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Conventions And Festivals

Over the last ten years vaping has grown from an innovative new idea to a huge phenomenon with millions of vapers around the world. The vaping community has also grown and developed to the point where organised gatherings like vaping festivals and conventions have become popular.
Vaping has always had a strong sense of community and culture with support groups of vapers trying to give up smoking as well as modders, cloud chasers and many more who share the latest tips and tricks online and in person. So, it was only a matter of time before vapers started to organise bigger get togethers to keep up to date with the latest developments in vaping and share their experiences.
These gatherings can be a great place to meet other vapers with similar interests, passions and experiences. Festivals and conventions are also useful if you want to check out the latest innovations from vaping companies as well as seeing mods and custom equipment in person or even buy or commission some yourself.
What should you expect when visiting a vaping festival or convention for the first time? Let’s take a look at what makes vaping festivals and conventions different as well as some general advice for anyone attending.

What To Expect

These days there are vaping festivals and conventions around the world with several being held across the UK each year.
The original UK vaping festival was Vapefest which started in 2016 and involved thousands of vapers getting together to share their passion.
Since then other conventions have popped up, like Vaper Expo, UK Vapers Lifestyle Expo, London Vape Show, the Vape Collective and many more. These events are creating a whole vaping convention scene that makes it easier for vapers from anywhere in the country to take part.

What are vaping festivals and conventions like?

While every vaping event has its own tone or flavour that makes them different, there are some qualities shared by most. Different activities are held throughout the event as well as plenty of opportunities to meet other vapers, share vaping experiences or learn new tricks.
Vaping companies, both small and large, will often attend, showing off their latest innovations, selling products and discussing the future of vaping. But often you’ll also find independent artists and modders with customised equipment and artwork to display or sell.
Like any festival or convention, being surrounded by so many like-minded people creates and atmosphere that has to be experienced to be fully understood. The sense of community and excitement can be the biggest attraction to many people attending these vape events.

Vape Culture

Vape culture covers modding, cloud chasing, support for quitting smoking and much more. Most conventions and festivals will represent the different aspects of vaping community in some form or another, so you’re likely to find what you’re looking for, whatever interests you most about vaping.
Vaping tricks and cloud chasing are one of the most obvious elements at many vaping events with displays and sometimes competitions to watch. Tricks like the dragon, vapour balls and others can be visually stunning and require practice to master. If you’re interested in seeing what tricks people can do with vaping or even learning some yourself, a vaping event is a great place to go.

Many vapers get into vaping to help quit smoking and vape events can be a useful place to share advice as well as pick up information and support. But vaping culture has developed into more than just a way to help quit smoking so there are plenty of other activities to take part in as well as different groups of vapers with different interests and preferences.
There’s something for everyone, whether you want to discuss juice flavours, preferred atomiser setups, or modding tips.

New products

Events like festivals, conventions and expos are a fantastic place to see the latest vaping products and innovations in person and this can be one of the biggest attractions.
Manufacturers will often showcase their latest e-liquid flavours and vaping equipment. This can include anyone in the vaping industry, from small companies up to the largest and most recognisable manufacturers. Sometimes there will even be the premier of never before seen flavours and technology, which is great if you want to keep up to date with vaping development.
New flavours will often be available for trial and on sale as well. New juices can include anything from classic flavours with improved recipes to entirely original creations.

Preparation Is Paramount

If you’ve attended a festival, convention or expo before then you’ll already know what to expect. But if you’re thinking of going to an event for the first time then here are some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of the experience.
Either book your tickets in advance or be prepared to arrive early if you want to get started as early as possible. Registration can sometimes take a while if you haven’t booked in advance.
Dress comfortably as you’ll probably be active for most of the time, visiting stores and displays or walking between events.
There are plenty of opportunities to sample new juices and see demonstrations of different vaping equipment at these events. So be prepared to bring some spending money in case you find a new flavour or product that you want to buy. Many sellers will accept credit cards, but it isn’t guaranteed.
Bringing bottled water is a good idea. Most events will have plenty of places to buy drinks and sometimes even a bar too, but having a drink handy will help cleanse the palate between different flavours and keep your throat from getting sore during the day.
Finally, bring spare batteries and make sure your equipment is fully charge before you arrive. Some vaping events can last a long time and you don’t want to be running out of charge in the middle of the event.
Follow these steps and you’re sure to have a great time exploring any vaping event.

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