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One of the main reasons why people start vaping is to help quit smoking and the serious health risks associated with traditional tobacco cigarettes. It has already been proven that smokers who use vaping to help them quit are almost twice as likely to succeed as those who don’t. So, does this mean that vaping is cutting down cancer rates as it is helping people quit smoking which greatly increases the risk of developing cancer?

The simple answer is yes, vaping has helped cut down cancer rates. Because vaping doesn’t share the same serious health risks as smoking and because vaping has such a big impact on the number of people who smoke.

But we need to look at the issue in more detail to understand exactly how vaping has helped cut down cancer rates and to find out exactly how much difference vaping has made.

Health Risks

Around seven million people die of smoking related illnesses each year. In the UK alone around one hundred thousand people die as a result of smoking with about fifty-thousand of those deaths being caused by cancer. Tobacco products are widely regarded as the largest preventable cause of death in the world. And it is important to remember that second-hand smoke is estimated to cause more than ten thousand deaths each year in the UK with many of those being linked to cancer.

Smoking tobacco produces thousands of chemicals, many of which can cause health problems. These chemicals include hydrogen cyanide, formaldehyde, arsenic, ammonia, carbon monoxide, benzene and many more which have a strong connection to cancer as well as heart disease and lung disease.

The smoke produced by smoking tobacco also forms tar, a sticky combination of chemicals that coats the lungs. This tar contains many of the cancer-causing chemicals found in cigarette smoke and over time leads to lung damage that can cause diseases like emphysema and bronchitis as well as lung cancer.

Vaping E-liquids doesn’t create new chemicals, instead it vaporizes the chemicals already in the juice. These ingredients have been found to lack the same health risks as the chemicals found in traditional tobacco cigarettes and there is growing evidence to support these findings. The ingredients in e-liquids are mostly Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin with Acetaldehyde which are used in food production as well as nitrosamines and sometimes nicotine with the remaining chemicals making up the flavouring. These ingredients and flavourings are strictly regulated and controlled in the UK for safety.

Research and Truth

Quitting smoking

While vaping isn’t the only option available to smokers who want to quit, studies have shown that vaping is both safer than smoking and helps make quitting easier. Smokers who quit using vaping are almost twice as likely to quit successfully compared to smokers who try to quit without.

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As vaping has become more popular over the last decade, the number of people smoking has decreased dramatically. And around one and a half million people in the UK are estimated to have given up smoking as a result of vaping and that number continues to rise.

Misleading Research

There are sometimes newspaper headlines which report the results of research studies in an inaccurate and misleading way. Sometimes the results of studies are distorted into new misconceptions and sometimes the research itself is misleading.

One of these misconceptions is that vaping might cause cancer which received some dramatic headlines when it first came about. The research these headlines was based on involved exposing laboratory grown tissue to e-liquid vapour and concluded that it is possible that vaping may contribute to cancer. But the research wasn’t carried out on humans, doesn’t represent the volume of vapour the average vaper inhales and doesn’t compare vaping to smoking.

Many scientific journals and news outlets, including the NHS, have reported the results of this research without the dramatic and misleading exaggeration. And many have criticised the method and conclusions of the experiment. This research doesn’t produce a solid conclusion and also contradicts the findings of other studies. While more research needs to be done into this relatively new phenomenon, so far the majority of research shows that there is no proven link between vaping and cancer.


Cancer risks in general

It is worth remembering when discussing cancer risk that there are a lot of things in the world that can increase the risk of developing cancer. Anything from natural ageing, tobacco, radiation and sunlight can increase your risk of cancer as well as some viruses, food, drinks and even your level of exercise.

One of the reasons why smoking is so harmful is that it carries a very high risk of cancer as well as heart disease and lung disease. In fact smoking is the largest cause of cancer in the UK. As vaping has only been around for decade or so, there needs to be more research into the long term effects of vaping. But so far most of the evidence suggests that vaping is either entirely or largely free of the health risks associated with smoking.


Surveys show that around three million people have taken up vaping in the UK and more than half of that number have also given up smoking entirely. That’s one and a half million people who’ve given up the largest cause of developing cancer in the UK. As there are currently around twelve and a half million smokers in the UK, that’s more than ten percent who’ve given up thanks to vaping!

We all know how harmful smoking can be and it’s easy to see that by helping people quit smoking vaping is having a big impact on cancer rates as well as other health risks.

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