there hasn’t been an increase in teenagers who regularly vape. Vaping appearing in popular culture and mainstream media could be great news as more smokers could be tempted to try vaping as a way to help give up cigarettes for good.
Maybe in the future, vaping will become as common in music videos and other entertainment as it is in real life.

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