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Miss Manners Says

For those of us old enough to remember when you could smoke anywhere, it’s difficult to believe how different things are now. I mean, I can recall when doctors and everyone else smoked on television and you could smoke in hospitals. No joke. Even now I have a hard time picturing it and when reminded of those days through television or old friends reminiscing, it all seems surreal.
But then we had laws that banned smoking in many places and made it illegal to advertise tobacco on television, etc. Then, eventually, areas of certain places, such as restaurants were ‘designated’ for smoking. But this wasn’t enough for non-smokers who continued to push legislation through to ban smoking in buildings all together.
While I have always tried to be polite about smoking. Such as never smoking while someone was eating, or smoking in other people’s cars or houses if they didn’t smoke, not everyone was so considerate.
It’s basically the same sort of thing with vaping, although it’s nowhere near as harmful and really it’s more of a nuisance to people who aren’t familiar with vaping or aren’t keen about having huge clouds of Vapours in their space.
So, although it’s not dangerous to bystanders, we as responsible vapers should be aware and courteous to those around us. My husband has never smoked and when I did, he absolutely hated it. He would complain about my smoking around him, how he could smell it on my breath, and how it made everything smell bad.
He absolutely loves me vaping though. Not only does it cost less, but he enjoys the scents of the different e-liquids I use.
There isn’t an easy guideline that I can share with you, so what I will say is that if we just use common sense and courtesy as a guide, we should all do fine.

Treat Others

If there is a designated area for smoking or vaping, fantastic! Use it and again, be polite. Manners cost us nothing but can bring great reward.
If you’re in a crowded area, try to keep your clouds from overwhelming anyone in close proximity. You should apologise if you happen to blow a huge cloud in their space and hopefully, work harder to avoid that in future.
You cannot vape on public transportation. Keep that in mind. You can’t even take vape and equipment in hand luggage on planes.
Just like with smoking, if you’re unsure where you can or cannot vape, then ask. If you’re planning on travel out of the country, familiarise yourself with that country’s laws before visiting and the follow them while there. Some countries still have very stringent regulations and you can wind up in seriously hot water for not following them.
If you’re one of those lucky people who are allowed to vape at work, please remember to be thoughtful. Do not stay away from your desk or slack off on your work because you’re spending too much time in the vape area. Not only does this give all of us who vape a bad name, it’s a good way to lose your job.

Play Nice

The whole vape culture is changing the world one hit at a time and so those of us who were pioneers must continue to show the way to the late comers and to provide a positive influence for them so they don’t totally blow a gasket.
If we all use a little bit of sense and consideration, vaping will remain a fantastic pleasure for those who vape and can encourage more people to stop smoking and switch to e-cigs and liquids.
A cleaner, healthier world for us all to share can’t be a bad thing.

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